Qin Yufei and Gu Yingjie did not notice that the door was not closed, only know that only the two of them were left in the ward.

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Qin Yufei seriously looked at Gu Yingjie, “How do you so careless, hospitalized because of a fever? You are worse than a child, oh.”

    Gu Yingjie just laughed.
Qin Yufei asked him again, “What did the doctor say?”

“Actually, it’s not a big deal, a few days of drip will be fine.
The main virus is rather strong, probably did not rest well this time, so the immune system is weak.
The lungs are a little infected, always coughing because of the virus.
Anti-inflammatory injection will do, do not worry.”

Qin Yufei pursed her lips and said nothing, gently stroking the needle on the back of his hand.

“Actually, it’s not so serious that I have to be hospitalized.
It’s my mother who is worried.
She said that I should have a good checkup and rest for a few days, so I was admitted.”


Gu Yingjie raised his hand to caress her face.
“Why are you wearing such heavy makeup today?”

How can he pay attention to her makeup when he is sick? Qin Yufei said, “Because I am pretty.”

Gu Yingjie smiled, “Yes, beautiful.”

    Hm, flowery words.
But Qin Yufei was happy.
“Then will you be happy if I say I put it for you?”

    “Yes, I will.
I am thrilled.” Gu Yingjie sighed and extended his arms to hug her.
“I really miss you.
I feel like I haven’t seen you for a long time.”

Qin Yufei was pulled over and hugged by him, pillowed on his chest, and feeling weak suddenly.
“I didn’t sleep well last night, and I got up in the morning and saw how ugly I was.
So ugly, how can I come out to meet people, so I drew a heavy makeup.”

    “Didn’t sleep well?” Gu Yingjie looked down at her, “Pissed off by Jason?”

    “He was part of it.”

    “Then who else?” Gu Yingjie didn’t put himself in the right place at all.


“I just want you to come and see me.
My tone is not very good.
How can you be so angry that you can not sleep?” Gu Yingjie rubbed her head.
“Aiyo, so petty.
What can be done?”

    “I came to see you yesterday.” Qin Yufei’s voice was small.

    “How come I didn’t know?”

“Just encountered your ex-girlfriend.
I got angry and left.”


“She only stayed for a while and then left, and nothing happened.”

“How is it nothing happened? Didn’t she say she loved you so much and wanted to get back together with you?”

Gu Yingjie understood: “So you eavesdropped halfway and ran away, right?”

    Qin Yufei glared at him.
“Then I have to listen to the whole thing?”

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“What I said to her afterwards is the point.”

“Bullshit!” Qin Yufei’s fire also came up, she sat up, “You disgustingly coaxing her, said do not cry, and the next should embrace her into the arms to help her wipe her tears, what am I going to do if I’m not leave?” She would really hit someone if she didn’t leave, and he was lying in the ward to recover, but his fever turned to trauma, which was really humiliating.

    “I didn’t hug her, nor did I help her wipe her tears.” Gu Yingjie explained with a helpless face, “I also told her I have someone I like and told her to stop having such thoughts and that getting back together is impossible.
She ended up getting angry and said she wanted to take away the apple she gave me.”

“He he, even take the apple.
Think she is quite cute, isn’t she?” Qin Yufei still has anger in her heart.
The thought of him saying “don’t cry” to that woman so gently was hard for her.

    “Not as cute as you.” Gu Yingjie smiled.
“Now I think you are the cutest.”

Fancy words.
You said you’re not a womanizer.
Look at these sweet words just come out of your mouth, no sincerity at all.” Qin Yufei complained while grabbing his sheet.

    “It’s not sweet words, it’s words from the heart.
Look at you messing around with jealousy, puffing up, and being so angry that you can’t sleep at night.
I think it’s cute.”

    “You’re sick.”

    “That’s why I’m in the hospital.”


“Obviously very honest.” Gu Yingjie coaxed nicely.
Actually, before she came, he was also cranky in his heart.
Now that he saw her, that bit of bad mood was gone.

Qin Yufei stared at him, keep stared, tired and lying on his legs, muttered like a child: “I obviously thought a lot yesterday and intended to come to a face-to-face with you.”

  “That sounds serious.” He curled her hair in his fingers and played with it, and went back to pinch her ears, not at all intimidated by her.

    “It is very serious.” Qin Yufei remembered that she still had another score to settle.
Gu Yingjie, do you know that you have a scandalous girlfriend outside?”

    “One?” Gu Yingjie looked suspicious.

“Are there more than one?” Qin Yufei grabbed frantically and slapped his hand.

    Gu Yingjie laughed out loud, dodged her hand, and grabbed it again.
“I’m teasing you.”

    “Not funny at all.” Qin Yufei pouted.

“Okay, okay, you continue to say, I have a scandalous girlfriend, who is it? How do I not know, now the rumors in the jianghu are that I have a gap period for too long, there are worried that I hold it too long, there are jokes about me become a monk, there also say that I want to change my sexual orientation.”

“You want to turn to the side of Xu Yanchang?” Qin Yufei glared.

    Gu Yingjie laughed out loud.
“How is that possible?”

 “Are you bisexual, Gu Yingjie?”

    Gu Yingjie laughed so hard his stomach hurt.

“Then how about Xu Yanchang?”

    Gu Yingjie laughed until he couldn’t sit still.
He pulled her over and hugged her again, rubbing his head against hers.
“You’ve saved up too much vinegar and have no place to splash it, haven’t you?”

    “Where is it so funny?”

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I feel happy to see you.”

    “Gu Yingjie Young Master Gu, please turn off your sweet talk mode function.
I am now very serious.
Talk to you about things.”

Gu Yingjie wants to laugh again, okay, can not laugh too much, or his family’s fierce woman will be angry.
“I can be serious.” He tried to straighten his face, but the corners of his mouth still rose upwards uncontrollably.

    “It’s that what’s-her-name Xue, the one confessed to you that time.”

    “Shirley, her name is Sun Yixue.”

“Doesn’t matter what she called, anyway, her scandal with you has already spread to my circle of friends.
We had dinner that day, and someone showed an intimate photo of you together.”

    Gu Yingjie was surprised: “Intimate photos? I never went out with her, ah.”

“How come I’ve seen it all?” He did not admit, and she immediately upset, “You took her to King.
There’s also a photo of the two of you eating with a table of other people.”

“All with other friends, not with her only.
She just dabbled in the fun, because we have a good relationship with her brother, always play together, she returned to the country, then she follows.
Not with her alone.”

    “What follow? Then how is she following you from your company together? Is it such a coincidence that she works in your company?”

“No, it’s just that she wasn’t far away at the time and didn’t have a car, so she said she’d come over and let me bring her along.
Isn’t that a normal thing?”

“This kind of thing appears in a pair of unmarried men and women, and one of them is obviously interested in the other, and has also opened her mouth to confess, is very abnormal.” Qin Yufei looked at Gu Yingjie and saw his somewhat surprised expression, “But I rejected her, and she didn’t mention it afterwards, so she should be give up.”

“I also rejected you.” She raised her eyebrows.

Gu Yingjie thought of this and want to laugh: “I did not even confess but you came up to reject, there is no woman like you, okay?”

    “Don’t interrupt.
Now it’s about you and her.”

Gu Yingjie coughed a few times with an itchy throat, muttering that it was obviously her who interrupted first.
Qin Yufei turned her head to look at the bedside table, the cup empty.
She poured him a cup of water, sip a small to test the temperature, and then handed him the cup.
Gu Yingjie drank several mouthfuls, then said: “Do not think too much, I really have nothing with her.
I did not go out with her alone and did not show her affection.
She confessed I was clearly refused.
The words are obvious.
She will understand.”

    “It’s not a matter of understanding, it’s a matter of whether she accepts, it’s a matter of whether she gives up.” Qin Yufei is quite grumpy.
“How the hell do your men’s heads grow, or do you simply think it doesn’t matter?”

Gu Yingjie seriously thinks, he really thinks this is not a big problem, he did not play ambiguous with other women; it is normal to have social interactions, we all do, right? He also did not give her signs, nor did he get close to her.
Very normal friendships.

Qin Yufei saw his look and felt hopeless.
“Gu Yingjie, she is not giving up on you.
She is still pursuing you, just maybe because you have rejected her, so she has changed to a more secretive way.
Actually, to say secretive is for a stupid man like you.
She doesn’t have a car, can’t she take a taxi? A table of people, just so coincidentally sitting next to you, also give you a dish, listen to you talk, standing behind you when take a group photo, with her hand holding your shoulders.”

    Gu Yingjie’s brow slowly wrinkled.
He did not even pay attention to these.
Now besides his family’s fierce woman, he automatically ignored other girls, okay? With so many people, he really doesn’t pay attention to these details.

“Gu Yingjie, perhaps other women will understand, will feel that there are girls who like you is a very normal thing, will feel that you are gentle, polite rejection of other women is an excellent performance, will not care about these small things.
But I can’t.
Gu Yingjie, I really have a problem.
As soon as the wind blows, I’m like a crazy person thinking nonsense.
I really can’t.
I can’t stand this.”

    “I really have no ambiguity with her.
I will pay attention to the future.
You believe me, okay?”

    “It’s not that I don’t believe you.
In fact, I understand all the reasons, but I just can’t help thinking about it.
What if I keep acting like a psycho?”

“Why don’t I talk to the hospital director about adding a bed to this ward, and you can come and stay for a few days.”

    “It’s not funny at all.” Qin Yufei was in a depressed mood and lay down on Gu Yingjie’s legs again.

“Okay, it’s not funny.” He stroked her long hair.
She looked so pathetic.
“What do you want to do about it, Yufei? What do you want me to do? I’ll be careful to keep my distance from them in the future, okay?”

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    “I’m actually kinda scared of breaking up.” He caressed to her face, and she closed her eyes, enjoying the moment of tenderness while saying, “I told you I can’t like you too much.
That would definitely make me sad.
The situation I imagined before is now verified.
I’m really not suitable for a relationship, not at all.”

    “I don’t want to break up either.
I just want to be in a relationship with you.”

“I’ve stalked you, Gu Yingjie.”

Gu Yingjie’s hand stopped, his voice surprised: “When?”

Qin Yufei opened her eyes: “It was the time you went to King, I lied to you I was going back to stay with my mother, and then I wanted to see you, so I drove to your company, and then I saw you with sister Xue, and we talked on the phone.
I lied to you on the phone, and then after you left, I followed you all the way to the King.
Then I turned all over the street, turned to the entrance of your neighborhood, I just sat there all the time, and then later couldn’t resist calling you, and called you to come home.”

She looked at his expression and asked him, “Am I scary?”

    Gu Yingjie took a moment to digest the information, then nodded.
“Well, it’s quite scary.”

    Qin Yufei punched him in the blanket.
Gu Yingjie shouted, laughed and coughed, coughing and finally gasped.
Qin Yufei jumped, hurriedly stopped, climbed up and stood next to him to give him a back rub.
He slowed down; she took water for him to drink.
Gu Yingjie gulp the remaining half cup of water, Qin Yufei helped him to pour again.
Then asked him, “Are you okay? Do you need to call a doctor?”

    “No, I’m fine.
I just can’t help coughing sometimes.
I’m much better.”

“What about some more drips to make you feel better?”

“I’m done with today’s dose.
You can’t mess with it.” He glanced at her.

She sat down again in the chair by the bed, but he reached out to pull her into his arms, and he looked her in the eyes and said, “I don’t want to break up.”

She muttered, “Who mentioned breaking up? I’m just telling you the truth, so you don’t get a shock later when I have a tantrum.
I didn’t mention breaking up.”

    “You thought about it, didn’t you?” He stroked her head.
“You want to hear me say that I’m not afraid of you like this, right?”

“No man will not be afraid, or rather, no man will not hate it.
I find it annoying myself, and if my friend would be like this, I would curse her to death.
But I can’t control it myself, so I feel really upset.
I don’t want this at all, it’s meaningless.
If I hadn’t fallen in love with you, it wouldn’t have been like this.
Xiao Ting said, ‘there will be grass everywhere in the world.
If this root is gone, the next root will come along’ But I think, if it wasn’t your root, I wouldn’t want to find the next one.
It’s really annoying when women go crazy.”

  “Miss Qin Yufei, don’t say such ambiguous words.
What do you mean wasn’t my root? This is simply an insult to a man’s ability in a certain area.
I’ve always been very good, aren’t you very clear?”

Qin Yufei stared at him, understood the meaning.
Her face reddened and patted him again.
“I said serious, where did you get off to?”

“What I said is also very serious, couldn’t be more serious.” He laughed, seeing her puffed up look really thought it was cute.
“Okay, don’t get mad.
You don’t have to think too much about it, see the progress.
We’re both moving in a good direction, aren’t we? You don’t like to think about things on your own, but isn’t it much more comfortable that you’re willing to tell me these things on your mind? I know you’re trying hard and don’t think there’s anything wrong with you.
Of course stalking is bad, lying is also bad, you could have just told me you were right there, or you told me on the spot that you don’t like me like this, well, let me think, or don’t tell it on the spot, it wasn’t good behave like that in front of friends, you can politely hint me on the spot, or tell me afterwards clearly, tell me what I did that will make you uncomfortable, then I change it, or we properly communicate, so that you feel better in your heart, isn’t that good?”

    “Oh.” Qin Yufei thought about it, “But I’m very stubborn.
When my temper comes up, I can’t listen to anything.”

  “But aren’t you listening right now?”

    Qin Yufei froze.
Yeah, now they were having a pleasant conversation, and the atmosphere was quite good, good communication.
Yesterday and today she was obviously thinking about all kinds of bad things, but it turned out that when she saw him, her mood was completely different.

    “We can do it, Yufei, believe.
I have also seriously thought about it.
I used to have an uncertain heart.
I enjoyed being in love, but never thought of going to the last step of marriage with each other.
At the very least, did not try.
Even sometimes I know that the person in love is not suitable for marriage.
It is impossible to be together for a long time, but my heart is fond.
There is a feeling of love, and be in love.
But you are different.
You can hold me down.
You can make me feel the pressure and responsibility of being with you, and there is some truth in the words you condemn me.
So I have seriously considered it, and I hope to go to the last step with you.”

Qin Yufei froze.
She came with the heroic spirit of breaking up, but he told her he hoped to go to the last step.

 “Yufei, you have your problems.
I also have mine.
Maybe if we did not run into each other, we will not go on.
But aren’t we quite good now? Baby, don’t be discouraged, neurosis is not a terminal disease, we can cure it.
Let’s work together.
What if we can make it work?”

“So,” she was a little apprehensive, “does the womanizer disease can be cured?”

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    “Qin Yufei!” He raised his eyebrows.
He was so tender and affectionate, it would move any woman to tears, okay? What is her reaction?

    Qin Yufei was happy, she said: “Then you must keep a distance from other women, oh, they’re not allowed to get near, yell at them to go away, you can’t say do not cry, so disgusting.” She gave him a look of disgust.

“Then what upsets you? You also have to tell me, do not sulk alone.
The more you think about it, the more you get cornered.
You really can become a psychopath.”

“I wouldn’t think nonsense if you didn’t attract butterflies so much.” She lifted her chin and defended herself respectfully.

“Vinegar, so good at jealousy.
If the Olympics have this event, you will surely win the championship.” He looked down to kiss her, but when he thought of his illness, he avoided her mouth and kissed her face.

    “Then I’m a double champion.” She wasn’t embarrassed at all.

    “What’s the other thing?”


    Gu Yingjie was amused by her again.
He nudged her nose with his finger, and she grabbed his hand off, just in time to see his nails, disgusted.
“Your nails are so long.”

    “I’ve been so busy this period, how can I care about my nails?”

 “I’ll cut it for you.” Qin Yufei took out the small nail clipper from her bag and cut Gu Yingjie’s nails.
While cutting, she asked him, “So, are we considered being reconciled now?”

“Did we have a bad time?” Gu Yingjie glared at her.

    Qin Yufei giggled.
The mood became good, so things really weren’t that bad.
She was a really crazy, crazy woman.

After cutting his fingernails, she turn over to his feet, and sure enough, his toenails were also long.
So she joyfully hugged his feet and continued to cut his nails.
She asked him, “By the way, where is your family? Why is no one here?”

“My mom said she made me a soup to moisten my lungs, but she injured her waist, and there’s nothing wrong with me here, and Jason was here just now, so I sent the housekeeper back to get it.”

    “Oh.” Qin Yufei was a little wary, “Then I’ll leave after I cut these nails.
I’ve already visited you, you can’t be mad at me for this.”

Gu Yingjie stroked her back: “You’ve already here, are you still afraid to meet people? So what did you think before you came, and what will you say when you meet my family?”

“Just say that I came to visit Huade’s Mr.
Gu Yingjie on behalf of our Yongkai.” She said while cutting the other toe, but the corner of her eye swept to the door.
She looked up and was shocked.

    The doorway stood the Gu family boss Gu Yinghui, followed by a middle-aged man carrying a large lunch box, probably his family’s butler.

Gu Yinghui stood there, a little embarrassed.
Neither come in nor go away.
As soon as he arrived, he saw his brother sitting against the bed, and Miss Qin was intimately hugging his stinky feet, oh no, cutting toenails, while his brother’s hand was tenderly stroking her back and playing with her hair.

It was not too aggressive, it just made people feel hot when they saw it.
With this beautiful picture, on the contrary, we also heard Miss Qin lying.

“On behalf of Yongkai to visit the Huade’s Gu Yingjie.”

    Qin Yufei’s face turned red and jumped up.
The “murder weapon” nail clippers are still in the hands.
She subconsciously put her hands behind her back.

“Uh, uh ……” so nervous that she could not say anything.
How to explain?

    “Call big brother.” Gu Yingjie snapped.

    “Big brother.” Qin Yufei subconsciously obeyed the words.
After calling, she almost bite her tongue.
Could not help but secretly glare at Gu Yingjie.
He smiled, beckoned her to stand beside him.
Qin Yufei looked down at his feet, still short of two toes.
The rest is done.
The other two are still long, not neatly cut, simply unbearable.

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