Aurora’s dawn

Closing the distance

”STOP!! ”

A male voice from above shouts out.

That arrogant voice…

”Well Hello, Young Master Leon, or do you prefer Young duke Leonhart now? ”-I greeted rudely.

With Crimson red hair and eyes of gold, smooth skin and alluring pink lips, a muscular figure and a grim expression on his face, He walked in…..Leonhart Effron Aegis. The son of Duke Aegis, the most powerful noble in Kairos. Among other Dukes, he was known to be far distinguished and outstanding. His wide connections and popularity was almost on par with a king. And solidifying his influence in high society, was the fact that he was Fathers disciple and royal advisor on the political, economical and social affairs of Kairos.

**The young duke bows momentarily**

”Greetings Princess Aurora…..Or is it Crown princess now? ”-The young duke Leonharts voice turns spiteful.

”Hmph! Cheeky brat! ”-I thought.

”P-P-Princess Aurora?!….As in….. ”-The daughter of the count stutters rather nervously while trembling. I looked at her and suddenly, a wide mischievous grin grew on my face. ”Ah, Miss counts daughter, I hope to see you soon…..If there will be one ”. The young lady shuddered immensely and dread covers her face and at last, she went like the wind. Do not let my angelic appearance deceive you, i may look beautiful but let us not forget, i am the daughter of a tyrant. I have a mean side too.

”I see you are still up to no good ”-Leonhart remarked.

”Whatever do you mean Young duke? ”-I feigned ignorance.

”Its Leon ”-Leonhart murmurs, having a hurt expression on his face.

”….. ”-Upon seeing his expression, My eyes were as cold as ice.

”I did not quite catch that Young duke, Care to repeat? ”-I said, feigning ignorance once more. In the past, when Leonhart was a little boy, he would occasionally visit the Palace with his parents, and i was always the one to keep him company. When his mother fell ill and passed away, we drifted apart.

”What are you doing here?, And bullying a young girl like that….. ”

”I was not bullying her besides she was the one who started it ”-I denied his claims, using some of my cute charms.

”What are you? A child?! ”-Leonhart raises his voice and takes a breath in to calm himself immediately after. ”So, why exactly are you here? ”.

”I do not think i should divulge such a secret ”.

”….. ”

”Argh, There he goes with that sad expression ”-I said to myself in my head.

”I shall tell, if you would do me the honor of accompanying me to eat ”.

Leonharts face brightened up and a smile emerges from his lips. ”It would be my pleasure ”.

He follows me to my table and attempts to draw out a chair for me to seat on. Unluckily for him, Licht had already taken on the role. Though strange, I indulged him and sat down. He places a napkin on my lap and hangs back. ”Excuse me… ”-Licht says, removing his glove from his right hand with his teeth.

”What are….. ”Before i realized it, Licht bent forward and uses his right hand to brush my right cheek. His face was too close, so close that our lips nearly touched. Wow his eyelashes are long I examined him closely as His eyes were focused on my cheek. Or so i thought?. He then raises his eyes and stares into mine. I very much desired to link my lips with his.

”Here you go again with the staring Princess ”-He whispered softly.

”His voice sounds so seductive ”-I thought at that moment, trying to maintain my composure.

**Licht smirks devilishly and withdraws**

I bent my head and hid my red cheeks with my hands. ”What was that just now?!! ”-I shrieked inwardly. I glanced backwards to see his face completely forgetting about Leonhart in front of me who apparently witnessed the whole thing. I was so wrapped up in my own childish thoughts, that i could not hear his call. ”…..cess….Princess, Aura! ”.

When i finally could hear his voice, I was left stunned. He called me by my nickname, how nostalgic. Suddenly, i remembered how he used to chase me around with his tiny legs and teary eyes. He was so adorable back then. My vision turned hazy for a moment. It became clearer just few moments after and i saw Leonhart, I saw how much hes grown. I realized how much time had passed for him yet mine remained still. Once again i was reminded why i avoided any form of attachment with people other than my family. I clenched my lips, feeling miserable. ”

”Are you alright?-Asked Leonhart, expressing a great deal of concern with his eyes.

”Yes of course Forgive my absentmindedness ”.

”Its quite alright. I noticed how close you are with your new personal guard, As i recall, You were the type to put up walls with others especially if they were a stranger-Leonhart faintly glares at Licht.

”….. ”-I could not refute his words, openly proving the truth to them.

”Can i inquire your guards name? ”.

”His name is Licht. Brother Lazef appointed him as my escort for the day ”.

”Hmm, is that so? ”-Leonhart dwells on his thoughts as he fiddles with his ring on his index finger. ”And i presume that your highness is here for the festivities. You mustve been desperate ”.

”Exceedingly so. Try living for a few hundred years and you will no doubt share my pain and misfortune ”-I responded nonchalantly.

A waiter appears with two teacups of Earl grey on a silver tray and gently places the cups on a small white ceramic plate in front of us on the table and leaves after that.

”I hope you have a splendid time. I heard from Father that the holy kingdom will be visiting soon, As the crown princess you shall have your hands full with tedious preparations ” Leonhart says after a single sip of his tea. I picked up my teacup to have a few sips, ”Yes….Very unfortunate, i suppose it comes with the title_ ” But My nonchalant attitude was cut short by the fulfilling taste of the Earl grey.

”Vanilla flavor?…So soothing ”-I relaxed, smiling as one who just battled a snowstorm and finally settled at a fireplace drinking hot chocolate with a few marshmallows on top. Such bliss….

”Errr…Aura? ” Hearing Leonharts confused voice, I regained my composure. My face turns red out of embarrassment when i overheard Licht suppressed laughter.

”When we return, I am going to kill him ”-I thought, resolved.

”Aura? ”.

”I am very sorry Young duke, i lost myself for a moment there. I_ ” Leonhart chimes in…. ”Leon ”.

”Excuse me? ”.

”Two times now i have addressed you informally, Might i request of you to do the same? ”-He asked donning a gentle yet burdened smile.

”….As you wish, LEON ”.Leonhart leans forward and rests the side of head on his right hand which was shaped as a fist. ”See, That wasn so hard was it? ”-He grins. His soft gaze shook me intensely, to the point my heart began to beat rapidly. As always, i felt vexed.

We parted ways shortly after that. In the end, My purpose for the visit was fruitless. My encounter with Leonhart brought out a part of me and a painful memory i had hoped to forget.

10 years ago….

Inside a bright luxurious room in the Duke Aegis residence, Laid a frail woman on the verge of death. A great number of people, both servants and nobility gathered around her. 12 year old Leonhart was being comforted in the hallway by a maid who had been with much effort, trying to stop him from entering. It might have been unfair to Leonhart, however Duke Aegis could not have it any other way, for it might pose as a traumatic memory for his son. Indeed, the dying woman was none other than the late duchess, Lily Yern Aegis.

”Princess….-A female voice calls weakly.

”Lily!!, Please don go!!…..Don leave me…I beg you!!! ”-I pleaded with tears rushing down my cheeks uncontrollably.

”My kind Aura, You needn cry so terribly, and i assure you, i would not be so impudent ”-A violent cough follows, causing a lot of panic among the servants present.

”Lily, My love, Please, Do not leave me alone, I cannot possibly hope to go through life without you in it ” A man seen kneeling by the bedside, firmly holding her hand pleads. This man was the Duke, Duke Ian Welsin Aegis. With dark circles under his reddish eyes, he seemed so lonely and terrified.

”Do not say such things my love. You are a good man and you will be a loving father to our Leon. I believe in you ” She tries to comfort the duke as she grows more weak and exhausted. The duke sobs loudly subsequently placing her hand he held on his right cheek. ”Aura, Please…take care…of Leon, he will lean on you the most and- ”. Lilys eyes gradually closes…. ”Reme..ber me….ith a smi…le…. ” Lily draws her last breath and her eyes shuts. The worst finally came and my heart crumbled. ”No….No…. ”-I sobbed as the reality of her death slowly settles in. ”LILYYYYYYY!!!!!! ”.

Death brings peace to those who accept it. But how would i know when I may never see it. Eternity is a heavy burden i bear and it is blind to beauty. That was why at Lilys final moments, She looked relieved and very beautiful. And I, could not understand why.

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