Aurora’s dawn

Holy empire [Third person POV]

e did not swing that way ”-Orin says jokingly.

”I heard from Aurora that his daughter insulted her the other day ”.

”When was this? ”-Orin displays interest as his voice sounded surprised.

”At the day of the Ana festival. She was completely oblivious of Auroras identity so it was a mistake on Auroras part, she did not proclaim her real identity and kept silent ”.

”Still, she was rude to her!. Im annoyed that Aurora has yet to punish her, She usually does the most despicable things to those who annoy her ”.

”Indeed. I once recall a foolish viscount who touched her inappropriately. In a few days, the viscount and his entire family members became commoners ”.

”Im sure she probably forgot. Shall we do it in her place? ”-Orins mischievousness surfaced, accompanied by a thug like smirk.

”Stop it with that face, you resemble a criminal ”-Lazef scolded.

”If you are planning on cooking up some mischief on an important day like this, then kindly leave me out of it ”.

”Are you scared because of Father? ”-Orin teases.

”No, Im scared because of Mother. She is quite taken with High priest Axel and I don want to ruin that by showing him our bad side ”.

”Wait, Mother likes that Axel bastard?, But hes too young for her and hes definitely not her type. Frankly hes more of Auroras type_ ”-Orin pauses, contemplating whether what he was thinking about was right.

Jeanne wanted the union between Aurora and The high priest Axel, Orin would definitely serve as a difficult obstacle to her plans.

”This brat is quick-witted, I better change the subject before any damage is done ”-Lazef thought, very impressed but fearful.

”Orin, How about giving our greetings to Count Arche and his family? ”-The corners of Lazefs mouth forces upwards out of nervousness.

”So you finally came to your senses huh brother. ”-Orin comments enthusiastically.

”Yes yes ”-Lazef mutters nonchalantly.

”I hope he makes it quick ”-Lazef says to himself in his head as he follows Orin to greet the Count. When they got there, the count, although shocked, quickly payed his respects to the two of them. As did his wife and his three children as well. Count Ache was a nice man which people found unbecoming of a noble. His first son and child, Sean, was the only offspring he had with his late wife and the other two, Rain his second son and child, and Karen, his only daughter and last born were from his current wife, Caroline, a daughter of a wealthy merchant.

Orin and Lazefs target was Karen and her alone. ”Count Arche, might I say you look just like your father, Jacob Arche the first ” Orin started the conversation with politeness.

”Oh such high praise my prince ”-Count Jacob II received Orins compliment with gratitude.

”What a charmer ”-Lazef thought, glancing at Orin.

”Might I inquire from the two princes what business you have with me? ”.

”Nothing Nothing, don be uneasy. We just came over to say hi and most especially to your Lovely daughter ”-Orins voice grew sinister causing Count Arches family to flinch.

”If I do not intervene, Orin might do something drastic, A bothersome trait he inherited from mother ”-Lazef sighs contemplating about his next move. Much to his dismay, He decides to stop Orin from going off his rails.

”Lady Karen, how are you these days?. I rarely see you at any social functions, are you feeling alright? ” Lazef gentleness was wrongly perceived as concern by the gullible Lady Karen.

Lady Karens heart skipped a beat and she finds herself inflatuated with Lazef which was all part Lazefs scheme.

”N-No Your Royal Highness, Im quite alright as you can see. Thank you for asking ”-Lady Karen stutters.

Lazef smiles flirtatiously while trying to ignore Orins disgusted facial expression ”Is that so?, Im glad ”.

Orin was scared of Lazefs strange actions. He wondered if his brother had gone crazy.

”Ive not gone crazy if thats what you are thinking ”-Lazef transmits his thoughts to Orin briefly explaining his reasons and plan to Orin.

”Count Arche, I was hoping to invite your daughter for brunch at my palace tomorrow ”-Lazef said, smiling. Count Arche was so startled, he shouts ”What!!?, My daughter?! ”.

Lady Karens eyes glistened, revealing how overjoyed she was.

”Calm yourself Count ”.

”My apologies Your Royal Highness, Why my daughter? ”-Count Arche regains his composure.

”Husband!, Why ask?! You should accept the crown prince offer! ”-Countess Caroline Arche berates her husband.

”How stupid. Shes playing right into Lazefs hand. The count was right to question my brothers purpose for doing such a thing. The countess probably wants to grab this opportunity to make her daughter crown princess. Hilarious ” Orin snickered.

The count was ambivalent of Lazef and doubtful of Lazef Pure intentions, unfortunately, he could not refute them. He agrees, leaving his daughter excited.

”Ill have a carriage pick you up in the morning lady Karen, I wish to see you soon ”-Lazef and Orin greets the count family goodbye and leaves.

A few moments later….

”Announcing the Crown princess of Kairos Empire, Princess Aurora Sersia Calnaris and her companion of the evening, The young duke, Leonhart Aegis!! ”

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