The next two days were the weekend.
Qin Yufei did not have to go to work, and lived a sweet life at home with Gu Yingjie.
They watched TV together, cooked together, played games, and she accompanied him to rest.

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    On Sunday morning, Gu Yingjie claimed he had recovered from his illness and grabbed Qin Yufei to do something vulgar.
In the middle of the exercise, Gu Yingjie asked Qin Yufei to find a time next week to go back to his house and have a meal together.
He manipulated Qin Yufei at the critical moment, with no spare energy to think more.
She responded: “Yes.”

    Gu Yingjie was thrilled and worked extra hard.
Afterwards, the two of them slept heavily, and when they opened their eyes, it was over twelve o’clock.
Gu Yingjie was reluctant to get up.
Qin Yufei kicked him and said she was hungry, asked him what to eat.
“How about ordering takeout from that teahouse?”

“That restaurant is too busy.
If you order now, it will arrive at two o’clock.” Gu Yingjie buried his head in her arms and pampered himself.
“I’m also hungry.
Why don’t you make some noodles, put some luncheon and add three eggs.”

Yesterday they cooked together, he taught her to cook egg noodles, so recently they have fallen in love with eating noodles.

“So annoying, eating noodles again.” Qin Yufei complained while getting up and dressed, wearing his shirt to the kitchen.

Gu Yingjie buried his face in the pillow and laughed.
His queen was becoming more and more like a housewife.
He dawdled to get up, put on a robe, and walked slowly to the kitchen to supervise.
Qin Yufei had already boiled the water, taken out the noodles and put them aside, three eggs, and opened the can of lunch meat.
Then she also put the oil in a small pot, ready to fry the frozen fried chicken pieces she brought.

    “Hum, hum.” Gu Yingjie hugged her from behind while humming, “Eat something with so much heat again.”

    “You may not eat.” Qin Yufei stood quite far from the pot, stretching long chopsticks carefully to put the chicken pieces in, listening to the oil sizzling.
She licked her lips.
She could eat delicious tomato sauce again.

“I’ll fry the chicken pieces, and you can cook the noodles, okay?” She negotiated with him.
Now that he was up, let’s work together.
She was starving.

“Let me kiss you.” He said with a piggy mouth, Qin Yufei turned her head and happily smooched him, then urged him, “Hurry, the water is boiling.”

Gu Yingjie stood below the other stove, he stirred the noodles in the water, turned his head to look at Qin Yufei, she was very serious staring at the frying pan, Gu Yingjie could not help but smile, just like this standing shoulder to shoulder with her in the kitchen, even if just eat a simple noodle, he felt satisfied.

He bumped Qin Yufei with his shoulder.

    “What for?” Qin Yufei asked him.

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    “Say you love me.”

Qin Yufei glanced at him.
So corny, how can we eat?

    Gu Yingjie laughed out loud.
Before the laughter stopped, the doorbell rang.

Qin Yufei and Gu Yingjie looked at each other, and Gu Yingjie didn’t know who it could be.
“I’ll go check it out.”

Qin Yufei was nervous, and her whole body was in a state of alert.
She turned off all the fires on the stove and followed behind Gu Yingjie, hiding behind the corner and probing her head.
Gu Yingjie looked through the eye-hole, turned back and whispered to her, “It’s my mother.”

    As soon as the words left his mouth, he saw a “whoosh” and Qin Yufei ran away.

    Gu Yingjie was dumbfounded, looking at the empty corner, and then lost his smile.
He took a few steps back and saw that the bedroom door was closed.
He thought she was probably going to change her clothes and tidy up her appearance, so he didn’t care.
The doorbell was still ringing, so Gu Yingjie had to rush to open the door.

    Outside the door stood Mrs.
Gu and the housekeeper.
As soon as she entered, she complained, “What took you so long to open the door? I was worried that you might have passed out because you were sick.”

  “How come?” Gu Yingjie smiled and welcomed his mother in.
“I’m all better.”

    “You child, just do not know how to do things.
Why are you sneaking away? Why can’t you live at home? Behave like a thief and mess up.” Mrs.
Gu lectured, “I say it is better to give your mother a key to this house.
If there is any emergency, I can open the door.
Otherwise, no one would know if you fell sick at home.
I called you this morning, and no one answered, so I simply came over to look.”

    Gu Yingjie touched his nose and did not dare to speak.
Of course, he couldn’t give the key to his mother, otherwise it would be too inconvenient if she came to check on him from time to time.
In the morning his phone did ring, but he was doing an exercise with Qin Yufei in bed, so he ignored it.
Later, when he fell asleep, he forgot about it.

Gu had entered the house by this time and was looking around.
“What’s all the mess? Your brother even spoke for you, saying something about someone taking care of you.
The girlfriends you’ve had are all like goblins, they are not people who can take care of people.
You also stop playing, pull yourself together and have a good relationship with a gentle and virtuous girl who will be considerate and take care of people.”

    “Yes, yes, I’ll find someone as good as mom.” Gu Yingjie flattered his mother.

Gu glanced at her son: “I was less concerned about you that make you spoiled.” She was still angry with her son.
How can he run away from the house? Did he think it is a jail?

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    “Mom, you wait a minute.
You sit first.” Gu Yingjie pressed his mother to the sofa.
“I’ll be back later.” He turned to the bedroom and opened the door.
No one was inside.
Gu Yingjie thought about it and closed the bedroom door.
He went inside, opened the door of the closet and saw Qin Yufei had changed into her own clothes and was hiding in the closet’s corner.

    Gu Yingjie lowered his voice and asked her, “What are you doing? Do you think you are a thief who is stealing and meets the homeowner when he comes home?”

Qin Yufei couldn’t laugh at all, she could only shake her head.

“Mom is here.
Do you want to meet her and say hello?”

    Qin Yufei shook her head again.
Earlier she was struggling, she did not feel ready, if she was given a choice, she would not meet his parents so soon, but in the morning she was accidentally lured by him to promise to go to his house next week, and now it is his mother has come to the door, if she does not go out, it is really rude.
She was about to go into battle, but then she heard Mrs.
Gu lecturing her son, not only lecturing her son but also complaining about his girlfriend, and asking for something gentle and virtuous, considerate and caring, all these qualities are not in her.
These two days she and Gu Yingjie are making a mess, the living room is really messy, his mother has complained about this.
If she showed up it’s like being a cannon fodder, right?

When she thought about it, Qin Yufei decided that today was definitely not a good time to meet his parents, and when she heard Mrs.
Gu walking towards the house, she hurriedly hid in the closet, afraid of being discovered by her.

When Gu Yingjie heard she did not want to go out, he was a little upset.
“She’s already here.
What do you mean by hiding like this?”

    Qin Yufei was about to speak when she heard Mrs.
Gu yell, “Ah Jie!” The voice was furious, and it was already coming towards the bedroom.
Gu Yingjie didn’t know what kind of anger his mother was having, so he hurriedly went outside and closed the door of the closet on his way out.
The door of the bedroom was opened just after the closet door was closed.
Gu’s loud voice echoed in the bedroom, it was clear that she was furious.

    “What’s wrong with you? You’re sick, you know? You need to eat something nutritious and take a proper supplement, and what happened? What’s in the kitchen? Noodles and fried chicken? I told you to stay at home for a few days, but you didn’t want to.
You had to come back, and you came back and ate this crap? The house is a mess.
Is this the environment a patient should stay in to recuperate? That’s why I said that your girlfriend, how can she take care of people properly, only knows how to play, greedy for beauty and loves famous brands.”

“Mom, she’s not like that.
You don’t even know who she is.
It’s not good to make such a messy comment.” Gu Yingjie helplessly interrupted his mother’s words.

    “All right, all right, I don’t need to know her.
I have eyes to see.
You were sick and hospitalized.
Did she go to take care of you? You came back here.
Did she take care of you? I know that kind of woman.
She’s the one who can be nice to you when you buy her gifts.
Look at your bedroom, what a mess, and no one to help you clean up, and the windows are not opened for ventilation.
Usually it doesn’t matter how you mess around, but now you’re sick and you’re still like this, it’s just too unbelievable.” Mrs.
Gu felt sorry for her son, and the more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

    Gu Yingjie did not dare to answer.
Whatever he said would add fuel to the fire.
In fact, he also knew that his mother must have been displeased with him for sneaking away, and now that she had caught a hold of him, she was using the issue to attack him.

    “Where is she? Not here? In the middle of the day, not even cooking for you? What time is it? Do you still want your stomach?”

    “Mom, don’t be angry.
It’s none of her business.”

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“Don’t mention her to me!” Mrs.
Gu was furious.
“It’s better if she’s not here, and I don’t want to see her.
Anyway, all of your girlfriends come and go like that.
Let me tell you, mom never questioned you about making friends, but don’t get confused when it comes to relationships, and if you are considering marriage, you don’t have to bring home anyone below the standard of your sister-in-law.”

    Gu Yingjie sighed helplessly and had to admit that today was really not a good day to meet the parents.
Forget it.

Gu was still losing her temper, and after scolding her son and that son’s unknown girlfriend, she demanded that her son go home with her now.

    “Mom, stop it.
I’m all better.
I have to go to work tomorrow.”

Gu said nothing, only looked unhappy.

Gu Yingjie took a few steps forward, hugged his mother coaxing:

“These two days I only care about sleep and did not clean up, I’ve been hospitalized for so many days, a lot of documents were not read, e-mails were not handled, and tomorrow’s work cannot keep up with the progress.
You see, I’m all better.
I’m in great spirits.
Don’t be angry, I shouldn’t have sneaked back, it’s my fault.
Next time it won’t be like that.
My place is a mess.
You go back first.
Don’t be angry.
If you are angry, you won’t be pretty.
I come home tomorrow after work to drink soup, make a pot of soup for me, okay? The same soup you had brother send to the hospital for me last time.
It’s so delicious.”

“Don’t say sweet things to me.” Although Mrs.
Gu said so, but the fire has gone down a lot.
“I brought you soup.
Dump your noodles and fried chicken.
Cook some rice.
Eat with the soup, and you must eat all the meat, understand?”


    “I’ll do it for you, you really can’t make people feel at ease.”

  “No need.
You go back first.
Otherwise, you can’t help but lecture me again later.
I’m just recovering from my illness.
I will get sick again.”

    “Nonsense.” Mrs.
Gu looked at her son and finally softened her heart and let him go today.
She really can’t help but keep nagging him if she’s here.
“Then you take care of yourself.
Don’t always make mom worry.”

    “Don’t worry, I’m such a big man.” Gu Yingjie coaxed and pleaded, and after another ten minutes of coaxing, he finally sent his mother and the housekeeper out the door.
When they left the house, the housekeeper put Gu Yingjie’s car keys.
He drove Gu Yingjie’s car and returned with Mrs.
Gu in the car driven by the Gu family driver.

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Gu Yingjie looked at the key, knowing that his mother was sharp-tongued but soft-hearted, scolding him for running away from home while sending him the car back.
It is actually a bit like someone.
Gu Yingjie hurriedly turned back to the master bedroom, opened the closet.
Qin Yufei shrunk into the closet’s corner, hugging her knees, head bowed, with a guilty expression like doing something wrong.

    “Okay, she’s gone.” Gu Yingjie coaxed her, pulling her out.
“It’s okay, you’re right, my mom is in a bad mood today, it’s okay not to see her.
Next time, find a suitable opportunity and arrange for a meeting.”

    Qin Yufei nodded silently, said nothing, and drifted to the kitchen to dump the battered noodles and the fried chicken pieces.
Then made a pot of rice, and opened the soup Mrs.
Gu brought, poured it into the pot, and set it on the stove to heat a little.

After that, Qin Yufei remained in poor spirits.
After eating, Gu Yingjie cleaned up the house.
She also helped.
The two went out for a walk in the evening and settled for dinner outside.
After that, Qin Yufei said that she had to work tomorrow.
She wants to go home.

Gu Yingjie sees she is in a bad mood, so do not be stubborn with her for this.
After coaxing her, allowed her to go back.

    Qin Yufei returned home and collapsed on the living room sofa.
She felt the situation was terrible.
In fact, Mrs.
Gu is a right.
She is not a person who can take care of people.
She is superficial white, rich beauty.
Gu Yingjie was sick, and she had completely failed to take care of him.
She sighs and feels a little guilty.

Qin walked over and sat next to her daughter.
“What’s wrong? Didn’t you have fun at your friend’s place?”

    Qin Yufei looked at her mom and asked her, “Mom, would you say I’m a gentle and virtuous lady?”

Qin laughed.
“Are you talking about someone else’s daughter?”

Qin Yufei crumpled her face to show her mom.

Qin laughed loudly and swept her into her arms.
“You want to be a gentle and virtuous lady?”

“A bit.”

    “Stimulated by what?”

    “Anyway, I just want to.” Qin Yufei said.
She decided that something like pleasing her mother-in-law was something that a superficial rich white girl could do.

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