chapter 5

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Another week passed.
Qin Yufei’s office has someone sending flowers every day, roses and lilies and tulips without repeating.
Every time Qin Yufei let the secretary to set it up.
So the whole company knows that the young lady is in love.

Qin Wenyi has nothing special to say about this, Qiu Zhengqing also behaves normally, even when at meeting is no longer picky about Qin Yufei’s work.
The rumors in the company began to turn, perhaps Mr.
Qiu did not have any intention, and the Young Miss turned out to have another love.

    Friday after work, Qin Yufei is very punctual packing things ready to go home.
As soon as she looked up, she saw Qiu Zhengqing standing in front of her office with a cup.

Qin Yufei smiled in her heart, there is such a benefit to having the office located halfway to the pantry, taking a cup can explain the reason for the sudden appearance.
Qiu wants to see me for something?” She asked directly.

“Are you and Zhao Honghui serious?” This was the first time he asked about her feelings, but the tone was normal and dignified, as if the superior cared about his subordinates.

Qin Yufei smiled: “Thank you for your concern, Mr.

Qiu Zhengqing curled his mouth: ” You share the same philosophy with him?”

    At this time Qin Yufei cell phone rang, she looked down, the name of the caller wrote Gu Yingjie.
Qin Yufei pressed the sound off and looked up with another smile, “Yeah.”

“What’s the philosophy?” Qiu Zhengqing asked again.

Qin Yufei tilted her head: ” Mr.
Qiu just say it straight, I really don’t like to beat around the bush.”

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    Qiu Zhengqing lowered his eyes and looked at the cup in his hand, then raised his eyes, looked at Qin Yufei, and said, “Actually, you don’t have to rashly decide who you’re going to date in order to prove something to me, Zhao Honghui’s reputation is not good.
Don’t treat your life with the same casual attitude towards your work.”

Qin Yufei’s phone rang again, this time it was a text message.
She looked down and saw that it was still Gu Yingjie.
She tapped the text message open and it read, “You’re dating Zhao Honghui? He doesn’t have a good reputation.” Qin Yufei stared at that sentence and read it twice.

The same meaning, different people say it is really have different feeling.

Qin Yufei blinked her eyes and pursed the corners of her mouth.
She looked up and said to Qiu Zhengqing : “Mr.
Qiu, since you do not cover up your own infatuation, then I also openly say that Mr.
Qiu does not need to be concerned about me, I really do not have feelings for Mr.
Qiu, not resistance or fighting, it’s really because does not fit the philosophy at all.
Qiu is prejudiced against me, I am always serious and responsible for work or life.
It’s just that the life I want is not abducted by work, not by other people’s ideas, I’m responsible for myself.”

    Qiu Zhengqing choked, not resistance not fighting, is she talking about him? He squeezed the cup tightly, this woman is really sharp.
“You say I am infatuated, you are no less.”

Qin Yufei smiled: “Yes, I was afraid that Mr.
Qiu could not save face, so I did not say, today Mr.
Qiu is in a good mood, so let’s say a few more words.
In fact, Mr.
Qiu’s heart somewhat look down on me, think I am just a rich girl, fortunate, so do not know how to cherish.
However, Mr.
Qiu is very proud of his own humble origins by working hard to win the current position of wealth.
Qiu has suffered, so there is some hatred of the rich, but also want to be rich.
Qiu always use hard work to measure the character of people, and I happen to be not qualified.
My family background appearance and age make me a good match for marriage, but the arrogance Mr.
Qiu feels that this will make people look down on him, and others will think that Mr.
Qiu is developed by nepotism.”

Qin Yufei’s cell phone text message rang again, she quickly looked down, not Gu Yingjie, just a spam message, her heart inexplicably have some disappointment, pressed delete while continuing: “In fact, Mr.
Qiu do not need to bother.
I really don’t have a crush on Mr.
Qiu does not have to pity my slackness, I just feel more comfortable living this way.
Qiu probably wants to say that it’s because I was born in a rich family and do not lack money.
Actually, my father is not short of money, the current Mr.
Qiu is not short of money, but the pursuit of career achievement is your interest, climb higher and go farther to earn more money in order to have happiness, this is a preference, not related to money.”

Qiu Zhengqing wanted to retort, but didn’t know what to say.

    “It’s really comfortable to get the word out.
So Mr.
Qiu, you have a potential partner, I also have my own life goals, my father saw through my virtue, so give me a small position, such a position with my education and qualifications I could get it outside too, I work quite happy, life is also good, this is a good life.
Qiu is a hard worker, the performance is good, Mr.
Qiu is happy and satisfied, this is also a good life.
You should know that not all poor and hard-working people can have what you have today, rely on themselves and also rely on opportunities, Mr.
Qiu really do not have to set yourself in the role of sorrow and pride, relax a little.
Moreover, thanks for your concern, I know what I’m doing, I really didn’t go on a date to prove something to Mr.
Qiu, I can’t afford to wear this big hat.

Qin Yufei finished, and did not care what Qiu Zhengqing’s reaction would be, carrying her bag and walking away from Qiu Zhengqing.

    The phone in her hand did not ring again, she squeezed it tightly, her heart inexplicably cranky.

Bad reputation! Then why don’t you go ahead and say it? You won’t continue if I don’t answer my phone or text back?

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    Well, you’re right not to continue.

    That’s right!

Anyway, you know I’m dating a man, it has nothing to do with you, so that’s good.

    But Qin Yufei wasn’t happy.
She looked at her phone from time to time, but whether it was a phone call or a text message, Gu Yingjie’s name never appeared again.

And after that conversation, Qiu Zhengqing did not talk to Qin Yufei alone again, and his attitude toward her at work was no longer so harsh.
Soon, at the end of November, Xu Wenzheng’s baby grandson turned one year old.

Xu Wenzheng hosted a banquet and invited many guests.
Personal friends and business partners were all invited to this happy occasion.
Qin Yufei helped to plan and organize the event, according to Xu Wenzheng’s intention, the venue should be large, to let the young people play, and a good space for the elderly to talk about things.

Xu Wenzheng’s son laughed and said his dad really does everything without forgetting the business.
Qin Yufei can fully understand, because her father is also like this.

The banquet was held on a whole floor of the Huade Hotel, with two separate areas, the Chinese banquet followed by the ball, and the ball side was also divided into a section for the children’s playground and the elderly negotiation area.
Xu Wenzheng’s daughter-in-law laughed out loud at Qin Yufei’s allocation of this area, is it to throw the little devil to the elderly?

    “Yeah, that’s all they’re good for.” Qin Yufei is very confident.

The day of the banquet, everyone praised the activity area, those children are the heart of the elderly, to talk about business, who will be in this kind of activity to talk about business, all are taking the opportunity to get closer and cultivate friendship, so take the children to play, talk about the grandchildren is really a good choice.

Xu Wenzheng is more than satisfied with this banquet activity, pulling Qin Yufei around to praise, more like her father than Qin Wenyi.
It’s make Qin Wenyi’s couple laughed.
In fact, Xu Wenzheng is also helping Qin Wenyi to sell his daughter, he took Qin Yufei to socialize with business partners who have unmarried children and grandchildren of the right age, all of them are in their eyes to climb up the in-laws of the good family.

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Qin Yufei was dragged around a circle of toasts and finally managed to hide in a corner to catch her breath.
She took a glance at the venue and did not see Gu Yingjie.
Just now Xu Wenzheng pulled her to toast to Mr.
and Mrs.
Gu Wenguang, Gu Wenguang also called Gu Yingjie over, her father Qin Wenyi also went over to join the fun, both sides joking about their children, while saying my daughter is good but too playful, while saying my son is very good but bit spoiled, really grew up without suffering, unlike us back then.

In short, each criticize their children, and back to the current situation, young people need more contact, make friends.
Qin Yufei smiled and agreed, but did not look at Gu Yingjie’s expression.
After socializing for a long time, in the end, she couldn’t remember which family she talked to, but only remembered the Gu family.

Now hiding in a corner, Qin Yufei felt relaxed, she looked around the venue twice, at first just unconsciously looking around, after which she realized she was actually looking for Gu Yingjie, her heart skipped a beat and she sighed.

At this time, someone beside him suddenly said, ” You’ ve worked hard.”

    Qin Yufei took a look, it was Qiu Zhengqing.
Qin Yufei tugged at the corners of her mouth, of course she wouldn’t think he was saying that she had worked hard to plan this banquet.

    “This kind of socializing is also really tiring.” Qiu Zhengqing, holding a glass of wine in his hand, said seemingly carelessly.

Qiu can just say directly that I have been around the venue, meet all the parents and elders of the unmarried rich and handsome guy.”

    Qiu Zhengqing was amused by her, nodded: “Well, that’s what I meant.”

“So the people who are tired are Mr.
Qiu, talking too inconveniently.”

    Qiu Zhengqing converged on a smile and replaced it with a serious expression: “Okay, but don’t you already have a boyfriend?” This time he asked straightforwardly.

Qin Yufei laughed: “You have improved.”

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    “So that boyfriend is not important?”

Qiu should be very experienced, before there is a contract, no one will give up any opportunity to grab a customer, right? There are several marriageable men and women in the room, a few without partners.
 As long as the partners are not known, and the family has not given the nod, there are still many variables.
For the elderly, children’s marriage, is also a business.”

    Qiu Zhengqing sipped his wine and nodded his head.
After a moment’s thought, he decided not to beat around the bush and said, “I wanted to come and say sorry to you, I did have prejudice against you in the past.”

Qin Yu Fei looked at him and raised an eyebrow, Qiu Zhengqing smiled, “Initially, I thought you were the same as the other rich girls I know, but when we talked last time, I felt that you were not the same as them.”

“Actually it’s the same, it’s just that you obviously know rich girls too few.” Qin Yufei said.

    Qiu Zhengqing smiled again, “Not too many indeed.”

    “Many thanks.” Qin Yu Fei smiled and gave a salute, “At least it’s an honor for Mr.
Qiu to get to know me again.”

Qiu Zhengqing laughed out loud, it was the first time Qin Yufei had seen him laughing.
After he finished laughing, he said: “But I’m still not satisfied with your work attitude, I hope you can work harder and be more positive.
The starting time is at nine o’clock, and besides, I said the proposal was due by 12 noon yesterday, but you only sent an email at 5 pm.”

“Your schedule was clearly a full day of meetings yesterday, so it makes no difference to you if I turn it in before 12 noon or at 5pm, because you’re only free to read it at night anyway.
Moreover, it was completed by our department the day before yesterday, and yesterday was just a reasonable use of time to discuss and amend it again.
Qiu should be glad that we take our work seriously instead of doing the superficial work and handing in our assignments on time.”

    Qiu Zhengqing raised his eyebrows, “That’s right, I only read it at night.
That case still needs to be corrected.”

Qin Yufei also raised her eyebrows, “Okay.” Didn’t ask for details, agreed in one breath, with a very good attitude.
Then she saw Gu Yingjie who also appeared from nowhere, was looking towards her, saw her see him and even came towards her.
Qin Yufei’s heart beat faster and hurriedly said, “Excuse me.”

    After these words said she turned around and left.
Leaving behind a green-faced Qiu Zhengqing.

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