Aurora’s dawn

The boy I once knew

A couple of days has gone by since the family banquet. I have not seen nor spoken to mother since then. I suppose she is enjoying her temporary bliss with father in the bedroom. Do not know how long that would last.

I went to see brother Orin. I loved spending time with him because He knew how to enjoy himself and make people laugh. I told Rava and Guerin to stand by while I stood at the door of his office.

”Brother, it is me Aurora ”-I announced my presence.

”Come in ”-Orin says from inside.

When i entered, i saw Lazef seated on one of the couches a few spaces away in front of Orins desk and two other men in knight uniforms standing behind him. One of them was the Blue eyed war prisoner father brought from the ruined kingdom of Kamuth. The other one was a face i had seen before. With hair color like snow and eyes of silver, He was also one of the prisoners from that day, The prisoner Brother Lazef chose. Seeing two gorgeous men in uniform was a feast for my sore eyes.

”What is the reason for your visit sister? ”-Orin questioned.

”I was bored_ ”

”And you simply wished to be entertained ”-Orin completes my sentence for me. Orin continues ”Then i must give you my regrets sister. As you can see on my desk, misery awaits me till noon ”.

”How about Johahimms circus?, I heard they were in town ”-Lazef voiced his opinion.

”Ugh, such lame theatrics are not suitable to my tastes, I want something new, not some street performance i see every year ”-I said, repulsed.

”Then might i suggest death?. It seems to me that immortality is your problem ”-Orin jests rather seriously.

”And arrogance is yours ”. Suddenly, i awakened my mana heart out of frustration and so did Orin. The idea to kick him where it truly hurts on a mans body looked very appealing.

Mana heart is the source of Mana itself in our bodies. It can be found not only at the heart as the name states but in different parts of the body but those cases are rare.

”Come now, there is no need to draw blood by this time of the day ”-Orin says with the intention to stop us. Heeding his words, we canceled out our enraging mana simultaneously.

”Orin, how many times must you be warned, You need not mess with a woman using an unfair topic such as their age, If mother were here, Im sure you would receive a lot more than words ”-Lazef reprimands Orin.

**Orin wears a guilty expression**

”And Aurora, You have lived over 4 centuries and yet you lack self control ”-Lazef scolded.

I hated to admit it but he was right. I indeed lacked self control, Which was not a good quality a princess should carry. I let out an exhausted sigh and without being aware, I glanced at the blue eyed prisoner. He appeared amused about the situation. ”How cute…. ”-He mouthed to me, slightly smirking.

At first i was stunned, I then began to imagine how his voice would sound like, especially his soft whispers. I finally snapped out of it when he averted his eyes and regained his frigid expression he had on a few moments ago. I diverted my attention on Brother Lazef, tossing up a question mindlessly. ”So brother, about Johahimms Circus, Mind joining me? ”.

”I thought you said you found the circus…..boring? ”.

”Well i just changed my mind. Might as well watch it for the 100th time ”.

”Actually 96th ”-Orin corrects me.

Lazef and I stare at Orin, amazed. ”What?, I am very meticulous about these things. ”-Orin explains himself.

”Leaving aside what just happened, Aurora, i suggest of you to employ another personal guard that shall escort you to the festival ”-Lazef points out, concerned for my safety.

”True. Today is the day of the Lunar eclipse hence the festival. Darkness will cover the earth paving way for all kinds of unthinkable situations. At least with the extra protection, our minds can be rest assured and make sure you return before it gets dark ”-Orin backs up Lazef proposal.

”Fine, I shall give in this once. Cain would be the perfect_ ”

”Might i suggest Licht or Elvis? ”.

**The two Kamuth war prisoners standing behind Lazef places their right hand on their chests and bows**

”…Is Licht the blue eyed Knights name? ”-I asked, trying to hide my curiosity.

”Yes, Licht just recently passed the Knights exam ”-Lazef replies.

”Licht Introduce yourself ”-Lazef commanded. Licht walked towards me and gently takes up my right hand in his. ”May the gods bless the crown princess ” The man called Licht greets after placing a kiss on my hand. His breath felt hot and his secret gentle caress made me slightly blush.

Why am i reacting like a little girl?, I am 469 years old. I have had lovers before.

”Licht, you can let go of her hand now ”-Orin insisted, furrowing his brows.

”My apologies ”-Licht utters with a smile.

”… ”-Orin glares at him.

Orin was quite overprotective of me. After my last lover left me for another woman, he has made it his lifes mission to make me forever single. I appreciate him looking out for me, However, he takes it too seriously and to an extreme level. One time, He decimated an entire kingdom just because their Prince snuck into my bedroom and tried to force me to lay with him. Haaah, Being beautiful is truly a sin.

”Sister, i think Elvis would be more suitable as your escort ”.

”Why? ”.

”…He means you should consider taking both of them. You know how Orin gets if you are not in his line of sight. He fidgets ”.

”Thats not what i….. ”-Orin tries to speak but Lazef interrupts…. ”You are absolutely right brother, only Licht shall be accompanying her….Now Aurora, off you go ”.

”…..If you say so….. ”-Although a bit confused, i did as Lazef said and left with Licht.

We…We being, I, Rava, Guerin and Licht, departed from the palace grounds and We made our way into the market place. ”My lady, i thought we were going to watch Johahimms circus, Why are we here? ”-Rava asked curiously.

”Johahimms circus does not start until later this afternoon, Might as well take this chance to explore ”-I replied.

From the snack and fruit stalls to the Clothing and furniture stores. I was determined to look at everything. Before we finally made our way to Johahimms Cirus, I chose to stop by a restaurant called Dandelions garden which was just merely a few blocks away from the market square, where the circus shall be performing at noon. In all my years of living, Eating was one the things i mostly took pleasure in doing. Food evolves, It has different varieties and tastes. Experiencing something new was a longing i had since i was ageless.

We stood at the front of the building admiring its magnificent architecture and color. The building was white and in two layers. It had 2 large statues in front of them. The statue on the left was a statue of a saintess praying and the one on the right was a statue of a siren singing. It looked almost alive.

”Princess, is this the place? ”-Rava questions.

”Yes, Sister Bestla told me about this restaurant once, I have been desperately wanting to visit. This establishment was recently opened yes? ”.

Sister Bestla was the daughter of the 5th concubine, Terra, who was on good terms with Mother. Terra was Mothers eyes and ears in the harem. With the condition of securing her position in the harem, she became Mothers dedicated spy.

”Yes Princess, but by the looks of things, it might be hard to get a seat here. It looks quite occupied ”-Guerin voices his deductions after observing his surroundings.

”Let us enter first ”-I said taking a few steps forward. When unanticipatedly I felt a familiar energy on my skin. Indeed, Magic.

The entire building was protected by a magic barrier. ”How vexing, no wonder Sister Bestla showed great interest ”-I thought.

Curious and determined to uncover the secrets of this Fine establishment, I asked Guerin to aid me with finding a table. Luckily there was one free table left, just by the window on the left wing. Guerin goes to pay for the table with the money i had given him beforehand when he is met with a rude noble lady. This lady, a daughter of a mere count no less, gets into a heated one sided argument with Guerin.

”I am very sorry miss, but this customer has already paid for the table ”-One of the clerks behind the receptionist desk notifies.

”You dare chose this commoner over me, a counts daughter? ”-The noble lady questions the clerk, intimidating her.

”But miss, In here, We do not show favoritism just because one is a noble ”-The clerk argues back…and with much bravado. It seems she is aiming for a promotion in rank.

”This little….. ”-The noble lady utters, attempting to slap the bold clerk.

**Guerin steps in and grips her wrist**

”Miss, it is best you do not make a scene. After all, you are a noble are you not? ”-Guerin warns, still gripping her hand very tightly.

”You…..Let me go!!…..I said let me go!!!! ”-The lady insisted furiously, as she attempts to break free.

”As you wish ”-Guerin complies to her demand and jerks her hand away, causing her to stumble. The foolish noble ladys hand was reddish and one could see Guerins grip marks. She grunts in pain. Her maid that stood behind her tries to comfort her and urges her to leave. Seeing her temperament, surely she refused to listen and continued to bark at Guerin. Fortunately yet sadly for her, Guerin saw her as a harmless puppy and ignored her. Guerin was not the type to show emotion, especially one such as anger. But all that changed when she directed her vulgarity at me.

She saw Guerin give me the table number indicating the table he reserved. She verbally attacks me and openly declaring her status as a child from a count family, thinking I would renounce it to her. Guerin flinches and a vein popped out of his head. Your guess is as good as mine. Guerin was extremely furious, no….pissed. Guerin may be my Personal guard, however, not many know that his family background was quite unique.

Guerin was the second son of Maquis Leywin who was also a descendant of my mother brother. So in a way, Guerin was somewhat royalty and a relative of mine. Taking that into consideration, This so called daughter of a count just insulted The son of a maquis, A member of the royal family and the Crown princess royal guard.

Oh prayers most certainly will not save her now…..

Guerin reached out for his sword that was strapped around his waist and slowly began to unsheathe it from its scabbard. My word, I now fear for the young ladys safety. I activated a binding spell on Guerin but before it fully took effect, A voice shouts…. ”STOP!! ”.

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