”Take it easy please. ”

”Lets go Ambrose okay? ” He laughed.

They were about to get into the car when someone with short blonde hair dressed in a catholic school uniform jumped over the hood of his car. They both looked at each other for a moment to hear a beast growling from behind them. The monster charged toward them but was thrown backward as Landon clutched tightly to Ambroses hand shifting into a sword.

”Ambrosia! ” Landon shouted.

He swung the weapons power out in a purple wave of energy spewing outwards toward the beast who chased after the other guy.

”Don he is still human! ” The man cried.

Landon ran toward the monster swinging his blade. The beast roared as blood spurted from its head. The man screamed as the beast turned and lunged toward him. The man ran to help but the beast repelled by magic from his crossbow knocked him backward onto his back as his cross pendant wasn working properly.

The reaper and the demon clashed swords repeatedly. The demon was strong but Ambrose as his weapon was quicker and stronger. Every swing the demon was forced to block caused his face to turn blue.

The beasts skin broke under the force. The creature howled in agony as Landon thrust the blade deep into it. It thrashed in agony as Landon pulled the sword out. Its blood poured out in huge gouts hitting Landons face and clothing. It fell onto the ground twitching and moaning.

”I said **ing don ! ” The man yelled.

The beast transformed back into a human form before their eyes. The blonde man bent down hearing the agony whose skin and features were finally revealed. The young man was still in pain, his face twisted with agony as he curled up. His body was covered in blood, bruises, and cuts. He tried to sit up and collapsed dying of his wounds. Turning back to a human shape was difficult as he faded.

”I didn …want to end this way… ” The person whispered.

”I know, I am so….sorry you didn deserve this curse… ” He mumbled. ”Please forgive me. ”

”A werewolf? ” A real werewolf? ” Landon asked.

”He is dead now…I see with your handwork you are something too. ” The man noted.

”I guess you could say that, ” Landon replied.

Ambrose returned to her bodily state of being. She looked at the man tilting her head to the side.

e one of the exorcists? ” She asked.

”I am in training. ” He snickered. ”My name is Davin. ”

”I am Landon and this is Ambrose. ” Landon smiled.

”Whelp I gotta go! ”

The machinery on the garage door started to open getting stuck halfway. A television static sound could be heard. Ambrose turned back to look at Landon as she began to shift back. He watched as she transformed fully. Her wings spread open in a majestic display. They were beautiful and elegant. With his eyes locked on hers, her face split open like a smile stretching across her face.

Abrosa! ” Landon shouted.

Davin plummeted to the ground scooting under. He lifted the skirt up the rest of the way as the the garage door opened letting Landon in who looked at him dumbfounded.

”So you are something so what is it? ” Davin smiled.

”Wait what?! ”

Ambrose kicked out of Landons hands to shoot blades out of her arms. Gawking up at Davin in anger. Her face became more demonic looking. She bared her sharpened teeth and roared.

”Chill sister I mean you no harm, but I rigged this. ” Davin chuckled.

Pointing to the ground the werewolfs body was in ashes. Davin fell to the floor in gales of laughter kicking his feet in the air as he continued to laugh at Landon. The sword stood staring blankly for a few seconds before snapping out of her reverie. She shook her head and glared at Landon.

”Did you seriously think I would fall for that? Ha Ha Ha! ” Ambrose cackled.

Anger boiled in Landons chest. His whole body was shaking. The priest stepped forward and shoved him. He fell backwards slamming against the cement wall.

”You idiot. Youve been doing everything wrong and you think I will give you some kind of mercy because you
e oh what is that? Reaper? ” He sneered.

”So you did know?! ” Landon yelled.

”Yes and I wanna know if you are truly a threat! ” Davin replied.

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