‘Hard,’ this word.
Gu Yingjie is annoyed: “You just know.
So you have to be nice to me.”

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    Qin Yufei blinked her eyes.
She did.
She was very serious about being “good” to him.
She also trying very hard.

Gu Yingjie’s embrace is very comfortable, and Qin Yufei is drowsy as she talks to him.
When the hot-water bag is ready, Gu Yingjie let her go and brought the hot-water bag over to her and put it on her stomach.

    “Does this work?” He asked.

    “A little.”

  “When you are better, I will take you to see a doctor, okay? The Chinese doctor who gave my mom a treatment last time is quite good.
My sisters did his exercises and dietary supplements.
Their physique has improved.” Gu Yingjie stroked her hair.
He felt some pain when he saw her endure the pain.

“You still care about the gynecological health of your mother and sisters?” Qin Yufei laughed at him.

“Not intentionally.
They chatted at the dinner table, and I heard them.” Gu Yingjie patiently said, “That doctor’s medical skills are quite good.
I know where his clinic, later I will take you to check, okay?”

I hate going to the doctor.”

“If you have a disease, you need to see a doctor.
There is no such thing as hate.”

    “Menstrual cramps are not a disease.
Every girl has them.”

Not every girl is in such pain, and you are the only one I know.”

Qin Yufei opened her mouth, just want to say ‘that must be because you know too few girls’, but she quickly thought, the playboy in front of her is a ‘countless’ playboy, so to say to him he knows too few girls is simply a joke.
Qin Yufei’s heart suddenly became uncomfortable.
“Anyway, I don’t want to go.” She said with some anger.

    “It’s just going to visit and ask him about treatment.
Although he knows my mother, but he will not run to my mother and gossip that I brought girls over.
You do not have to worry at all.”

    “No.” She was resolute.

    Gu Yingjie was a little upset.
“Then how long do you plan to delay? Not to mention your health condition, but our relationship.
We have to explain to our relatives and friends.
You don’t have to make a special announcement, just don’t hide like this, deliberately conceal.
We have a stable relationship now, right?”

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 Qin Yufei pursed her lips tightly and did not speak.
Her stomach kept hurting and her mood was not good.
Her temper came up.
“How stable is it? Do you plan on marrying me?”

    Gu Yingjie choked.
Marriage is too far, not so soon, although he is now very much in love with her, but he really did not think of marriage.
He believed that she also did not think of that step.
Love is love, marriage is marriage.
This is a very realistic thing.
Besides, if the two of them get married, there are aspects involved, the status of the two families, the business, the property, the prenuptial agreement ……

The relationship speaks of feelings, but marriage is about life.
Although it is a bit of disappointing, but it is the truth.
Although he is a romantic person, but also does not want to lie on this matter.
Besides, this woman, Qin Yufei, is more realistic than he is, and has more concerns than he does, so she can’t possibly want to marry him now.
She just choked him with this.

 This makes Gu Yingjie’s heart also quite uncomfortable.
It’s not that you don’t want to get married, it’s just that falling in love is a process, and the process has developed to a certain stage before you get to that step of getting married.
He thinks he has done nothing wrong, choked by Qin Yufei with this matter.
He does not want to answer at all.

Gu Yingjie does not speak.
Qin Yufei feels more upset.
The moment the words were out of her mouth, she regretted it, but what she said was like water that was spilled and could not be retrieved.
The pain in her stomach was even worse, and she gritted her teeth, irritable.

    The bedroom was quiet.
Qin Yufei closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.
She regretted coming over.
Her temper was super bad when her period came.
She did not want to behave so badly in front of Gu Yingjie; she did not mind in the past, but now she minded very much.

    After lying down for a while, Qin Yufei felt Gu Yingjie get up and walk out.
She didn’t open her eyes and felt her nose turn sour.
Her period caused her stomach pain and also made her emotional.
She felt very annoyed.
She heard Gu Yingjie opening drawers, then there was the sound of glass bottles crashing, and the sound of ripping plastic bags.
She couldn’t guess what he was doing.
She just hoped he wasn’t angry with her.

 Not long after, Gu Yingjie walked in and Qin Yufei continued to pretend to be sleeping.
Gu Yingjie walked all the way to her bedside, then reached out and held her head, stuffing her ears with a cool object.
This time she couldn’t pretend anymore and opened her eyes.
Before she could ask, Gu Yingjie said, “I remembered that the doctor had taught me this last time.
When you have menstrual cramps, you can use alcohol cotton balls to stuff your ears to relieve the pain.”

    “It works?” She was curious.

    “I don’t know, just try it, it’s not harmful, anyway.” Gu Yingjie’s voice was a little slack, obviously still not in a good mood.
He took another alcohol cotton ball and stuffed it into Qin Yufei’s other ear.

    Qin Yufei took this opportunity to hold his hand and said softly, “But then I won’t be able to hear your voice.”

This is to make peace with him? Gu Yingjie looked at her with contempt.
“I thought you didn’t want to hear it.”

Qin Yufei pouted, the cotton made her hear less clear, a little buzzed, and she showed weakness.
He still blocked her words, so annoying.

Gu Yingjie touched her face, “Okay, you rest first, see if this method works.
Can you still hear me now?”

    Qin Yufei nodded.
“It’s just that the voice is a little small and it’s uncomfortable to plug your ears.”

    “Bear with it for a while.
After a while, you can take it off.
You rest for a while.”

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Qin Yufei nodded again.
Her mood was inexplicably good again.
“Will you hold me?”

    Gu Yingjie smiled and went to bed to hold her in his arms.
Qin Yufei closed her eyes and went into his arms, suddenly feeling that if he proposed to her at this moment, she must marry him.
A moment of impulsiveness, a moment of bravery.
Then next she thought, fortunately he did not say so.

    Qin Yufei fell asleep.
When she woke up, she found that the cotton in her ear was gone, and her stomach was not so painful anymore.
Not sure if the alcohol cotton balls worked or if she got a good sleep.
She sat up and heard Gu Yingjie calling from outside.

“I can’t go back to the office right now.
I have something.
Yes, you send it to my email.
I’ll handle it over here.
Okay, okay, got it, that’s it.
I’ll get back to you after I read the email.
You guys have a meeting first.
I’ll go over there tomorrow.”

    Qin Yufei blinked, knowing that he was referring to her when he said “something”.
She felt touched that he didn’t leave her behind because of business.
It was just a small thing, but she felt very happy.

    Gu Yingjie came in and saw that she was awake and asked, “Do you feel better?”

    Qin Yufei nodded.
“What time is it?”

    “2.55, you slept for almost an hour.”

    “I don’t want to lie down.
It’s so boring.”

    “Then do you want to go to the study and read a book, or go to the living room and watch TV?”

Qin Yufei stretched out her arms.
“Go to the living room.”

Gu Yingjie said, “Isn’t your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore? Can’t you walk by yourself?”

    Qin Yufei gave him a stern face.
The fierce look made him laugh.

    “Come here! Hold me!” She gave an order like tone.

    Gu Yingjie went over and picked her up horizontally.
Qin Yufei wrapped her arms around his neck and pampered herself by resting her head on his shoulder.

    “Are you satisfied? Great King.” He asked with a smile.

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    “Not bad.” The tone was so reluctant, but the expression with a smile gave away her emotions.

    “Hmph.” Gu Yingjie also gave her a stern face.

She hugged him tighter and rubbed the nest of his neck.
“Gu Yingjie, am I annoying?”

“You just know! Arrogant, troublesome, mean and weird!” He said, a bunch of faults in one breath.
Carrying her over to the couch, he sat down and put her on his lap, “But for the sake of pretty, cute and rich, I still like you a lot.”

    “And good in bed!” She was fierce, unhappy with his missing a good point.

    “Women don’t care about that, okay?”

    “I do!” Qin Yufei counted on her fingers.
“You counted four disadvantages in one breath.
How can one advantage be missing?”

Gu Yingjie laughed: “You’re so lame.”

She held him and hid her face in the nape of his neck.
“Gu Yingjie, why do I feel happy when I’m so lame?”

    “Because we are in love.”

 “Then let’s fall in love first, okay, just fall in love, regardless of anything else.
If one day we feel really ready, then we’ll do something other than falling in love.
Is that okay?”

    Something other than falling in love? Disclosing the relationship with friends and family, taking responsibility, accepting the expectations and concerns of friends and family, and maybe one day stepping into marriage?

    “Okay.” Gu Yingjie agreed.
For serious matters, there is indeed a pressure.
Gu Yingjie imagined the situation after disclosing their relationship with their parents’ family and friends and indeed felt his heart sink a little.
He has never tried to go this far in his previous relationships.
It is easy to disclose it among friends, but it is completely different to bring it in front of parents officially.
He himself is not ready.

    “So how about going to a friend’s party together?” He doesn’t mind being open with his friends, and even looks forward to it.

“Better not.” Qin Yufei is not even willing to take this step.
“My reputation in your circle of friends is not good.
You brought me out.
What if they laugh at you? If we can’t get along later and break up, then they will laugh at me.”

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Gu Yingjie said nothing.
She was really more careful and cautious than he thought.
She was so arrogant and domineering before, he thought she didn’t care about her reputation in the circle, but it turned out she was.

    “They won’t.” He reassured her, those close friends of his, he understood them.

“Not to your face, but behind your back, you wouldn’t know.
I don’t care what other people do.
It has nothing to do with me anyway, but it’s your friends.
I don’t want that.
Your friends also heard about Zhao Honghui’s nonsense.
What if they have something in mind?”

    “You are not in a relationship with them.
You don’t need to care what they think.” Gu Yingjie annoyed.

    “No, the point is not them.
The point is, you.” Qin Yufei lifted her head up and looked him in the eyes.
Today’s atmosphere is good, she felt she could say what was in her heart, “We haven’t been together for long, when we first met, you still hated me, this I know.
It’s just that we did the wrong thing impulsively when we were in America.
That’s why you feel differently about me.
Gu Yingjie, to be honest, it really wasn’t a good start.
You should know that very well.
According to the reality, the two of us are really the most unsuitable pair.
My personality, your personality, my psychological shadow, your concept of love, plus our relationship started on such a basis.
There’s no way I can be very confident.”

Gu Yingjie frowned and argued sharply, “I told you, I don’t like you because of sex.”

    Qin Yufei looked at him seriously for a while before saying, “But it was always an important event that affected our relationship.”

    Gu Yingjie closed his mouth.
He couldn’t refute this point.

    “Gu Yingjie, I like you a lot.
I like how good you are to me.
But I’m not entirely sure if you’re being nice to me because you’ve slept with me and feel some responsibility for me based on a male mentality.
I am not the old Qin Yufei.
I really do not have confidence.
We are in love only for a while now.
The relationship is not yet solid to a hundred attacks.
Your friends don’t like me, and I don’t want them to say in front of you I’m no good here and there after our affair is made public, and persuade you to turn back.
And when I see their faces, I am bound to get into conflict.
There are too many possibilities that we will quarrel and break up, so don’t add this one.”

Gu Yingjie did not know what to say, as she invited him to dinner to delete the phone that time.
She said there is a reason, but it was a pessimistic reason.
He couldn’t refute it, but he couldn’t agree.
She imagined the worst possible scenario, and there was a good possibility.
She knows most of his friends, so maybe after knowing she’s his girlfriend, we all get along and his relationship with her grows.

“Gu Yingjie, I really hope we will have a good outcome.” She whispered.
She hoped he could understand what she was thinking.
She is not playing around with her temper and putting up a fight.
She does not want to disclose it because she wants to protect this relationship.

    Her past was not good, she even aborted her child, and she actually told Gu Yingjie about it.
If she knew she would have a relationship with him one day, she would not have told him that.
She regrets.
She has low self-esteem.

And her suspicion is really serious.
She still does not dare to tell him she had followed him.
She didn’t dare to tell him when he was away on a business trip; she wanted to ask him if he had brought a female colleague or a female secretary, to ask him if he would have sex with another woman.
But she knows that this is not right, this is a terrible mindset.
She also knows that if she asks, he will get angry because she has set him up as a lowly man.

    But she really couldn’t control herself from thinking about it.
Even if it was Gu Yingjie, there was no way she could feel at ease.
Their relationship had started in bed.
He is a passionate male, gentle, with appearance and wealth, a lot of women like him, and if something happens, she thought she would never be surprised.

    It’s not right to think this way, it’s really not right.
If there is not even a minimum of trust between lovers, then how can it last?

    Qin Yufei hid her face in the nook of Gu Yingjie’s neck again and smiled bitterly.
She really has tried.
She hopes she can be normal, because if this continues, she will be exposed.
Such a perverted woman, Gu Yingjie will definitely be scared away.
She really hopes that there will be a good outcome.

She tried very hard to have a relationship.
She loves him.

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