chapter 8

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After resting at home for two days, Qin Yufei felt better on Wednesday.
She arrived at the office after 10:00 a.m., exquisitely dressed with makeup, and Qiu Zhengqing put a serious face when he saw her: “Manager Qin is feeling better?”


    “Looking refreshed.” Wanted to say refreshed beyond words, did not look a bit sick.

“Thank you.
It’s proper to come to work with good appearance.” Qin Yufei did not pick up on him at all.

 “I can’t imagine that Manager Qin is quite professional.” Really can’t help but to be sarcastic to her a bit.

    “It seems that Mr.
Qiu still has a deep understanding of me, it’s my honor.” Qin Yufei felt that such a conversation was really too meaningless.
Every time it was these lines, didn’t he feel bored? “I’m going to work, goodbye Mr.

After returning to the office, she called several people from the department over for a small meeting to confirm the progress and finalize everyone’s work, then she dealt with all the work emails that were accumulated in the mailbox, replied to all the content, then finished reading the documents that the secretary put on the desk, and finished signing all the ones that should be signed and approved.
After checking the work log, she calling the clients she needed to contact one by one, set two appointments, and then asked her secretary to purchase gifts for the two clients.

All done, in a wink of an eye, it was almost time to leave work.
Qin Yufei looked at the watch and breathed a sigh of relief, only then opened the web page to see the gossip, opened the messenger app to see if there are friends looking for her.
And then drink a mouthful of the flower tea that the secretary made for her, very comfortable.
Today’s efficiency is very good.
So it’s not that she’s not busy, she just doesn’t pretend to be.
A friend posted a joke on the messenger and Qin Yufei laughed out loud at the computer.

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When she raised her gaze, she saw Qiu Zhengqing pass by her office door, slowing down to look at her twice as he passed, and frowned.
Qin Yufei didn’t care, she knew what he was thinking, but she was like this, she really doesn’t like to pretend to be busy.

When the phone rang Qin Yufei saw Gu Yingjie’s name on the gossip news, her gaze turned from the computer screen to the phone, which was ringing with Zhao Honghui’s name on the screen.
She answered it.
Zhao Honghui said he was meeting a friend for drinks tonight and wanted her to come along.
Qin Yufei was not in the mood, the day before she received his call and told him she was not feeling well and did not want to go on a date for a few days, but she did not expect him to ask her to go out for drinks with his friends.

    “I don’t feel well, I don’t want to go out.” She refused outright.

“Weren’t you uncomfortable the day before yesterday?”

    “I’m still not feeling well today.”

There was a silence on the other end of the phone, and Zhao Honghui’s voice sounded unhappy: “I made a date with my friends and said you would be there.”

“Then tell your friends sorry, and just invite them to dinner another day.
It’s on me.”

She said that and Zhao Honghui was even more upset, holding back from saying anything about her, only saying, “Okay, then you rest.” Then he hung up the phone.

Qin Yufei put the phone aside, not bothered.
What’s the big deal if he’s not happy, she’s also not happy.
Did he think that by sending flowers and dinner, he had gotten the girl? Even if you want to take her to show off in front of friends, please ask her opinion in advance, what does he think she is? The way of the domineering president, she really does not believe in it.

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Qin Yufei turned her attention back to the web page, which is actually a gossip about newly popular small actress named Tian.
It said that she has great luck, and her romantic relationship is also prosperous.
Recently, she has been getting close to Gu Yingjie, the third youngest son of the Huade Group, and is rumored to be dating frequently and getting hot.
The reporter called her agent for confirmation, the other side only said that they do not interfere with the love life of their artists, they just accepted the endorsement of Huade, so please do not make a rumor.
But the report also quoted the words of a fortune-teller, the fortune-teller is known in the circle of divine judgment, he had said that the young actress Tian would be popular this year, and it came true.
He also said that she would meet her destiny at the end of the year or early next year, and now it’s December, the end of the year, and don’t know if the third son of the Gu family is the destined one.

The gossip report also has a photo of the young actress Tian and Gu Yingjie standing by a table, looking at the surroundings should be some kind of event, where the actress is standing sideways and Gu Yingjie is holding her waist, the two are looking at each other and smiling.
The caption reads: “As if no one is there, the love is deep, the relationship is suspected to be exposed.”

Qin Yufei pouted when she looked at it, this guy, he would accuse others of showing off with his girlfriend, but he is also the same.

    He has a girlfriend then.
Qin Yufei knocked on the table, really good.
She can’t say what she feels in her heart, anyway, it’s really good, congratulations to him.

    At the same time, Gu Yingjie walked out of the conference room with his elder brother.
The oldest Gu family Gu Yinghui is ten years older than Gu Yingjie, as a child, his father Gu Wenguang busy with his career, he as  the older brother spent a lot of time accompanying and teaching his younger brother, the brothers have deep feelings.

“What’s up with that little star?” Gu Yinghui asked.

“Nothing, the other day accompany her to the event, she was about to fall down and I helped her, artists, they like to hype a little, probably recently there are no good topics can be used, so use me a little, right?” The report Gu Yingjie also saw at noon, he was not aware of it beforehand, but the article is written, he has nothing to lose, so do not take it to heart.

    “You be careful, Dad has to talk about you again.” Gu Wenguang is now really concerned about his youngest son, the older son and daughter have a family and children, career is not much of a problem, Huade’s business is handed over to his children to look after, things he needs to worry about is really less.
So come to think of it, now the youngest son is left unqualified.
He is not demanding of his youngest son, anyway, the age is still young, let him play for two more years is fine.
However, seeing that his girlfriend has changed one after another, none of them can be brought home, and he said he is innocent, Gu Wenguang is quite angry.

“It’s okay, this one really isn’t my girlfriend.” Gu Yingjie was innocent again.

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    “What about that cousin of the Zheng family? Ah Ci said she introduced you guys last week.”

Gu Yingjie smiled, “Sister herself blindly introduced, that one is not fit.”

“How is it not fit? Not pretty enough?” Gu Yinghui was heard his sister said the other party looks average, maybe Ah Jie wouldn’t fancy her.

“No.” Gu Yingjie laughed again, “No need to guess, anyway, it is not fit.” The cousin is too haughty in her words, thinking that she is well educated and knowledgeable and remarkable, not familiar with him but in front of him judging others, as if others are not good only she is good.
He really doesn’t like this kind of self-righteousness of girls.
Qin Yufei is arrogant, also often make people angry, but the frankness make people comfortable.
Gu Yingjie feels that there is nothing much with that cousin, and does not want to criticize her in front of others , which is not good.
Laughing about this matter and left, he returned to the office.

    The phone is on the desktop, he forgot to take it during the meeting.
Now swipe it open, there is a missed call, is Xu Yanchang.
He sat down and dialed to Xu Yanchang, in the time waiting for the answer, he thought of Qin Yufei, maybe she also saw the scandal, hoped she saw it, then she should be relieved.

    The call was answered.
“Jason, you looking for me?”

” This night a few buddies are meeting for drinks at Ah Shi’s place, do you want to come?”

    “Sure.” He had nothing to do anyway, and life without a romance was really boring, so Gu Yingjie agreed.

    A Shi’s full name is Yin Shi, he has a sister named Yin Ting.
Yin Shi’s family’s ancestral business is a printing factory, but Yin Shi is not interested in taking over his father’s factory, and has gone into business for himself.
His bar atmosphere is very good, the decoration is good, the bar girls is decent, the wine is also great, so business has been very good.
It was a place where many of Gu Yingjie’s buddies liked to go for fun and entertainment.

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Gu Yingjie and Yin Shi are not considered to have a friendship, just know each other.
And he actually knew Yin Ting, Yin Shi’s sister, from a long time and met her twice, but not even a nodding-friends.
He was really impressed with Yin Ting, thanks to Qin Yufei.

That was Qin Yufei’s birthday party, he remembered very clearly, July 28, he was accompanying Mi Xi to go, at that time he was still in love with Mi Xi, he invited Mi Xi to dance, Mi Xi didn’t want to dance, then Qin Yufei that woman jumped out, very dominantly pushed Yin Ting over, said Yin Ting wanted to dance, let him invite Yin Ting.

    That was his first contact with Qin Yufei.
Before that, they just knew each other, her family Yongkai had a lot of business with his family Huade, so he knew Qin Yufei, but never made contact with her.
This time it was to appreciate her sassy rudeness.
He was upset, but in front of Mi Xi and so many other guests, he put up with it and he invited Yin Ting to dance.
Yin Ting is shy and she tells him that her brother is Yin Shi and she’s met him a few times at the bar.
Gu Yingjie remembered, and he politely accompanied Yin Ting for a few minutes of conversation.
But with Qin Yufei, he couldn’t really be polite.

The next time they met was to watch a movie.
It was Yin Ting who asked him out, and he couldn’t refuse straight away, so he said he had asked Mi Xi to watch it.
The result was Qin Yufei, who actually called Mi Xi to asked if she was in love with him, saying that if Mi Xi was in love with him, then she would tell Yin Ting to stop hoping on him.
Mi Xi, the honest little girl, of course, said the truth that she was not in love, so the proud Princess Qin Yufei announced to give him Gu Yingjie another chance, and finally turned out to be the four of them watching a movie together.

Finally the movie was not seen.
Because he couldn’t help but pick a fight with Qin Yufei again.
If she is a princess, then he is still a prince, how can he be at her mercy.
Although there is some impoliteness to Yin Ting, let Mi Xi watch the fight scene is not what he wants, but he just can not help it, he did not perform well, and the fight with Qin Yufei not only scared away Yin Ting, but also make Mi Xi very worried.

That day, it was Qin Yufei who made a fool of herself.
Her period arrived suddenly, and she was caught off guard, and she was in so much pain that she turned pale, but she didn’t forget to ask him to help take Mi Xi home, she wanted to drive herself back.
Of course he wouldn’t leave her behind, although he really didn’t have a good impression of her, but it’s not a gentleman to leave a sick lady behind.
He sent her and Mi Xi home separately.

After all that, he had a new appreciation for Qin Yufei.
She was very loyal to her friends, and although she was arrogant and domineering, she stood up for Yin Ting and took good care of Mi Xi.
This kind of boldness and thoughtfulness is really rare in a rich young lady.
Later she want to go to the United States, wanting to reminiscence the past, and Mi Xi want to go to United States to look for Chen Ying,so she took Mi Xi with her.
 He followed then.
As a result, the two of them ended up being abandon by Mi Xi and Chen Ying in the United States.

In the United States ……

    Gu Yingjie pulled his thoughts back, seeing Yin Shi would actually make him think of Qin Yufei, which was so evil.
Okay, not only Yin Shi, there are several people present who make him think of Qin Yu Fei.
For example, Ah Lun, the young man who was rejected by Qin Yufei, and Zhao Honghui, the young man who went around bragging about Qin Yufei and thought he owned countless fortunes on the left and right of Ming Rui and Yong Kai.

    It’s a shame that these two didn’t fight.
Gu Yingjie thought very maliciously, if they do not fight, he felt that this night would be really boring.
If he had known, he would not have come.

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