Two days later, Gu Yingjie was discharged from the hospital.

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Gu Yingjie’s mother insisted that Gu Yingjie move back to the mansion, saying that she would give him proper health care, but Gu Yingjie refused.
Gu was unhappy and kept persuading him, seeing that Gu Yingjie was very stubborn and did not relent, Mrs.
Gu took it out on her eldest son.

“You should talk to your brother.
Why can’t he live in the house? There are so many rooms.
What kind of reason is too far from the office? How can you go to work if you’re sick?”

The Gu family elder brother Gu Yinghui really can do nothing about it, only to speak.
“Mom, you do not need to worry about it.
There is someone who takes care of Ah Jie.
Look at what you’ve done to him.
You also take it easy.
He is a grown man, only a fever, and he is almost recovered.
Do you still need to watch him every day?”

“Who’s taking care of him?” Mrs.
Gu reacted two beats slower, “Ah Jie, you have a girlfriend?”

“Hmm.” Gu Yingjie glanced at his brother and replied in a small voice, slightly embarrassed.
Thinking of Qin Yufei told him on the phone that she wouldn’t visit him for the next two days, it wasn’t very convenient for all the people coming and going to the hospital.
As compensation, she moved to his place to stay with him for a few days after he was discharged.

    This made Gu Yingjie look forward to it.
So the day after the checkup, he asked to be discharged from the hospital.
Fortunately, the test results were excellent, and he recovered quickly, and there were no other illnesses, so the doctor approved his discharge request.
As a result, according to Mrs.
Gu’s request, the housekeeper drove him directly back to the Gu family mansion for dinner after helping him with the procedures, so there was this scene of Mrs.
Gu holding someone.

    “Which one of those girlfriends he has made can take care of people?” Mrs.
Gu continued to be dissatisfied and whine.

    Gu Yinghui bowed his head and ate, not saying anything.
Miss Qin is indeed not the type that will take care of people.
He’d better not answer the question and let Ah Jie handle it himself.

 Gu Yingjie really couldn’t resist and retorted, “Having a girlfriend is not like hiring a maid.”

    “So you can still expect your girlfriend to take care of you? You just stay at home for a few days, and look how thin you’ve become?” Mrs.
Gu was very insistent.
Gu Wenguang, who had said nothing, finally spoke up, “Okay, don’t argue with your mother, just stay for a few days.
Your room is already been cleaned up.”

    Dad has spoken, Gu Yingjie did not dare to retort, obediently eat.
After the meal, the cruel mother confiscated Gu Yingjie’s car keys.
The Gu family mansion is on the outskirts of the city, and there are few cabs, and even fewer at night.
It is difficult to travel without your own car.
Gu Yingjie was upset but didn’t dare to say anything.
After eating his meal and fruit, he swallowed another pill and then went back to his room to call Qin Yufei.

Qin Yufei answered the phone after one ring, and her voice was excited: “Have you finished your dinner at home? Are you coming back? I’m already here.
I’ve bought a lot of things.” She even carried a small duffel bag, lying to her mother that she was going to stay with a friend for a few days to play together.

    “What are you doing? Are you eating? Why eat so late?” Gu Yingjie is more concerned about this.
She ran to his place and is still hungry?

“Too late to eat dinner, already this hour when I finished shopping.
But I bought a lot of food.
There is fried chicken.” Qin Yufei was in a good mood.

    “Don’t eat too much ketchup.” He instructed.

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    “You come back soon.” She pouted, her voice soft and sweet, with a long trailing tone.

Gu Yingjie burst up.
How can this be tolerated? Must go back! Even Romeo can climb the window, he certainly won’t lose to him.

 Gu Yingjie went downstairs and looked around.
Gu was watching TV in the living room.
The housekeeper was pouring tea; he went up to the second floor, Gu Yinghui and Gu Wenguang were talking about something in the study, Gu Yingjie hurriedly went over.
Father and son talked about business matters, Gu Yingjie was distracted, after a while Gu Wenguang hurried him: “If you are not feeling well, rest early.”

Gu Yingjie hurriedly responded, “Okay, I’ll go back to my room, Dad.
You should not talk with brother for too long.
It’s not safe to drive at night.”

    Gu Wenguang heard it was reasonable, and what they talked about was not something important, so he said, “Then Ah Hui, you should also go back, drive carefully on the road.”

    Gu Yinghui answered, and Gu Yingjie said, “I’ll go back to bed then.
Good night dad, good night brother.”

Gu Yingjie opened the door and went out.
Gu Yinghui heard his brother’s voice going upstairs and didn’t care.
He talked to Gu Wenguang a few more times, then went downstairs to greet his mother and said goodbye.

Gu Yinghui went to the garage, just started the car, suddenly someone came out and knocked on his car window, which startled him.
When he focus his eyes, it was actually the Gu Yingjie who had supposedly gone back to his room to sleep.

 “Brother, give me a ride.” Gu Yingjie said while shamelessly opening the car door himself and getting in.

Gu Yinghui was unhappy: “When mom finds out, she will scold you to death.”

    “Let’s talk about it when the time comes.” Of course, Gu Yingjie knew the consequences, but his beloved fierce queen was waiting for him in his house.
How could he not go back? Couldn’t say about this at all.
Besides, he wanted to see her, desperately.

    “Hurry and drive, or it will be bad if mom finds out.” Gu Yingjie urged his brother.
Gu Yinghui had no choice and drove.
He instructed his brother, “Don’t say that I took you away.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t rat you out.
I’ll just say that a friend asked me to go out and I let him come and pick me up.”

Gu Yinghui heard, “So if you didn’t catch me, you were going to call a friend to come pick you up?”

“Of course, friendship is meant to be used at this critical time.” Gu Yingjie perked up.

    Gu Yinghui turned his head and looked at his brother.
“Qin Yufei is waiting for you there?”

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    Gu Yingjie didn’t answer, but the cheerful smile already gave away the answer.
Gu Yinghui turned his head back, he better look at the road seriously, the smile of a man in love is really disgusting, especially this brother of his, how he did not know before that his brother also has such a corny and disgusting time.
This Qin Yufei really has two brushes for men.
Look at his brother.

    There is no traffic jam, the car soon arrived at Gu Yingjie’s neighborhood.
Gu Yinghui stopped the car, deliberately said: “Do not invite me up?”

    “Don’t be ridiculous.” Gu Yingjie quickly got out of the car, waved goodbye, and then ran away in a huff.

Gu Yinghui shook his head and looked down at his watch to confirm today’s date.
He will wait, wait and see when Miss Qin would subdue his brother and be able to let him take her home to meet his parents.

    Gu Yingjie started giggling in the elevator, his heart pounding, feeling so much in love.
The elevator climbed level by level.
He felt it was really slow.
Finally, when he reached his floor, he took the key and opened the door gently, trying to sneak in and give Qin Yufei a surprise.

Once the door opened, he heard her singing, couldn’t figure out which song she was humming, but it was cheerful, and although it wasn’t in tune, he thought it sounded good.
He closed the door, changed his shoes, then followed the song and walked to the master bedroom.
She was not in the room; he turned inside and saw her in the closet.
She was wearing home wear, with his big men’s slippers on her feet, shaking her head, and was putting her underwear in his drawer.

    Gu Yingjie smiled, completely unable to control the upturned corners of his mouth.
He leaned against the door and just kept looking at her.

Not long after, Qin Yufei finished packing.
She looked at it, their clothes put together.
She felt very satisfied.
As soon as she turned around, she suddenly saw a man blocking the doorway staring at her, and she let out a scream of fright, and then, a louder scream, and she rushed towards the man, a swoop, and hugged him tightly.

    “You’re back!”

    Gu Yingjie opened his arms to catch her, but she rushed with so much force that he took two steps back and almost fell.
She screamed so loudly that it hurt his ears, but he couldn’t help but laugh out loud, laughing along with her.

 This feels so good, the feeling of being in love.

    Qin Yufei hung on him and kissed him hard.
Her slippers have flown to nowhere, her hair is disheveled, she just finished organizing things and sweating, it is not a presentable appearance, but she does not care, she laughed and felt very happy.
She does not know why so happy.
Actually, they have not seen each other for only two days, but it seems like a joyous reunion after a long time.

“Miss Qin, where is your reservation?”

    “It’s on vacation today.” She answered sweetly.

“My self-control seems on holiday today too.” He said.

    “No.” She laughed and get off from him.
“No way.” He came over and hugged her tightly, and she pushed him away.
“You’re still sick.
You need to rest.”

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“Do it and it’ll be fine.
It will cure all diseases.” He played scoundrel.

    She laughed while slapping him: “Liar!”

“Let’s cure it.”

    “No messing around!” She was firm.

    “Okay.” He was helpless, but obeyed.
This pleased her, more than his compliment on her beauty.

That night, they went to bed early and did nothing but cuddle together and talk under the blanket.
They said a lot of things, but none of them were serious.
Qin Yufei added: “In the past, if other boys talked to me with such boring content, I would have kicked him away.”

    “So I’m not another boy.” Gu Yingjie emphasized, “I’m your boyfriend.”

    “Boyfriend, I’ll tell you one thing.”

 “What? Heard some more gossip?”

“You’re feeling guilty?”

“No way, really?”

“You should confess before I say anything, so that I can be more lenient.”

“Entrapment oh?” Gu Yingjie seriously thought, but remembered nothing.
“There is really nothing.
Shirley came to the hospital with her brother to see me, but I did not talk to her alone.
She gave me a peeled apple that I did not eat.
However, she did not act unusual, and with her brother and other friends around, I could emphasize nothing.
There was nothing going on with her, so I couldn’t confront her.
Then, apart from Abby, no other ex-girlfriends came to visit.
I didn’t want them to visit me, either.
I didn’t even tell them I was in the hospital, just some of my friends asked me to go out.
I casually said I was in the hospital and couldn’t go.
How do I know many people know about it?”


Gu Yingjie was helpless: “Okay, you reveal the mystery, what is it?”

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“I went for a check-up.”

Gu Yingjie was stunned, “Are you pregnant?” On second thought, it’s impossible.
Obviously, they hadn’t done it since her last period.
He was running around on business trips and couldn’t even see her face.

    “What nonsense.” Qin Yufei’s heart sank down when she saw his startled expression, she rolled over and leaned her back against him, easing her emotions, it was a very common thing, but he mentioned this and reacted in such a way that she got stabbed hard and her belly uncontrollably hurt.

    “So, what’s wrong with you? Sick?” Gu Yingjie asked, not noticing her abnormality.

Qin Yufei took a breath, deliberately ignore the pain in her lower abdomen, said: “You always urge me to check the period pain, so I went to the hospital yesterday to check.” She paused.
Gu Yingjie’s heart skipped a beat.
Is she really sick? He was about to reassure her it’s okay, if you’re sick, just treat it, it’s no big deal, don’t get stressed.
But before he could say anything, he heard her continue, “I had all the tests done, and the doctor said I was perfectly fine, no problem.”

    Gu Yingjie immediately breathed a sigh of relief: “You scared me to death.”

Qin Yufei pursed her lips.
He thought she was pregnant and scared to death?

    “Gu Yingjie.” She rolled over and looked at him.


She opened her mouth and wanted to ask him what if they did accidentally have a child? Actually, she didn’t want to have children.
She was afraid of having children, but she just wanted to test him a little.
But the words came to her lips.
She could not ask.
Why do you want to test it? If he said yes, then she couldn’t respond, because for now she didn’t want it at all.
If he answered no, then she couldn’t accept it.
The pain from last time was too deep, and it still hurt now.
Why would she go crazy and test him? She was completely afraid to hear his answer.
Why should she make a fool of herself?

    “What’s wrong?” He patted her back and closed his eyes, a little sleepy.

    “It’s just that.
Didn’t you say that you were going to take me to the doctor to help me get treatment?”

    “You’re willing to go?” He opened his eyes.

Since the western doctor’s side of the examination is fine, it’s good to try some Chinese medicine to tone up.” Actually, she wanted to talk to him about this.
She didn’t like going to the doctor, but for his sake, she wanted to cure her body properly.

In fact, she understood it was herself who would benefit in the end.
It was only because he kept pushing that he made her confront the problem.
Both physically and psychologically.
Didn’t remember where she read the line.
An excellent partner will make you better.

    She thinks he is.

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