Ascendance of the Reaper King’s Son

Knox\'s Shadow/The Dijinn Ring

He nodded, his eyes widening as he prepared the blade. Landon held his hand steady, waiting for him. Knox felt a small squeeze as Landons blade smiled reassuringly at him. It was then he knew that this might be his last fight and first fight.

All the women charged in swinging their blades at Knox and Dearil. Dearil and Knox ran forward as their swords were pushed back. Both of them swung their swords up, pushing against the woman with the short hair.

Knox looked up and watched as Dearil used the momentum from his swing to kick off the womans feet, causing her to fall flat on her face. Dearil jumped over her as she fell to the floor. She tried to get up but she couldn seem to move fast enough. Dearil grabbed her by the arm and dragged her along with him.

”Knox don let your guard down! ” Dearil shouted.

One after another they charged at Knox and Dearil who could only push the dancers off of them. Their swords clashed against each other, creating sparks as their weapons connected. Knox kept trying to push the dance girls back but every time they got close again their blades were forced apart.

Knox and Dearil continued fighting back and forth between the three women until finally, one of the dancers managed to catch Knox alone. He turned around just in time to block an incoming blade as he stumbled backward.

Before he had a chance to recover, the dancer kicked him off his feet with enough force to send him flying back. He landed hard on his side before rolling into a sitting position. The dancer quickly raised her sword above her head and brought it down on his head and shoulders.

Knox let out a groan as his body hit the ground. His vision blurred as he lay there watching as Dearil fought back to back with one of the other dancers. As if on command, one of the girls grabbed Knoxs sword and began swinging it back at Knox.

”Wait! Why is it suddenly so heavy! ” The Dancer cried out.

”Stop this right now! ” A voice shouted. All heads snapped toward the sound of the voice in surprise and fear. The voice belonged to one of the other guards.

He was running over to them, his sword drawn, and pointed straight at Knox. The dancer stood in front of Knox protectively as she held her sword defensively at his neck.

”Its okay. Its all good, we won, ” She stated firmly.

”Take them to the throne room. ” Henna smirked. ”Make sure they get their punishment. The Reapers Son is finally ready… ”

Two more Dancers walked over and picked Knox and Dearil up by their arms, dragging them towards the exit of the ballroom. Knox looked up at the guard as he walked past them and saw the anger and frustration swirling through his green eyes.

Being dragged through the halls wasn much better than being tossed like ragdolls but at least this time he wasn falling down on his head like the last time. Still, it wasn pleasant. At all as they made it their way to the throne room where they would hopefully receive some kind of sentence for their crimes.

Knox glanced up at the two guards holding onto them, one on each side as they pulled them along. Making it to the large double doors of the palace, both men threw open the massive doors and led Knox, landons sword and Dearil inside the grand throne room.

”Landon! Are you okay? ” Knox Shouted.

Landon stood tilted sideways as he looked at the floor. When he heard their call to him he lifted his head and blinked confusedly at their surroundings. Slowly he turned around, taking in the vast throne room filled with rows upon rows of chairs. A giant golden statue of the queen sat in front of a huge red curtain.

”Wait…something is wrong with him… ” Dearil whispered.

”What do you mean?! ” Knox asked.

Landons sword was quiet with a worried look on her face. Landon raised his hand out toward Knox, who noticed the red stain dripping down his shirt as hobbled lurching forward.

”No! Master! ” The Sword shouted.

You could see the misery in is tortured eyes as he staggered over to Knox, stumbling and tripping. His movements were slow, almost uncoordinated. When he finally reached Knox his hand reached up letting out a pathetic moan.

”Knox… ” Landon said softly.

Knox took Landons hand, lifting it up gently and looking into his eyes. Landon was covered in blood. His whole left side was stained a dark shade of red. His skin was pale as paper and his lips were chapped.

A shrieking laughter could be heard behind them . It sent shivers down their backs as they slowly turned around. Standing beside the Queen with her hands clasped together. Her long golden blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and over her shoulders as she looked at them.

”Dearest Landon kill them won you? ” She laughed.

She raised her chin in pride as she owned the entire place and everyone within it as she looked down at him with a smug smile plastered on her face. Landon pulled the sword from his golden hilt and gripped it tightly in his hands.

”Start with that pathetic friend of yours. ”

Knox didn dare speak as he watched Dearil walk over to Landon. Preparing to fight him he took took hold of Landons sword manipulating it in his grip.

Their swords clanked together making a loud noise as Landon thrust it up towards him. The sound echoed throughout the room as Landon thrust it forward at the same time that Knox parried.

Knox blocked the thrust and thrust forward again and again as he struggled to block Landons attacks. With one final thrust, Knox pushed him away sending him sprawling against one of the walls. Knox moved closer to him and held out his hand. ”I will help you Landon, ” Knox stated firmly as he helped him up to his feet.

As Landon swayed, he placed his hand on Knoxs shoulder and leaned heavily against him. Landon became enraged kicking him in the stomach once he recovered. Knox flew backwards slamming into the wall. He slid down to the floor gasping for air. Landon grabbed Knoxs sword and pointed it at his chest.

e next, ” Landon whispered before turning his attention to Dearil.

The sword vibrated in his hands. Crying his name as his blade wept to try to convince him who he was deep inside.

”Landon! I am yours please name me and I am yours! ” She wailed.

Knox stood there frozen watching the confusion on his face. His mother watched in horror realizing the sword was his fathers. The echoes of laughter roared in her ears. The sound of her husband laughing at the idea of leaving their child was haunting.

His image sillouetted in her mind, standing proudly, holding the blade up happily. The sight of his smiling face and happy expression made her feel sick to the stomach.

Her own laughter echoed throughout the castle, the echo echoing louder with every moment it continued.

”Kill them all! ” She screamed.

Her voice bounced around inside her skull, repeating over and over again. Every sound made her feel worse, hearing her voice and seeing her face caused tears to roll down her cheeks.

”I will not allow him to rule my life! ” She shouted.

”Mom…if you are truly my mother please stop! ” Landon cried.

He huffed out unable to hold tightly enough. The sword shook in his finger tips the more he struggled to hold on to it. The light glinted off the metal, sending a brilliant shimmer through the room.

”You will end up like your father a nobody! ”

”Much better than slime like you! You left him when he needed you most! ” Dearil yelled.

”Do not tell me how I should feel! ”

”He waited for you…he gave up reaping and one day you were gone and had left Landon! ” Dearil explained.

Landon pointed his sword at his mother, struggling to keep his grip on it.

”Then I will finally name you! ” Landon announced.

”Please free me! ”

”Ambrose! Be free! ” He shouted.

His sword transformed, growing brighter. The bright shine grew stronger as the color turned from silver to gold. The blade grew longer and lighter in length as Ambroses arm extended into a staff which he raised above his head.

”No! Stop! Please stop! ” His mother begged.

”I just realize that this all isn real! ” Landon shouted.

A flash of blinding white blinded them. Everything disappeared as a loud bang erupted through the palace. The sound made them fall backward, landing roughly on the cold stone floor, dazed and disoriented. Knox felt himself being shaken.

Landon could feel the world on his shoulders as knowledge of the afterlife flooded his mind after healing his mothers spirit. He was a priest, a warrior, and now hes a god of death with no idea what to do. He had always known there was more to this than just an afterlife but he never expected it to be this big; that his role in this world is so great.

He opened his eyes to see his own worried face staring back down at him. Everything faded around them as Landon held his staff out at his mother. They all ended up back in the haunted house. Everyone stood up, still slightly dazed, trying to regain their composure. Landon walked over to Knox.

Knox looked up at him in shock. He never thought that he was going to meet a man who was willing to sacrifice his soul. He couldn have imagined a more different scenario than what he had seen today. He couldn begin to imagine what that mustve been like.

”Are you okay!? ” Landon exclaimed with concern.

”Yeah… ”

”Are you sure? ” He asked.

”What just happened? ” Knox questioned.

”My mother was a ghost and was reaching out to me by baiting me with my book… ”

Landon held tight to Ambroses hand. She gawked up at him shyly returning her glance to Dearil afterward.

”Oh yeah! You spoke about a reward! ” Knox said excitedly.

”Right about that… ”

Strolling over to Knox she placed her hand on his forehead. Her eyes widen as a soft chuckle escaped her lips. Knox looked up at her confused, waiting for her to explain what was happening and why she sounded so amused.

”You must forget this all happened… ” She giggled, running her hand down Knoxs cheek.

Ambrose began to erase his memory of the day. Not wanting him to remember the horrors that had occurred here. His eyes began to close and the world began to fade away as they closed.

”But…why does he have to forget? ” Landon argued.

”Silence! ” He must never know! ” Ambrose shouted.

”I see… ”

”Master Landon, you know what you must do now. ” Dearil.

”Time to leave… ”

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