Arrogant Meets Passionate chapter 43

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chapter 43

Their lunch ended in a lecture, and Qin Yufei comforted herself.
Lord Qiu felt that her romantic relationship is affecting her work, which is a good thing, so that he will have a reason to talk to her father about her situation and let her father monitor her love life.

    This is an excellent reason, indeed a responsible boss like Qiu Zhengqing should do.

    When she returned to the office, Qin Yufei reported her lunch with Qiu Zhengqing to Gu Yingjie, and she told him that now she just had to wait for her father to summon her upstairs for a father-daughter relationship meeting.
All she had to do was just admit with pleasure that she was in a relationship.
What a relief.

    Gu Yingjie let out a long sigh.

    “What for?” Qin Yufei was not happy.
She worked so hard, he actually dared to sigh.

“The great king, ah, you really have too little guts.” How can she be so foolish to come up with such a roundabout way, really can’t believe her.

“No!” Qin Yufei did not admit it.
“Obviously already intended to confess this morning, but they did not give the opportunity.
Sometimes when you miss something, the atmosphere is lost.”

    “Yes, yes, you’re right.” Gu Yingjie agreed with her.

He did not retort, but she was a little frustrated.
Actually, when you think about it seriously, this is really quite stupid.
Even if you don’t call it stupid, you should say it’s superfluous.
So Qin Yufei also sighed: “Gu Yingjie, why don’t you scold me? You want to order me to call my mother right now, or order me to go upstairs and explain to my father right now?”

Gu Yingjie laughed, “You say it as if you will do whatever I tell you to do.”

Qin Yufei pouted.
“Although I may not obey, but you have to express an opinion.
Maybe I will really do what you say.”

Gu Yingjie laughed again, the laughter was very gentle, “Even if you did not confess right now with the family, what does it matter? It’s not like you’re going to die if you don’t do it right away.
I used to be a little anxious, but now I think it’s no big deal.
You can do it however you like, you can wait for them to ask you and then you can answer ‘yes’, that’s fine.
You feel more comfortable that way, then you just do it.
Why would I object to that? I was in a hurry before, probably because I didn’t feel confident enough.”

    “So, are you feeling confident now?”

“Yes, I think you’re totally into me.” Gu Yingjie said shamelessly.

“Yuck!” Qin Yufei blushed.
He was very nice to her, and she liked him more and more, but being exposed like this, she was not happy about it.
“I’m not.” She had a tough mouth.

Gu Yingjie laughed lowly, didn’t mind her words not being true.
“I’m totally into you, too.” He said.

    Qin Yufei blushed even more and the corners of her mouth curved uncontrollably.
“You’re so annoying.” Is this taking the wrong ‘mushy’ medicine? Speak so mushy.

    “Your confidence in me is getting better and better, isn’t it? Previously, you said you did not dare to tell others, afraid that if we break up, you will lose face.
Now you are willing to say outwardly, although still hesitant, too timid, but is also enormous progress.”

“But will it be progressing a bit slowly?” Qin Yufei made a rare self-examination, “Your requirements are low oh.”

 “Not low.” Gu Yingjie said: “I suddenly thought, when you broke the plate at that party, my friends around me are discussing you.
Someone said you are too spoiled.
And I felt very uncomfortable listening to it, and said to him, even if you are spoiled, it’s fine if there’s someone willing to spoil you, it’s none of their business.
When I said this, I didn’t think that one day that person would be me.
Since it’s me, I’ll spoil you.
You don’t have to think too much, just do what you want.”

Qin Yufei held the phone and couldn’t say anything.
This womanizer was really getting better and better at speaking love words now.
It moved her until become a mess.
Wanted to throw up his flowery words, but in fact, she was really touched.

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    “But then, since you are willing to accept criticism, then I also say a few words.” Gu Yingjie turned his words around and finally made an official comment.

“What?” Qin Yufei was unhappy.

    “You are really stupid, ah.
You expect Qiu Zhengqing to help you broadcast the news, you might as well expect me.
I’ll go see your father and tell him we’re in love.”

  “You can do that? You dare?”

    “You think I’m you?”

    “Oh.” Qin Yufei also really put herself in his place to think.
She did not dare go to his house, so she thought he must not dare, too.
She thought that the two sides split up to do the work.
If the situation is not good, they can still think of a way, do not have to face such embarrassment.
But now he actually said he dared.

    “You hesitated a little this morning.” She said.

“That was in the middle of thinking.”

Since you said so, then I must give you a chance.
I’ve already revealed it to Mr.
Qiu so I can’t take it back, when my father talks to me, I’ll tell him you told me earlier that you wanted to visit him, so I’ll make an appointment for you, what do you think?”

“Sure!” Gu Yingjie agreed in one breath.
He took a deep breath and got nervous, but doesn’t care, he needs to put up a fight.

So, it was inexplicable that the next step for them was waiting for Qiu Zhengqing’s action.
In the afternoon, Qiu Zhengqing went upstairs, and Qin Yufei heeled his movements.
After learning from his secretary that he went upstairs for a meeting with Mr.
Qin, she has been in a state of intense alert.
While waiting, she imagining the various scenarios of Qin Wenyi looking for her to talk, make up countermeasures in advance.

    It feels like after a long time, Qiu Zhengqing’s secretary reported to her that Mr.
Qiu had returned, so she could go over now if she had something to do.
Qin Yufei thanked, but did not go.
She said she had business matters to discuss that was, of course, an excuse to ask for information, but now she didn’t have the heart to play a scene with Qiu Zhengqing to discuss business matters.
She had to concentrate on her father.

But she waited until the end of the day, and Qin Wenyi did not summon her.
During this time, Gu Yingjie from time to time asked her how the situation was, which makes her more nervous.
Finally she could not stand it and said to Gu Yingjie, “Aren’t you nervous? Why are you asking so frequently? I’ll let you know when there’s progress.”

After Gu Yingjie was lectured, he became obedient.
He didn’t ask her again.

But until the end of the day, Qin Yufei did not inform him of any progress.
Gu Yingjie really could not help but ask again.

  “My father has not been looking for me.
Maybe he is busy at work time, did not care about this matter.
Maybe he’ll talk to me again tonight when he gets home.”

    “Okay, then we’ll talk on the phone tonight.” Gu Yingjie also does not know whether to be relieved or should be more vigilant.
If this dragged on for a long time, will the father-in-law’s mind thinking about something else? Maybe it would be better to do it quickly? Or maybe it would be better to give him more time to digest?

 This night felt very critical for both Qin Yufei and Gu Yingjie.
But Qin Wenyi did not talk to his daughter at all, and neither did Mrs.
It seems likely that Qin Wenyi did not communicate with his wife about this matter.
Qin Yufei is a little uneasy.
She made tea for her father and send it to the study.
The result is Qin Wenyi only chatted with her about family life, and said nothing else.

    Qin Yufei returned to the bedroom and rushed to call Gu Yingjie.
The two discussed what her dad meant in the end.

    “Gu Yingjie, your family has no enmity with my family, right?”

    “Of course not.”

“You did nothing bad that my dad knows about, right?”


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“Could it be that my father is not satisfied with you?”

  “Which part of me will make him unsatisfied?” Gu Yingjie is anxious.
It is obvious that all his scores are super high.
How can Qin Wenyi be dissatisfied? Okay, no one is perfect, but even if there is dissatisfaction, it must be a minor problem, and it is not worth thinking about it!

Gu Yingjie said this idea, Qin Yufei keep thinking, and suddenly remembered.
“Ah, Gu Yingjie, if my father asks you to join the family, will you be willing?”

    “Why would I want to join the family?” Gu Yingjie shouted oddly, “Wait a minute, what does it mean ‘join the family’? I’ll have to look it up to make sure.”

    “Then I’ll look it up, too.” She thought it meant that he had to live in her house and work in her company.

    A minute later, the two were on the phone again.

    “It turns out that to join the family is to ask me to marry you and then later have children with my surname.” Qin Yufei was surprised, “Then I misunderstood.”

    Gu Yingjie’s face blackened, scared him to death.

“But actually, ‘I married you’, this clause seems to be quite fun.”

    “Qin Yufei!”

“Okay, okay, back to business.
What I meant just now is that my dad has been worried about the problem of his company’s successor, and he originally looked at Mr.
Qiu because he thought he was someone he could trust the company to.
He had been saying earlier that he wanted me to marry a ‘young talent’ who could help him take care of the company.”

    “Hmm.” He seems to have heard of this.
It’s “treating the job as a wife and the woman as a concubine.”

“So do you think my dad thinks that you have Huade on your side and are unlikely to give yourself to his Yongkai, so he’s thinking about how to negotiate with you or your family?”

Gu Yingjie pondered.
Actually, he is not interested in Yongkai.
Although he is now in charge of Mingde, and involved in a small part of Yongkai’s product business, but according to the primary industry, Yongkai’s business and Huade are not compatible.
He is more familiar with Huade’s business.

Qin Yufei see Gu Yingjie did not reply for a while, carefully probe: “Are you thinking that there is no way to negotiate this, is not it?”

“Not exactly.” If this is the future father-in-law’s objection, then it would be injustice to him.

  “Actually, well, it actually doesn’t matter.” Qin Yufei gave him an idea.
“If my dad really made such an offer, you don’t have to agree with him.
He won’t tie me to the company, I’m not a cargo.
The most important thing is for you to do what you like to do.
I tell you, my dad can be cunning, he will look at your face to make a request, if you act more pleasing and flattering, he will certainly ask for more, if he speaks in a harder tone, you must not be intimidated by him.
He may just be testing the waters, and not absolutely want this.
You must stick to your heart, otherwise, you take one step back, he can take three steps forward.
I’ve had a lot of experience dealing with him.” Qin Yufei was not embarrassed at all about throwing herself out.

“I’m trying to curry favor, so of course I can’t refuse with a hard face.”

    “You are such a good euphemist, of course you won’t refuse hard.
Take out your means of dealing with your ex-girlfriend.
Wouldn’t that be enough?”

 Gu Yingjie had a black face.
“Are you sure you’re complimenting me?”

“My tone is so sour.
What do you think?”

Gu Yingjie stroked his forehead: “Obviously talking about your father, how did it get to the ex-girlfriend?”

    “I just thought of it, and talked about you in passing, otherwise I’m not happy.”

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    “Okay, so are you happy now?”

    “A little.” Qin Yufei ‘ah’ suddenly.

    “What’s wrong?” Gu Yingjie was startled.

    “I thought of something.”


“We don’t have to be afraid at all.
We are not talking about marriage right now.
It’s just telling my dad we’re in love.
It’s just a relationship.
Who cares about his company, right?”


    “Why don’t you say anything?”

    “Miss Qin Yufei.” Gu Yingjie was really upset.


    “Your IQ obviously cannot cope with the depth and breadth of meeting the parents, which includes many fields such as love, interpersonal relationships, marriage and other fields.


    “So what ……”

 “Bye!” Qin Yufei lost her temper and interrupted him.

“Wait, let me finish the last sentence.” Gu Yingjie said while laughing.

    “Bye!” Qin Yufei said more firmly this time, then hung up the phone.

    Gu Yingjie immediately called again.
Qin Yufei answered.

“The educated, deep and breadth Young Master Gu, is there anything else?”

Gu Yingjie smiled broadly, “I just want to say, leave this matter to me, you don’t have to worry.
If your father asks, you can arrange a meeting time.”

    “Hmph, no appointment.
You dislike me, I’m not happy.”

“Then all the more reason to make an appointment, make an appointment, let your father deal with me and let it out for you.”

Qin Yufei imagined the situation and laughed.
“Well, it looks like you are also quite cunning, so you should have confidence in you.”

    Gu Yingjie’s face fell: “Is the word cunning a compliment?”

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    “Of course not.
How can I praise you?” Qin Yufei said.
Gu Yingjie laughed.

    The two people agreed on this and hung up the phone.

Qin Yufei’s heart settled in half, while Gu Yingjie was more apprehensive.
This meeting with parents is more difficult than he thought.
He originally focused only on his mother, but now Qin Wenyi is also difficult to pass.

Gu Yingjie thought about going to the living room to sit down, spend more time with his mother first, to make her happy, thus solving the father-in-law’s problem followed by the mother-in-law’s problem.

Gu was watching TV and was happy to see her son coming.
Mother and son are watching TV and talking about family matters.
The TV is playing a family drama.
Gu is interested in watching it and took the opportunity to say that she still likes that Tingting very much.
Gu finally stopped talking about it as he pretended to be deaf and Mrs.
Gu was bored.

    After a while, she remembered something and suddenly mentioned Qin Yufei.
Gu Yingjie’s heart jumped, thinking that his brother had missed his lips, but it turned out that Mrs.
Gu did not know the relationship between her son and Qin Yufei, but because of the mention of Tingting, remembered the day she saw Qin Yufei.
She said she had heard others talk about Qin Yufei before, saying that her Missy temper was too heavy.

    Gu Yingjie did not move and did not make a sound.

“She is also strange.
These years haven’t had a boyfriend, but often play with her sisters.”

Gu Yingjie mentally said that when several of the old sisters get together is really gossipy.

“I’m not saying that people are bad behind their backs, but I always think that this girl is not quite family-friendly, too playful.
I heard she had a boyfriend when she was studying in the United States, and it turned out badly.
Your Aunt Fen’s son is in a school with her, and there are rumors she gave birth to a child there.
I don’t know if it’s true or not.
But honestly, her reputation is really not very good.
I have the intention to talk to Mrs.
Qin a few words, but also do not know what to say.
We know each other so well and usually play cards together, but she rarely talks about her daughter.
In fact, it is better for girls to be quiet, like your sister-in-law, who is educated and well-mannered, and has a good sense of propriety.
Qin was spoiling Yufei a bit too much.
This is actually not good for her.
If word gets out, the one who suffers is the girl.”

    Gu Yingjie couldn’t hold back any longer.
He said, “Mom, Yufei is very nice.”

Gu nodded, “She should not be a bad person, she is looks clean, has sharp eyes, and her face is not bad.”

    “It’s a rumor that she gave birth to a child in America.”

“Oh, so you know ah.
It would be best if she didn’t, otherwise when she marries someone later, the man will surely mind it.
Although the Qin family is rich, but no man will ignore such things.
Next time I’ll have to talk to your Aunt Fan about it, it’s a lie.”

“Yes, you talk to Aunt Fan, let her passed on, it is best to go one by one to clarify with others to understand.
Yufei is very good, and she has a bit of temper, but who was raised in the hand’s palm without temper, let’s say my sister, who also has a temper.
Compared to those girls who are unhappy in their hearts and pretend to be gentle on their faces, Yufei’s straightforward and simple personality is much cuter.”

Gu found something wrong.
She looked at her son blankly.

“Actually, it has nothing to do with whether you love to play.
When you can go out to play, play as much as you like.
When you shouldn’t go, just do what you need to do.
It’s good to be reasonable.
The so-called home, the husband and wife have a good relationship, respect and care for each other, and live a happy life.
That is family.
Mom, change that old concept.
You don’t have to look at some girls who are well behaved and quiet to think they are good, you have to get along with them to know whether they are good, and hearing a few words from others after meeting them is not accurate.”

Gu was dumbfounded.
Her son’s reaction was a little too big.
“Ah Jie, what’s wrong with you?”

    “Mom, Yufei is my girlfriend.”

    “……” Mrs.
Gu thought she heard wrong.

    “I’m in a relationship with her, and I love her very much.”

    “……” Mrs.
Gu froze.

“I know her very well.
She’s not what you think she is.
She’s very sweet.
I was going to tell you earlier, but since I know she’s not your type, I wanted to find a better opportunity to tell you about it.
It’s just that as her boyfriend, I would be a failure as a man if someone said this or that about her in front of me, or even had rumors and misunderstandings, and I didn’t speak up for her.” Gu Yingjie looked at his mother and said with a seriousness he had never had before, “Mom, Yufei is my girlfriend.
I’m very serious with her.
We’ve already proceeded to where we’re going to meet the parents.
If it’s possible, I mean, with no surprises, I want to marry her.”

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