Gu Yingjie has to admit, every time Qin Yufei is happy and smiling sweetly, it really pokes him in the heart.
Really want to give her ten eggs in the noodles.

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    “What are you laughing at?”

    She hugged his waist, and his heart warmed up.
It was hard to hug her with chopsticks in hand, so he rubbed the tip of his nose against hers contentedly.

    “No sincerity.” She deliberately picked his thorn.
“Why didn’t you say give me ten diamonds?”

“I’m afraid you’ll buy twenty of them and smash them in my face, then scream at your accountant to ask my accountant to go for a one-on-one fight.”

She laughed out loud.
Indeed, a shallow white, rich beauty like her would do things like that.
Of course, she only said it verbally.
Her family accountant is very busy.
Where has the time? “Okay, eggs are fine.” In fact, she felt more happy to put ten eggs in the noodles than to buy her ten diamonds.
This man is really a womanizer, a veteran of love affairs, coaxing girls.

Gu Yingjie wrapped his arms around her and stirred the noodles and cracked eggs into the noodles.
It is inconvenient to move around with a person in your arms, but these two people don’t mind.

    “There are no scallions.” He said.

    “That’s okay.” She said.
After a while, she said, “I’m so hungry.”

    “It’ll be ready soon.”

I meant to say that it’s not that my standards are low, it’s that I’m so hungry right now, so I will not bother with you.”

“Hmm.” He hummed softly, “Thank you, My King.”

She laughed out loud and he couldn’t resist kissing the corner of her forehead and asked her, “Stay tonight, okay?”

    She froze, then smiled again.
“Sure.” Not shy at all, she ran happily towards the living room and rummaged through her bag, “I’ll call my mom, you help me serve the noodles ah, I’m so hungry.”

    Gu Yingjie was stunned.
He thought she would put up a fight, or say something like “we should take our time”, but she agreed so quickly.
He was so happy that he added a lot of sesame oil to her noodles.

Qin Yufei probably was starving and didn’t even mind how the noodles tasted, eating them all in one gulp.
When Gu Yingjie saw her eating so well, he almost thought he had become a master chef, and was glad he had some cooking skills.
A bowl of noodles with only eggs in it, but it gave him a sense of accomplishment.

After the meal, the two people watching TV on the sofa together, they did not care about what was on TV, they just talked about some boring things, playing with each other’s fingers and pinching each other’s face, and then they felt the passion again and went to take a bath together.
The inevitable battle occurred in the bath.
The two of them rolled from the bathroom to the bed, dripping with satisfaction.
Gu Yingjie hugged Qin Yufei and nibbled on her ear, said: “We have to be more restrained.”

    Qin Yufei laughed: “It’s not my business, I’m obviously a reserved and shy rich white girl.”

    Gu Yingjie spanked her.
Wouldn’t she feel embarrassed about saying such things? There’s no such quality in her.

Qin Yufei looked at him and raised her eyebrows.
“Do you really like that type? The next time you get a little closer, I’ll say no, no way.”

She dragged out the words “no” and “no way” long and soft, simply crushing people to death.
Gu Yingjie stared at her and felt his body heat again.
She was not afraid to continue tease him: “Okay? How about it? From now on I will talk like this.
Do you like it?” While saying that, she took her fingers to caress his chest.

Gu Yingjie hesitated to struggle.
He did not want to scare her.
He not used to be such an unrestrained man, but this woman is too abominable.
It is not possible to not teach her a lesson.
“Forget it, forget it.” He said, “Anyway, it’s you die or I die.” He said and rolled over on top of her.

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 Qin Yufei screamed and laughed, pushing him hard, “No, no.”

    “I see you are obviously very good at it.” He deliberately said so.

    “No, no.” Qin Yufei continued to push: “Really, I can’t, I’m wrong, can’t I surrender?”

    “Humph.” The “hmph” of Gu Yingjie is simply awesome.
Qin Yufei wants to kick him, but she is exhausted.
She can not bear the consequences of her provocation.

    Gu Yingjie rolled down and pulled her into his arms and hugged her.
“Sleep well.”

 She obeyed and closed her eyes obediently.
After a while, she grope to find his hand, their fingers clasp, and then go back to sleep.
After a while, heard Gu Yingjie’s voice with sleepiness saying, “Oops, I remembered.
Yufei, didn’t you ask me about the actress before, the one that the media gossip about, and you congratulated me that my girlfriend was beautiful? I didn’t deny it.
But in fact, she is not my girlfriend.
You did not want to care about me, as if you very much hope that I find a girlfriend, so I didn’t deny it.”

    Qin Yufei instantly sobered up, she turned around, face to face with Gu Yingjie, and looked him in the eyes.

    Gu Yingjie said, “She is not my girlfriend.
I have not been in love with her.
After chasing Mi Xi, I haven’t been involved with any girl.
I want to tell you this.
When I found out I liked you, I didn’t have any other women around me.”

Qin Yufei said nothing, only quietly looked at him.
After watching for a while, she got into his arms and closed her eyes.
“Good night, Gu Yingjie.” She was happy in her heart and fall asleep.

Early in the next morning, Qin Yufei was in a terrible mood.
Because Gu Yingjie woke her up early.

    “Why are you so early?” She snapped.

    “I have to go to work.” Gu Yingjie was righteous.
“It’s already a little late.
I’ll be late.
I can’t just leave you and go by myself.
What are you having for breakfast? Did you drive here yesterday? Do you want me to take you home to change your clothes?”

    Qin Yufei couldn’t sleep because of his noise, so she got up with a huff.
There was no toothbrush for her here, no cleansing products she was used to using.
Last night, she could make do with it, but now she felt all kinds of inconvenience.
Gu Yingjie also did not have a new stockpile.
Qin Yufei puffed up her face to change clothes.

Gu Yingjie dressed up and came over to rub her face.
“Look on the bright side.
This proves that I don’t have the habit of staying overnight with women here.
This can give me some extra points, right?”

Not right.
Qin Yufei did not bother to answer.
Getting up early is really annoying, and the mood is not good at all.

“Later, I will prepare a set of all the things you usually used.
You make a list for me.”

    “No.” Qin Yufei packed her bag and looked for her shoes.
“I don’t want to spend the night in your place to get up early.”

“……” Gu Yingjie froze, “Qin Yufei, abandoning your boyfriend because you have to get up early is something that will be laughed out loud, okay?”

    Qin Yufei turned around and made a face.
“Let them laugh! They deserve to lose their teeth!”

She opened the door and went out to press the elevator.
He hurriedly took his computer bag and locked the door and chased her out, catching her at the elevator door.
Naturally, he put his arm around her waist: “What’s for breakfast?”

    “Go home and brush your teeth.”

    “Do you know you snored last night?”

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    “I wouldn’t.” Qin Yufei slapped him.
“Only men can snore.”

    “Who said that? You really snored last night, like a kitten.”

“You have heard the cat snoring?” Qin Yufei glared at him, listening to his nonsense.

My cousin’s nephew has a cat.
I saw it when I went to his place to play.
The cat snored, and a few of us squatted next to it to watch.”

Qin Yufei imagined the picture and puffed out a laugh.

    Gu Yingjie said, “Do you like cats? I’ll take you to his house to see that cat later.”

    Qin Yufei shook her head.

    “Okay.” Then it’s better not to be public for now.

    Two people went to the underground parking lot, and each found their own car.
When they parted in front of the car, Qin Yufei said goodbye to leave, and was pulled by Gu Yingjie.
“According to the custom, couples should kiss goodbye.”

    “Okay.” Qin Yufei looked around, there’s no one, she tiptoed and gave him a peck on the lips, “Bye.”

This time Gu Yingjie was satisfied.
Qin Yufei got in her own car, thought about it and sent him a text message, “You must eat breakfast, ah.”

    Not far away, Gu Yingjie sat in his own car and smiled when he saw the text message.
“Okay, Great King.” He replied.

    Gu Yingjie drove his car, waved at Qin Yufei’s car when he passed her, and he went to work.
After driving out a few blocks, the sound of his cell phone text message rang again.
He took advantage of waiting for the red light to pick up and look.
It’s Qin Yufei’s text message.
The text message read, “Gu Yingjie, I will try my best.”

    She doesn’t say what she’s trying, but he understands.
She also didn’t tell him what to do, but he felt he also understood.
Not to mention her determination, pain, aggravation and her mood, just a few simple words.
This is Qin Yufei’s style, and he understands.

Fate is really a magical thing.

 “Okay, baby.” He replied.

Before, he thought she was never the type he would fall for, but now he loved her to death.
He finds her expressions cute, her words funny, and her tantrums and shenanigans perfectly fine with him.
In the past, when he was in love, there was no pressure, if you like each other, then you can be together, if you didn’t like, you broke up, this is the rules of the game that every adult knows, at least the girls he has dated are like this.

But for Qin Yufei, he was under pressure.
After all, before this relationship began, she had solemnly warned him she had her problems and he did not meet her expectations.
Once burdened with responsibilities and requirements, falling in love does not seem to be a mere love affair, at least not the dashing and comfortable ones he had experienced before.
If it was the old days, he wouldn’t have chased after this girl.
But even if he knew that this was the case, he still wanted to be with Qin Yufei, and this desire was very strong, so strong that it exceeded his worries about the pressure of this relationship.

He thought she was the same as him.
Obviously, the other side did not meet expectations but could not resist the feeling in their hearts.
He was quite proud, feeling as if he was very charming.
He never doubted this, but this charm can attract Qin Yufei, he really proud.

    She said she would try.
He felt very heartbroken.
He admonished himself that he should also try.
Although the relationship should be natural and enjoyable, but the feelings that have been worked hard can last for a long time.
He seriously thought about it.
Qin Yufei is not wrong to criticize him.
Once, he always felt that he was sincere in every relationship.
There is nothing wrong, but in fact, he is just a man who is afraid of hardship.
It is very tiring to cooperate, accommodate, and even more tiring to endure.
But how is it possible to be happy all the time? Those fatigue are just a small fragment of the long years, willing to be tired a little, so that can be together for a long time.

This problem is hard to cure, of course.
He now does not dare to guarantee how far he and Qin Yufei can go.
But since we all have such a problem, each with their own problems, she clearly knows, but willing to take the risk of falling in love with him, then he should work harder too, right? At least he is now very willing to do anything for her and does not feel tired at all.

The next few days, the days passed peacefully.
Qin Yufei and Gu Yingjie only had two dates, and both times they met for dinner, then went to his house for sex, and then he sent her home.
The rest of the time, either she has something to do, or he has something to do.
It’s not really a big deal, friends gatherings, business meals, meetings, overtime, family dinners and so on.
In order for two people to meet, some things can still be put off.
But Qin Yufei is not willing.
She does not want to disrupt the current life, whether it is hers or his.
Gu Yingjie let her be.

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Then Gu Yingjie went on a five-day business trip.
He could take half a day off when he returned, so he called her for an appointment as soon as he got off the plane.

    It was noon; she was actually at home, not in the company.
“I’m having my period and my stomach hurts.” She said.

    He pondered, then this is really not good to ask her out.
She is not feeling well.
“Then how about going to my house? You can rest at my house, we can talk and watch TV, I’ll make something for you to eat.”

“But we can’t do ‘it’.
It’s weird to go to your house.”

“Qin Yufei!” Gu Yingjie heard this and instantly got angry, “Do you think I’m looking for you for this?”

    Qin Yufei was tempted to say that vulgarity was indeed the basis of their relationship, but his voice sounded angry, so she might as well shut up.

“I can hardly come back, I can skip work in the afternoon, and I have to continue to be busy tomorrow, and you won’t let me push aside other things to schedule a date, lest others know, tell me yourself how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other.”

    “Only ten days.” She actually said.

    “Only!” He roared.

    Okay, she was wrong.
She shouldn’t have counted so well.

    “Anyway, I must see you today.
You get dressed and bring your belongings with you ……”

“Are we going on the plane?” He said this much like an airport announcement.

    “Qin Yufei!”

    Okay, she was wrong again.
But she was so happy that he was back from his business trip that she couldn’t control the urge to mess up for a moment.

    “I’ll pick you up at your house in half an hour.
I’ll call you when we arrive and you come out by yourself.
If you don’t behave, I’ll go ring the doorbell and tell your mom I’m here to see my girlfriend.”

    “My mom isn’t home.”

    “Then I’ll talk to your housekeeper!” Did she have an itchy skin?

    “Gu Yingjie, you’re being mean to me.
I’m going to deduct your marks.”

    “It’s useless to pout.
This young master does not accept this.
Give you half an hour.” Gu Yingjie hung up the phone fiercely.
Qin Yufei beamed, but could not help laugh.
After two seconds, she threw away the hot-water bag covering her stomach, and climbed up like an old woman to look in the mirror.

Oh, it’s really ugly when you have your period.
She didn’t dare to wash her hair last night.
Now it was out of shape and oily.
Qin Yufei hesitated, should she wash her hair, and then put on a makeup.
It’s been so long since they met, she should be beautiful to meet with him, ah.
He is really not considerate of girls’ moods at all.

But the stomach hurts, washing the hair will be more uncomfortable, so just go into a ponytail.
After combing her hair and putting on some makeup, she looked a little more refreshed.
She packed her bag and took the sanitary napkins, hot-water bag, and a replacement pair of panties.
A change in case they get dirty with blood.

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“The power of the great aunt is powerful.
Can not blame me in case your house gets dirty.” Qin Yufei wrinkled her nose in the mirror and eagerly awaited Gu Yingjie.

While waiting, she felt quite funny, and has never been on a date like this.
Going to her boyfriend’s house on her period day, she felt funny just thinking about it.
She was lying on the bed holding her stomach and felt that she had been waiting for a long time when her phone finally rang.

Qin Yufei answered the phone, carried the bag out, ran like a thief to Gu Yingjie’s car, got into the car and urged him to go quickly.

Gu Yingjie is annoyed: “People who don’t know will think we eloped.”

    Qin Yufei just looked at him and giggled.

“Is your stomach hurting?”

 “A little.” She was dying of pain from lying alone, and now it was better to have her attention diverted.

    “You didn’t do all those maintenance things I asked you to do, did you?”

“Ah, I forgot about it all.” Qin Yufei said innocently.

Gu Yingjie nagged and lectured her all the way, but Qin Yufei didn’t even lose her temper.
When the two arrived at Gu Yingjie’s house, he opened her bag to check.
“Didn’t you bring pajamas?”

    “What do you need pajamas for?”

“It’s not comfortable for you to lie down and rest in this outfit.”

    Qin Yufei blinked.
She did not expect.

    “Stupid.” Gu Yingjie couldn’t help but reprimand again, then went to his closet to rummage through his cotton T-shirt for her, so she could change into it as a nightgown and lie down on the bed.

Qin Yufei said while changing her clothes, “lf your bed gets dirty you can’t blame me oh.”

    He glared at her again.

She is still uneasy, even he does not blame her, she feels the situation is too embarrassing.
“Why don’t you give me another T-shirt? I’ll put it underneath and just throw it away when it gets dirty.
It’s better than getting the mattress dirty.”

He did not say a word, and fished out another T-shirt.

    Qin Yufei was relieved and relaxed to lie down.
Gu Yingjie covered her with the blanket, plugged her hot-water bag into the electric heating, closed the curtains, turned on the night light, and poured her a cup of hot water to drink.
When he went out to get the cups, she untied the ponytail that was clucking her scalp, which was much more comfortable.
She felt that Gu Yingjie’s bed was more comfortable than her bed, and her stomach didn’t hurt as much.

    The situation is quite funny.
Her date is to move from her own bed to Gu Yingjie’s bed to raise the great aunt.
She couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
Gu Yingjie walked in and all he saw was Missy laughing like a nutcase.

    “What’s wrong? What’s funny?” He came over, fell on the bed, and held her with the quilt.
Satisfied to finally met her.

“I was thinking, Gu Yingjie, you’ve tried hard too.” Just like her.

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