chapter 7

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“Are you embarrassed to carry out criticism? Then let me lead the conversation.” Qin Yufei was very understanding and enjoyed rolling a fried chicken ball in ketchup before dropping it into her mouth, then said, “En, here’s the thing, I agreed to go out with Zhao Honghui because he’s handsome.” She paused and emphasized, “He’s really handsome, isn’t he?”

    “Listen to your nonsense.” Gu Yingjie is annoyed, ” Do you rarely see handsome men?”

” Not many, just one in front of me.” Qin Yufei look at the meal box, ” Afraid that the sauce is not enough, and would like the handsome man to get some more, is it too much?”

“Too much.” Gu Yingjie frowned at her meal box, he clearly poured a lot of ketchup, “You better eat less, this kind of seasoning sauce is very heavy, and there’s no benefit to eat a lot.”

“Hmm.” Qin Yufei nodded, “Each bite has to be dipped a little less, or it won’t enough.
In fact, I have met many handsome men and willing to go out with handsome men is not a problem ah.
It’s the same as having seen a lot of money but still being willing to earn it.
Young Mater Gu, what is the logic of your conversation?”

“……,” Handsome Gu choked, in fact, he just wanted to remind her not to impulsively and blindly find a boyfriend to skim off the relationship with him, there really is no need.

“I know Zhao Honghui, but I’m not familiar with him.
I heard a friend mention him the other day and said he was bragging to others about chasing you down, so I had a few conversations with my friend.” Gu Yingjie explained why he knew about her and Zhao Honghui.
“Using your girlfriend as capital to show off and bragging is quite annoying, isn’t it?”

Qin Yufei shook her head: “If a girlfriend can make her boyfriend show off everywhere, it means that girlfriend is good and valuable, better than being hidden, isn’t it?” She asked rhetorically.

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“I heard that he is quite bad-tempered, loves to brag, frivolous, and domineering.” It’s really not Gu Yingjie’s style to talk about people’s shortcomings behind their backs, so he weighed his words a bit.

    Qin Yufei nodded: “Isn’t it good to be domineering? People also write in the novels, domineering president in love with me, this is the main male lead model.”

    “Is that so?” Gu Yingjie was even more upset, “So in the novel the domineering president fell in love with a domineering girl like you?”

    “That’s not true.
Usually it will be a gentle sweet little white rabbit.”

Gu Yingjie frowned at her.
Qin Yufei also frowned.
In the end, it was Gu Yingjie who gave in first: “Okay, actually I really don’t know him well, I just heard that he has a bad reputation, so I want to remind you to be more careful.”

    “Don’t worry.” Qin Yufei smiled and licked her fingers, “In terms of bad reputation, he is probably no match for me, I won’t be at a disadvantage.”

Gu Yingjie sighed: “In fact, I want to say, Qin Yufei, if you and he really love each other then I have nothing to say, if you just think to find a boyfriend to clear our relationship and to prove that we are not acquainted, you really don’t have to.
We are all adults, I understand what you mean, I also hope you can trust me, the things I promised you will be done.”

Qin Yufei didn’t say anything, just looked at him and then ate bite after bite of the snack dipped in the sauce.

    Gu Yingjie stared at her before sighing, “Qin Yufei, you need friends.”

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Qin Yufei answered this time, “I have many friends.”

    Gu Yingjie ignored her arguments and added: “I contacted you and called you because I cared about you as a friend.
I am angry with you because you are capricious and selfish, just like that time when Mi Xi didn’t do anything  and in order to prove that you no longer have an affair with me, you suddenly told her that you would cut ties with her, which made her very sad.”

” You feel sorry for her.”

    “I feel sorry for you too.” Gu Yingjie quickly blocked her back.
“Qin Yufei, making friends really doesn’t have to be complicated.”

    Qin Yufei regrettably looked at the lunch box, ketchup are eaten out, but fried chicken pieces and fries still have a lot left.
“I know.” She was in a bad mood.
“You already scolded me last time.”

    “How dare I scold you.”

” The scolding has been done and you still say you don’t dare.” She rattled off and put the lunch box down, “Is there a paper towel?” She forgot to bring it.

Gu Yingjie fished out a packet of tissues from his pocket and handed it over, Qin Yufei drew out one and returned the rest.
She wiped her mouth and hands slowly and methodically, and when she saw that Gu Yingjie was silent and only staring at her, she asked, “Is the lecture over?”

Gu Yingjie was upset: ” The main point has not yet been said.”

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“Then hurry up and say it, I’m going to leave.”

  “……” This is really, Gu Yingjie want to pinch her, how is it so hard to have a serious conversation with her.
“The point is that your fear that I will pester you is not likely to happen, I promise, so you don’t have to worry.
If I call you it must be for business, and you can answer.
And of course, I’m here to assure you that I’ll avoid calling you again as much as possible.
If you really need help with something, I hope you will not avoid me on purpose.”

    “Good.” Qin Yufei agreed with a good attitude.
She jumped up, took the rest of her food and crossed over to Gu Yingjie towards the stairs.
Walking to the stairway, she turned around and saw Gu Yingjie’s puffy face.
She smiled, he looked pretty good when he was angry.
“Gu Yingjie, thank you, goodbye.” Neither owed him a thank you or a goodbye.

This night, Qin Yufei came home and took big bowl of ketchup and ate all the fried chicken and fries that Gu Yingjie got for her.
She sat in front of the window while looking at the stars, she thought of the stars she saw when she sitting on the terrace just now were also so bright, she thought of Gu Yingjie said he understood her she laughed bitterly, that fool, in fact he did not understand her, he thought she was afraid he would pester her? What a big mistake.
That fool, too much gentlemanliness is really not good.

    This night Qin Yufei ate too much fried food and ketchup and woke up with a stomachache in the middle of the night.
The next day she called in sick, making Qiu Zhengqing choke to death.
Only last night he criticized her saying he was not satisfied with her attitude, and today she is not working.

Next was the weekend, then in the blink of an eye it was Monday.

On Monday, Qin Yufei continued to call in sick.
Qiu Zhengqing was so angry that he went to her office and questioned her secretary, “What is Qin Yufei’s excuse again today?” A stomachache that hasn’t healed in three days? Unless it was so bad that she was hospitalized.

“Uh ……” the secretary reddened her face, is it okay to tell male boss about Big Miss “physical pain”?

    The secretary’s hesitant look made Qiu Zhengqing even more angry, “Forget it, I’ll ask myself.” He took out his cell phone and called Qin Yufei in front of the secretary: “Qin Yufei, what is your reason for taking off today? It better be justified.”

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    Qin Yufei quickly replied, “My period has arrived and my stomach hurts.” This reason she thought was very justified.

Qiu Zhengqing’s blackened and said through clenched teeth, “Your voice sounded full of energy.”

    “Do I have to faint from the pain to prove that I really hurt?” Qin Yufei continued to reply with a full breath, she is currently holding a warm water bag wrapped in the quilt, so painful until cranky.
“I’ve instructed Robert to do all the work that needs to be done, he understands everything and will follow up.
I have to recuperate, goodbye Mr.

    The phone was hung up, Qiu Zhengqing was so angry that his face was black, what a petulant and irresponsible young lady.
Qin Yufei’s secretary quickly lowered her head when his gaze swept over, pretending to be invisible.
Qiu Zhengqing dropped a sentence: “Tell Robert to come to me and report on the progress of your work.”

 The secretary nodded repeatedly and did not dare to say that Robert is right behind you ah Lord Leader.
Lord Leader left, the secretary and Robert looked at each other, they were careful.

    Qin Yufei lay in bed in a bad mood, she really, really hates stomach pains.
She took her phone and typed a text message: Gu Yingjie I have a stomachache.

Didn’t he say I could look for him if I needed help with anything? Does needing help with your period count?

Qin Yufei stared at the text message, after thinking for some time the mood calmed down a bit.
Forget it, it doesn’t make any sense to anger him so deliberately, moreover it is not face to face, she can’t see it.
If you can’t see it, the fun is really much less.
She should not ask for trouble, impulsive is a bad thing.

    She tossed her phone aside, and the unsent text message lay quietly in the deposit box.
There’ s another one in there, written Friday morning: Gu Yingjie you took too much to eat my stomach hurts.

    That text message was also not sent, abandoned in the deposit box.

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