ter a few rings, the voice on the other end answered.

”Hello Mr. Hatter, we just have a little problem. ”

Knox listened silently, taking mental notes along the way.

”There was an accident tonight. Someone tried to rob us, and got away before we could catch him. We need to find him. ” Jack explained.

The silence was deafening for Knox who began drumming his fingers against the table and fidgeting restlessly.

”Alright, ” Jack said, ”Just bring me the address. ” With that, he ended the call. ”Lets get ready to go Knox. ”


”I should give you a piece of my mind! And Knox too! ” A voice shouted.

Landon stood there awkwardly as his female friend shouted. She was currently glaring at him, hands on her hips and an angry expression on her face.

”Look…I am gonna be leaving, but not yet…there is something wrong with Knox. ” Landon noted.

”What happened to Knox? She asked.

”I dunno he beat a kid up and left school, ” Landon noted.

”Keep me updated about Knox okay? ”

”I am really sorry about this Sae. ”

”It happens one kid always has a rebellious side and can bring themselves to admit when they are wrong, ” Sae explained.

”I guess so… ” Landon shrugged.

He turned around and walked to his car. He had to head home to check in on his family and then get some rest before school.

”Bye Sae, I really gotta go! ” Landon shouted.

”Bye! Take care! ” Sae waved.

Sae sat on the bench resting her eyes under the soft glow of the streetlamps light shining down onto them. The sky was darkening with a few stars showing up through the cloud cover. Her hair flowed down the way it usually did. She closed her eyes allowing herself to relax. It was nice sitting here watching the world go by.

A familiar blue-haired man stepped out of the shadows behind Sae. He leaned against the wall beside Sae and crossed his arms.

He noticed her breathing slow down and heard her heart beat more steadily. He smiled slightly to himself thinking to himself how beautiful she was when she was relaxed like that.

The man walked over to Sae smiling. She moved over to allow him to sit down. He settled into the empty space next to her, but she stayed silent next to the stranger. Her body was tense, as if ready for a fight.

The stranger shifted slightly looking at Sae. She still didn look at him. ”Are you okay? ” He whispered.

Sae nodded slightly, still not looking at him. She took a deep breath trying to relax her muscles from their tensed position. ”I should go now! ” Sae mumbled.

”Not until you answer me, ” The stranger said sternly.

Sae glanced at him briefly then looked away again. ”I don even know you! ” She shouted. ”And I would like to be left alone! ”

”Why are you upset? ” He inquired.

”I just think that you should go back to whatever you were doing, ” Sae growled crossing her arms.

The man sighed lightly and pulled out his phone. He opened it up flipping the pages until he found a specific page.

”I know your friend… ” He pointed.

Sae stared at him blankly waiting for him to continue speaking.

”Knox is your best friend, right? ”

Sae gave him a half smile. ”Yes. He is… ”

”Will come with me to check on him? ” He asked.

”Did something happen to Knox? ” Sae questioned curiously.

”Well, he was hurt real bad and had to be wheeled out and sent us to find you. since he is regrettin his way, Maam, ”

”Understood, I will come with you right now! ” She shouted.

Sae jumped off the bench and began walking toward the boy who followed behind her. A black van slowly pulled as soon as the man waved.

The sliding door pulled open and the men jumped out grabbing the womans wrists pulling her back towards them. Sae yelped in surprise but didn try fighting her captors. She glared at the boys but didn say anything. Her jaw clenched in annoyance while her eyes narrowed.

The two men led her away and she glared at the backs of their heads. They clutched her hands back taking duct tape from another man with them.

They taped her mouth shut and wrapped a cloth around her face. They dragged her into the van and placed a bag over her head. One of them climbed into the driver seat and the other got into the passenger seat.

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