”Where am I? So i died again ”




As my eyes shot open i saw an familiar ceiling which i see every morning as i woke up, Its my home. Its like things going wrong again and again.

”Well how many times does it counts to be now? ”

I exhaled my breath in frustration sitting up on my bed, getting my thoughts straight. Well if I am not wrong this is the 7th time that I have died and brought back to the starting checkpoint. When I say check point it feels like I am talking about game. But yes! surprisingly I am right now inside a game that I use to play while I was on earth. Well the name of the game was ”Dawn of adventure ”,

An action and fantasy game, like any classic Japanese manga where you are a hero who gets summoned to the world to fight against the rising Demon Lord who will bring demise to the world if left alone. Well even thought it may sound a bit cliché, but the thing which made this game different from any other manga was its characters and world building. Each and every characters had its own back story linked to main line story itself. But the thing which made it famous among the young youths was its fan services and beautiful female leads or wifus.

And for god knows what reason was I transmigrated to this game, not as the hero, neither his friend and not even any character who gets a bit of dialogue in the game. I was a mob character who is not even in the track of the story. I am in a village named Anoha north-east of Greza Empire. My name is Roye, its the name which I see on the status window. My real name was Raj when i was on earth.

”Well my body is same as ever when i start here, each time . ”

I Stood in front of the only mirror in my house. Gazing at my own self reflection in the mirror reminiscing my last try to clear this game but.

”Again need to start from the get go ”(from start)

Its already happend so many time that i stopped to feel anything from this redo, from this world or from death. No fear, no agitation, nothing. And well that also helps in getting over all this shit.

I pulled a chair in front of the mirror sat on the chair with a notebook and a feather pen in hand. It became like a routine from the time i was first transmigrated to the game. At first i was pretty excited writing down the details of the game i remembered from my past life. When i came to realization that this was the game world, i thought that with the knowledge of my past self of the game i will be able to live a protagonist like gigolo and over powered character life. But the reality came crashing down on me as a fact. Cause as a villager my stats were not that high. Well i was stronger than the normal villager, but not to the the extent to be recognized by anybody other than my own village. I was depressed at first, as even though i knew where the items and game events will take place i didn had the resources or ability to go there as any other protagonist do.

But things took a turn for better when i met Nina, Anoha village chiefs daughter at the village festival. Even though she was not the main heroine or any where as beautiful as them. But i loved her and threw away all my thoughts about the game and was thinking of settling in life with her.

On the day of my wedding I was happy to be able to get married to the one i loved. As in my last life i died as a teenager. Everything was going fine, i forgot even the thoughts of those big ambitions. Cause now i just wanted one thing, making the person i love the most happy. But then a news came crashing on us that the hero was killed in its first expedition. It was a emperors message about the hero and the war which will take place. Being in the north of the empire were we shared border with the demon territory we were far too close to the war zone. And then it started.

The rampage of the demons, causing catastrophe, destroying anything in their way. Anoha being a village in the north was not too far from the border. So they reached there on the same day we got the emperors message. As we were in process of leaving the village, we were caught off-guard. But even if we were ready for their invasion, what a mere hundred villagers could have done against hundreds of thousands of demons.

We all were slaughtered without the chance of even putting up a fight. I resisted to protect Nina killing tens of demons and monsters. But Nina got caught by them so I had to surrender. The Orge was laughing while he has ordering his subordinates to defile Nina in front of me. I was in total despair, begging him to leave her. But Nina gave me a simple smile before drinking the poison which village chief gave to all the women in the village, for just in case measure.

Watching this Orge lost its interest and left, I tried to move closer to the life less body before i got a blow in the stomach by one of the goblin. They broke my right arm and left leg as if toying with me. I was dragging my self to get near Nina but when i got closer, two goblins caught my head and suppressed me then and there. Another goblin got on top of Ninas lifeless body and started to defile her tearing off her cloths, i shouted on top of my lungs but to no value. Tears were streaming out but all i could see was the goblin laughing while enjoying it as a playful show.

I could not bear to watch this, i was helpless, who should i blame, the gods or the hero. I bit my tongue and committed suicide as i could not bear to watch more. In my blurring last vision all i could see was the face of the laughing goblin who was defiling Nina and the sounds of other villagers being slaughtered.

Then when i woke up i realized that i was in my home which was flattened in the demon invasion. As i couldn believe on what was happening i ran to the village chiefs house, to check on my most precious piece of heart, Nina. When i reached his door i was out of breadth and my heart was pumping hard. I controlled my desperate heart to shoutout her name and knocked at the door then when the door was open wide, there she was standing combing her hair with her questionable eyes asking who was I. But seeing her alive i fell on my knees and started to cry without any restrains. And at the end lost consciousness. Even though its shameful for a man to cry in front of the girl he likes, but who could blame me as after what i saw it was good enough that i was sane.

When i woke up after this the first thing i noticed was that i was in village chiefs guest room. Nina was dozing off beside me, i don know why she was here but i was happy. Watching her peaceful sleeping face i resolved myself to protect her this time at any cost. But after some time when i came to my senses, the thing i did today came to me like a flash back. My face was burning red in embracement, even though i was relived and happy, but crying until i lost consciousness was something i too was surprised about.

At that very moment Nina woke up, her large blue eyes were staring at me. My face was still burning red in embracement. ”Are you uncomfortable with something ” ”Your face is burning are you having fever? ” i was silently watching her action as her face was close to mine. My resolve got stronger.

————————————-1st Transmigration—————————————————

Name- Roye

Level- 1

Job- Farmer, ******

HP- 30/30

MP- 10/10

Strength- 8

Magic- 11

Intelligence- 13

Stamina- 18

Defense- 16

Skills- Cooking lv.1 Strengthening lv.1

Exp- 120/250

——————————————-2nd transmigration——————————————–

Name- Roye

Level- 7

Job- Farmer, ******

HP- 110/110

MP- 44/44

Strength- 28

Magic- 19

Intelligence- 38

Stamina- 31

Defense- 37

Skills- Cooking lv.5 Strengthening lv.2

Exp- 320/1250


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