Aurora’s dawn

Family dinner

Here i was sitting down on trimmed grasses, leaning on a sturdy tree. My big violet eyes were completely fixated on the book i was reading. In this large enchanting garden, i was not alone.

Accompanying me were my personal maid Rava and my personal guard Guerin. Because i, Aurora Sersia Calnaris, was a princess and the daughter of Talalgan Calnaris, The Emperor of the great kingdom of Kairos.

Kairos was a very vast kingdom, flourishing with knowledge and beauty. We were the center of trade and power in the continent and possibly the world. Many sought our strength and desired our knowledge. Thanks to my father, our position in this world was made possible.

I was at the last chapter of my book when one of my fathers servants paid me a visit. He claimed to be delivering a message from my father while examining me with a lustful gaze. I could not blame him. People have always found my looks alluring. My body was what people viewed as very seductive and all the more so since the women of Kairos were known for their sensual and exposing attires.

After sending him away with a cold expression, i returned to my bedchambers. I had to look presentable in front of my father, after all, he was the Emperor. I wore a white long gown, revealing my legs, back and chest. My black wavy hair was carefully groomed and adorned with accessories. A work well done if i might add. I finally left to see my father at the throne hall. When i arrived, I was greeted sweetly by my two older brothers, Lazef and Orin and with hostility by my 3 half sisters, Gianna, Fiona and Saradina. Lazef, Orin and I were born from the same mother were as Gianna, Fiona and Saradina were born from another. My mother was the Empress and Gianna, Fiona and Saradina was the children of my fathers first concubine, Katrina. Unlike my 3 sisters, i was the legitimate daughter of the emperor so it was obvious that they bore such hatred towards me and my siblings. And to add salt to the wound, in terms of appearance i was much more superior than them. I suppose the gratitude goes to my mother. In my opinion, she was the most beautiful woman in Kairos.

Without further ado, we were finally allowed to sit when father arrived, quite majestically. It has not been long since his last kingdom conquest, i wondered why he had so much soldiers standing by in the throne hall.

Without uttering a single word, he took his seat and so did we.

”Bring them in ”-He commanded.

Without delay, Commander Fenrald gave a signal to his men. The next thing i heard was the dangling sound of metal chains across the room. A total of 8 people were held captive with chains cuffed around their neck, hands and legs. Excessive i must say. I did not mind the sight of injured or dead people, especially people being treated as prisoners but that did not mean i condone my fathers actions. It was just a normal thing to see if you were a child of Talalgan Calnaris. Most servants in the castle were mostly war prisoners brought by father. My maid Rava was one of them. At that time i met Rava, i had the mindset of a child so i took pity on her and treated her nicely. We grew very close and overtime became friends. Nevertheless, they were still victims of my fathers cruelty so i was always on my toes whenever i was around them.

”All of you know why you
e here ”. He continues as he stands up… ”Your kingdom, The kingdom of Kamuth was unfortunately brought to ruins because of me and i being a benevolent ruler have granted you mercy.

”Is he mad?. Does he have to rub it in their faces like this. Their kingdom, the only home they ever knew was destroyed by him no less and it was probably done on a whim. And he is just bragging about it shamelessly ”-I thought, displeased.

”My children, i shall give these people as a gift to you ”

”!!!!! ”-My face bore a confused and surprised expression.My brothers expressions remained the same whilst my half sisters looked enthusiastic. Unlike me, they loved taking in slaves and abusing them. We were allowed to choose only one slave. Lazef and Orin picked the physically capable ones while Gianna, Fiona and Saradina picked the frail looking ones. I did not pick any. Their wounds were still fresh and i refuse to deal with any malice pointed at me because of my fathers inhumane actions. After the selection was over, Father ordered them to raise their heads.

Among all 8, only one caught my eye. With lifeless blue eyes and bruises all over his pale skin, he still managed to look extraordinary. And alas, i saw it. What made him different from the others. Hidden inside him was a sacred flame called mana. Only a selected few had this flame. My parents and some of my siblings were one of them, i included. The mans gaze fell on me and caught me glancing back, rather intensively. I saw his eyes come alive for a moment.

The staring was cut short when Father ordered Commander Fenrald to take them out. As they exited the throne hall, his eyes wavered and he looked back at me. I felt tense and conflicted. Should i have taken him in as my servant?. However, I still kept silent. Instinctively i knew, If i had done so, he would have surely and completely eaten me alive

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