Ascendance of the Reaper King’s Son

Knox\'s Shadow/The Dijinn Ring

ling along the floor.

”We will own your whole being, Knox… ” They hissed.

Knox woke up covered in sweat as if he had spent hours screaming. He threw the covers off of him and jumped out of bed. He ran to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face. He looked at himself in the mirror.

”What is wrong with me… ”

His normally pale skin was flushed and his eyes seemed sunken. It felt like his body had become an actual demon, possessed by dark shadows. There was nothing human about those blackened features staring back at him.

But he couldn deny the fact that he enjoyed his newfound power. He was becoming more powerful than ever before.

Knox couldn help but smile at his reflection showing off his sharp shark like teeth.

”Its not a problem. Ill overcome it. ” He assured.

Knox left the bathroom heading for his closet. Taking off his pajama shirt he pulled on a gray t shirt that fit him nicely. He brushed his fingers through his short brown locks trying to keep them presentable for the morning. Once he deemed them passable, he left his bedroom and headed downstairs.

”Good morning. ” Knox greeted his sister as he stepped into the kitchen and took a seat in front of her.

”But its night? ” She replied.

”The moon is the might night sun after all right? ” He smirked.

”I mean if you see it that way… ”


Landon stood in the living room studying the book he got from the haunted house. He found lists on possessions. He started to read the book out loud to himself.

”1:Cannot Control Themselves; A person who is under the control of a demon cannot control themselves. The evil spirit is able to speak through their lips or can make them mute as it so desires. Scripture gives examples of demon-possessed people who were mute. ”

Ambrose came into the room staring at Landon. Landon raised his head turning the page of the book. Ambrose smiled brightly placing his hands behind his back.

”Hey there Ambrose. Did you have fun at the park? ” He asked.

She only nodded in response. Landon chuckled as Ambroses bright green eyes glowed. ”Thats good! Now why don you show me what you got? ”

Ambrose held up a small box. Landon took it from him and opened it. Inside was a small silver ring with a single red gemstone embedded in the middle.

Dearil came short of breath smiling at Landon who was bent down talking to Ambrose.

”There was ironically a cursed jewelry salesman there. ” She explained.

Landon placed the ring onto one of his finger then placed his hand on Ambroses cheek. Ambroses cheeks were still glowing as he closed his eyes waiting for the man.

But suddenly he began screaming. ”Oh my God! ” Landon exclaimed dropping the ring. ”My hand! ” He exclaimed jumping up from the floor.

”Landon! ” Ambrose and Dearil screamed.

Landon held his burning hand in pain. He was completely blind. Inside his mind he saw nothing, but a pair eyes staring back at him , the same yellowish color. The eye sockets were empty and hollow revealing nothing.

They reminded him of a pair of yellow orbs floating above him in darkness. He could hear the voice, whispering in his ears. Landon stumbled backwards tripping over the coffee table. He fell to the floor landing on his backside.

He felt something digging deep inside of his palm. Something foreign was growing inside of him. It was like his soul was being ripped apart. He screamed trying to move his hand away.

His hand moved upward but the sensation grew stronger as he tried again to pull it free.

Suddenly everything stopped and Landon found himself lying on the ground looking up at the ceiling. In front of his vision stood a glaring demoness in a blue outfit with long black hair falling down its back. The demoness held out her hand and Landon was suddenly thrown into a different room.

The room appeared to be some kind of study, it was dark with no windows and books lining the shelves. An old wooden desk sat facing the wall in front of him. He stood up getting up slowly and walked to the front of the desk. A chair sat in the center of the room with his laptop open resting on it. On top of it was a large stack of paper and a pen sitting next to a folder titled:

The Journal of Alisa and Henry

Landon picked up the folder, flipping through it noticing that there were many photos within it. He scanned each photo quickly trying to identify whoever the woman standing in front of him was.

”Was this you before? ” He questioned.

The demoness didn care to answer him.He saw the familiar mop of blonde hair and the large smile as she stood proudly with her brother who wore the same outfit she was wearing. Her arm was wrapped around a young boy who was probably younger then ten years of age.

What do they want from me? Landon wondered. Why am I important enough to be kept hidden? He shook his head thinking of all the possibilities as he put down the folder and grabbed the computer. He sat down in the chair typing in Henry and Alisas names.

His finger hovered above the keyboard until he realized what he was trying to do. His thumb paused hovering over the Enter Password button.

How could he possibly break into Alisas personal account without her knowing? What made it worse was that she knew everything about her own account.

”Landon? Landon?! ” Voices shouted.

He was brought back to reality hearing someone call out his name. His gaze snapped up looking back and forth. Ambrose and Dearil were running towards him with worried looks on their faces.

”Are you alright, Landon? ” Ambrose asked coming over to him and touching his face gently.

Landon swallowed hard trying to get rid of the lump in his throat. He stared back blankly for a few seconds then nodded slowly. ”Yeah, ” he finally managed to say. ”Im okay. ”

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