Ascendance of the Reaper King’s Son

The Truth of your Existence

”Landon! Hey, what are you doing this afternoon? ”

His best friend shouted happily through the lonesome rainy streets. It was six p.m., on a Sunday night. He hadn gotten much sleep last night, and that didn help his mood at all. His head was throbbing, and he just wanted to go home, but his friend was there, insisting he come with him.

”Nowhere just home, why? ” Landon answered.

”I was think wanna go to a haunted house? ”

”Hmm…does this town even have such a thing? ” He replied.

”Well if you come with me! ”

”Ugh! Fine! ” Landon shouted.

He could feel his phone buzzing in his pocket where he had put it earlier in the day, but Landon couldn bring himself to pull out his phone. Instead, he walked alongside his best friend down the street , not really caring if they were going somewhere or not.

Landon felt awful. His head ached like hell, his chest felt tight, his legs hurt like **, and the only thing he needed right now was some peace.

”So you wouldn believe this place! ” His friend explained.

”Cut it out Knox! ” Landon argued.

”Oooh! Are you scared? ” Knox argued.

”No…you are being a kid! ”

”Pfftt whatever! ”

The rain came down harder and heavier as he and his friend continued down the sidewalk, and he wished that it would stop already. The only thing that he wanted right now is to be alone so that he could lie down and close his eyes for a bit…maybe get some rest. He was tired, very very tired…and all he wanted to do was sleep. But his mind wouldn allow him to relax enough, no matter how hard he tried.

”Here it is! ” Knox shouted.

They both stopped in front of a house covered in vines and flowers. It looked old, like a building that had been there for decades. And yet, something about it seemed…familiar? He couldn quite place his finger on it, though. Maybe the house itself gave off an ancient vibe….or maybe there was just a sense of familiarity about the building itself that he couldn shake.

It wasn until his friend began ringing the doorbell did Landon snap out of his thoughts. The door swung open. A woman stood on the other side, looking shocked to see them standing there. Her blonde hair was up, she wore jeans and a shirt.

”Who are you? ” Landon asked.

”Who are you talking to? I see no one. ” Knox responded.

She faded out of Landons view to find a large photo framed on the wall of the same person. He turned his head to look at Knox, who was leaning against the doorway waiting for him to respond again, and he saw the resemblance immediately.

The place had been ransacked and destroyed having to tip toe over broken furniture and smashed glass.

”I don even think ghosts could live here. ” Landon said with a slight chuckle. He turned back around, seeing Knox still leaning against the door frame, arms crossed over his chest.

”You have got to be kidding me. There was nothing here when I visited last time. ” Knox scoffed, turning away from the door.

Landon shook his head lightly confused the longer they explored the abandoned house.

”What did you say? ” He asked.

”Are you okay, Knox? ” Landon took another step towards his friend.

”Of course, we can leave, dumbass. Lets go. ” Knox replied walking past his best friend, and up the the stairs.

With a sigh, Landon followed his best friend into the dark room. As the darkness surrounded them, he felt his heart race faster than ever. He reached for Knoxs hand as the other boy moved ahead in the blackness.

Landon felt a chill run up his spine as the darkness seemed to grow thicker around him. He stumbled forward and bumped into his best friends shoulder. The two boys stood in silence before the other finally spoke.

”Why are you being weird? ” Knox whispered.

Landon felt something tugging him further into the room. A small light on the table glimmered before fading back into darkness, leaving him standing in the middle of the room. As the darkness grew, Landon realized that he was being pushed further into the unknown.

Feeling around his hand he could feel a faded leather-bound book. As he pulled it free, a sudden feeling of fear washed over him.

”Hey! What are you doing?! ” Knox cried.

Turning around Landon could feel someone behind him, somethings hands gripping onto his shoulders. Landon froze before slowly turning around. Knoxs face came into view; his features frozen and twisted hearing Knox screaming to notice his arm now a stump dripping with blood before collasping.

His arm on the ground below him. The stump was growing out, its skin and muscles now gone bubbling crimson liquid reacting to the man in the room.

Landon let out a scream, pushing himself away from his friends. The world spun around him, and suddenly everything went quiet. Everything else seemed blurry. All he could hear was his heartbeat pounding in his ears.

A soft voice spoke to him, and Landon tried to turn to where the voice was coming from. A figure came into his view, and Landon was able to make out the words ”Don be afraid…I won hurt you. ” But he couldn move.

”That book was meant for you… ” The figure spoke once again.

Landon felt the weight of whatever it was that held him in place lift.

”It belongs to you now. ”

Slowly he opened his eyes; and found himself staring straight into his own reflection in a small bedroom mirror. The image was distorted, almost like a movie screen.

”Come along, child. We must go. ”

”B-But Knox!? ” Landon cried pathetically.

Knoxs laid unconscious on the ground in a puddle of blood. His body was limp and nearly lifeless, barely moving anymore.

”We must return to our home. ”

”What the ** is wrong with you?! ” Landon yelled.

Landons stomach dropped as he watched his friends form. He couldn understand why Knox was attacked.

”Come with me now. It isn safe here… ” The same voice from before spoke quietly behind him.

”My friend…he needs my help… ” Landon pleaded

”Do you not recognize me, child? ” It repeated, now a little louder.

The man very tall and pale dressed in grey rags holding a slender scythe between his fingers . With each word that passed his lips, Landon felt more terrified.

The man stepped closer to the sink as he wiped away some water droplets from it with his white gloves. He tilted his head to the left and smiled brightly.

”I am Dearil. ”

Landon s body tensed as soon as he heard those dreaded three words. This man had to be the worst nightmare ever. He was a ghost, but not just any ghost, this man had done horrible things to many people he thought. And he was after him.

”Leave my friends alone! ” Landon screamed, jumping to his feet.

The book reacted to his words banging against the desk and flinging open. This caused Landon to gawk back at the pages glowing brightly. Then, he felt a surge of energy come through him as he dashed toward it to accept a weapon being freed from its pages.

”Oh, dear. ” Dearil spoke softly from beside him. ”Now wheres the fun in that? ” He chuckled lightly before taking a step towards Landon.

As he advanced, Landons body began to tremble. He felt his eyes beginning to water as panic set in. Dearil seemed to be moving slower now, much slower. Slowly he approached Landon swiping his blade upwards from his abdomen. When he struck he made a sound akin to ripping fabric as he made contact with his flesh.

Landon let out a choked sob as Dearil retracted his blade, and fell backwards onto his knees. Dearil laughed as the knife clattered to the ground. ”You will not leave alive today. You are too weak. I can smell your weakness…it wafted off of you the moment you arrived. You will become my slave. No one will be able to stand in my way. I have been waiting far too long for you, boy. You shall never leave these halls alive. ”

The boys body trembled, he didn know what to do anymore. He knew he had to fight, that if he didn , then everything would be lost for good. But he also knew that he didn have any idea what to do either. The man raised his scythe, preparing to bring it down upon him once more. Before he could do anything however, the lights flickered and went out completely. Landons eyes widened in shock.

”No! Don let him! ” A voice chimed.

Darling looked around in confusion. ”Whos there!? Show yourself. ” The light of his torch flickered back on.

The entire space became shrouded in darkness as the night ran on. For just a second, Landon couldve sworn that someone was laughing. That persons laughter sounded familiar, almost like a whisper, but he couldn be sure.

Landon looked around frantically, hoping to find whoever was making the noise. But, he couldn see a thing. Suddenly the weapon flew out of his hands, landing somewhere in the darkness.

”That is enough fun and games! ” A voice called out.

”Awww…I was just starting to have fun! ” Dearil explained.

”You nearly killed him! ”

In front of Landon a girl dressed in white could be seen. She was beautiful, so beautiful. Her long, golden locks flowing with each movement, her piercing blue eyes stared right into Landons.

”But its only because we compelled your friend… ”

She walked closer to him, her shoes clicking softly against the wooden floors. Landon felt his breathing quicken.

His whole body started trembling at her proximity as she stepped closer and closer. Landon backed up a few steps trying to get as far away from her as possible. She stopped when the floorboards creaked under her shoes.

Her gaze softened before it hardened again. Her mouth curled into an evil smile.

e pathetic! ” She spat.

Without hesitation, she charged forward swinging her large metal stick she found on the ground thrusting it towards him. Landon gasped as he saw the bright flash of metal flying towards him. But, before it got close enough to touch his cheek, he managed to block it with his hand.

The impact sent waves of pain throughout his body. Landon winced slightly as the pain began to subside quickly. He shook his head and looked back towards the girl charging toward him once again. Landon took deep breaths trying to calm his beating heart. He looked down at his injured hand and frowned.

How was he supposed to beat her like this? Suddenly, a black mass formed from the shadows. The dark shapes morphed into a figure with blackened horns and wings that appeared above his head, hovering in the air. The figure grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her to the side, sending her sprawling to the floor.

The creature turned back around, facing Landon. Its yellow eyes stared directly into Landons hazel ones as its tongue darted across its sharp teeth. Landon backed up even more, trying desperately to find a way out of this trap.

Before he had a chance though, something shot past him , slicing right through the monster. The monster let out a loud cry of anguish as it disintegrated into nothing. Landon looked over his shoulder and saw a cloaked man standing there with a sword in hand.

”The Reapers Kings son has been awakened! Hehehe! ” The voice shrieked.

He didn dare turn back around again as he heard footsteps approach behind him. He waited until the strangers steps were right next to him before he swung his arm out, hitting him in the face with a blunt object. He fell back onto his back; but stood back up seconds later.

Stumbling backward, clutching his cheek. Suddenly his attention was ripped away from Landon by a new foe rushing at him. Landon gasped, watching in horror as another silhouette suddenly sprung forth from the darkness, aiming their sword at the man.

The two figures clashed together in combat, sparks erupting as they swung their weapons wildly. Landon backed away further and further until his back met with a solid wall. The man continued fighting with all his might. His strength wasn something that Landon could compare to, even when compared to that of a ghoul. But, the stranger was definitely strong.

”I must capture the Reaper Kings son! I must! I must! I must! ” He shouted.

He blocked every blow with ease, not leaving a scratch or a scratch mark on his opponent. His strength was unmatched. The enemy seemed to grow frustrated by the lack of progress he was gaining, as they tried attacking him twice.

”Oh! Oh! Oh! His weapon has taken form! ” the cloaked man gushed.

A beam of light from his battle axe thrust Landon down as Dearil slammed his scythe against it with a mighty roar, shattering it with ease. He picked up his weapon, turning his body around so he faced Landon.

”Gravity rush! ” The man cried, ”This may be hard for you… ”

He stated. ”but I will not allow you escape. ”

”No! Landon! ” Dearil shouted.

As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed at Landon. Landon struggled to move, unable to stop the attack coming towards him. He lifted his arms up over his face and waited for the attack that was surely to come. But, it never did.

All of a sudden, his vision went fuzzy. The next thing he knew he found himself lying on the ground, now trapped in a dark room. Everything hurt. From head to toe. His entire body ached.

”Don move! Stay exactly where you are. ” A soft yet commanding voice ordered from above him.

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