Aurora’s dawn

Why bother?

I have seen empires rise and fall by the hands of my family. My father was loving but he was merciless to those who defy him. My mother, Jeanne Helma Calnaris was a former queen of a fallen nation that was swept up by fathers ruthlessness. My father fell in love with my mother not only because of her beauty but also because she was the only woman who could match his profound and monstrous strength. With a selfish and burning desire to have her, he forcefully claimed her and made her his empress, binding her to him with his blood for all eternity. To elaborate, My father was an immortal. He was the child of a deity who also forcefully claimed a mortal woman whom i personally know as my grandmother, Freya. She died, old age apparently. My mother respected my father but she never forgave him.

”It seems your father has yet again taken another whore into his bed during his last conquest ”-A woman says, putting down her tea cup gently on the table.

”Its not news anymore mother ”-Lazef commented.

”Yes, it is now merely boring gossip or Deja vu. Like seeing the sun rise every morning ”-Orin remarked before taking a sip from his teacup.

My mother invited my siblings and i for breakfast. She wanted to voice out her complains about father yet again.

”Mother, isn it not tiring talking about the women my father takes to bed?, I thought you didn care about those things? ”-I asked, exhaustedly.

”Im just tired of taking care of the women my husband spends the night with ”.

”It is your duty as the empress to take care of the harem, whether they are baboons or snakes or both ”-Orin reminded Mother, joking at the end.


After breakfast with mother and my brothers, i decided to go back to my room to rest. On the way there, i saw some war prisoners following a soldier. They were headed towards the direction of the empress palace. Among them was the prisoner from before, the one with lifeless blue eyes only this time they were fierce. I wonder what changed. I was startled when my eyes met his. I was reminded about the restless feeling i had the day i saw him.

Suddenly, His eyes shimmered and he smirked at me. In a flustered state, I quickly turned my head away. My face felt hot and my heart was racing. ”That scared me! ”-I yelled inwardly. I turned my head to look at him but sadly he was gone. Seeing him smile like that felt unnatural and frankly, i prefer not to see it again. I hurried to my room and Rava drew me a hot rose scented bath. After soaking in it, i went to rest on my bed. I wanted to go out to read but it was unbelievably hot outside. Just spending a few moments outside could render one burnt to a crisp. So i layed on my bed facing the ceiling as I opened a book to read. It was a gift from my mother when i visited her this morning. I lost myself while reading and time flew pass.

It was dark out. Rava came in after knocking and notified me of dinner this night with my family. The main intentions for this dinner was to introduce Fathers new concubine to the family.

In my family, there are exactly 9 concubines, 10 now, resulting in the increase of sibling rivalry. Imagine fighting with 17 of your siblings over every little thing. That is why my brothers and i refrain from eating during the family dinner. Better starved than poisoned. My brothers and i all wore red attire to the dinner. We were the only ones in the family allowed to wear red and any color. It symbolizes our position in the family, as the children of the Empress and the ”most favored ” children of the Emperor. Every concubine was not allowed to wear the color red or black and the least favored concubines were only permitted to wear white. That created many opportunities for the other concubines to exert their power and frustrations by bulling them. It was a rule made by my mother to keep the concubines in place and fight among each other. Ingenious.

My mother and siblings were the only ones allowed to seat next to my father at any occasion, well…Until now.

This new concubine dressed in blue, thank the gods, was seen seated next to the seat of the emperor when we arrived. Evidently Father was not present. A prideful grin was glued on her face the entire time. She did not even bother greeting my mother. The audacity!. Even the concubine that had highest amount of pride, Katrina, bowed her head to Mother.

”Mother….. ”-Lazef calls out in a low angry voice. Mother who was the one that was mostly insulted remained calm. She told us to find a seat far away from the emperors. Utterly confused by her rational and emotionless state, we stayed silent.

Mother then looked at us with eyes brimming with bloodlust and said again… ”Go now and take a seat far away from that slut this instant ” Her voice remained calm and yet her eyes were clouded with rage.Taking haste, we obeyed.

”I guess a head will roll today ”-Orin sighed as he sits. Mother quietly joined us. The sight rendered the room noisy. Only one question arose from my mind, ”How will that slut die today? ”.


”Announcing his royal majesty!!, Emperor Talalgan Calnaris!! ”

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