still does not fill in the gaps. Why now? ”-I pried.

”…. ”-He keeps silent.

I exhaled, electrocuting him once more with lightning magic. Only this time, there was a tremendous voltage increase. He ended up passing out. Perhaps i over did it.

I left to reunite with the others, hiding him inside an empty wooden barrel and placing a lock spell on it to prevent his escape forehand. I used magic to expand my vision rage and check up on them. I saw that Guerin was chasing after one of them who fled from the scene, Rava…..had her hands full with extracting information from them were as Licht had already taken them down and had gotten into a brawl with some thugs. I negated my presence and hid by a fruit cart as i watched Licht pummel them mercilessly.

His fair skin and knuckles, now stained with blood and his attackers half dead and bloodied on the floor, and in the midst of it all, he kept smiling, leaving me with shivers in my spine. I thought he resembled my father. With a single glance at my direction he noticed me and called me out ”Why are you hiding down there Princess?, Come on out… ”.

I revealed myself rather nervously. ”H-Here I am ”.

”Finished so soon Princess? ”.The blood dripping down his fists were distracting. ”Y-Yes. There was only one after all ”.

”What a pity. I was coming to pick you up after i took out these discourteous fellows, Im very sorry ”-Licht says, looking disappointed.

”I-Its fine. Seeing what transpired here, I very much understand ”.

”Thank you for your understanding Princess, I promise it will never happen again ”-Licht bows his head.

”Ha-ha Again you say? ” I sincerely hoped to never see him in that state again. One person omitting that much bloodlust is more than enough for me….I thought with a pale face.

”Princess!! ”-Yells Rava and Guerin from a closing distance.

”Now that everything is done, Should we go back now?-I asked Licht, smiling so brightly.

”I shall lead the way ”-He grins.

We went back to the palace afterwards. Guerin summoned a few guards to assist in bringing the spies to the castle. I called for discreet meeting with some of my siblings, some of the ones i actually trusted. Formally introducing them; There was Bestla, the daughter of Terra the 5th concubine. She played a huge role in information gathering seeing as she was the head of an intelligence guild called White rose. Igfritria, the daughter of the 2nd concubine, Nadia. Igfritria, Tria for short was a high ranking court magician who had countless connection with other magicians, including the ones from the magic tower in Kairos and other countries.

The magic tower was a place where mages study various magic and perform all sorts of experimentations regarding all type of sorcery except dark magic. It was forbidden in Kairos due to various reasons in the past.

There was also Lazef and Orin, lastly included Ron, Trias younger twin brother. He was a bookworm and though his eyesight were as clear as day, he insists on wearing those ridiculously expensive and glamorous gold rimmed eye glasses. ”Those glasses could buy a mansion, Hes so damn wasteful….Ugh my eyes ” I said in my head, trying not to go blind from the intense glittering radiating from his glasses.

”I heard from Guerin, these people claimed to be working for Brother Theo? ”-Orin begun the conversation.

”Preposterous! ”-Lazef says in disbelief.

”I agree with Brother Lazef. I do not believe Theo is the culprit here ”-Bestla chimes in.

”Did you use a different approach?, Surely it would help with_ ”-Tria points out, forcing my abrupt interruption. ”Are you saying i should torture him?. Do you think that was not the first thing i tried when i heard his accusations against brother Theo?!! ”.

”Forgive me, I spoke without thinking ”-Tria apologizes sincerely.

Among all of my siblings, i trusted and revered Theosmos the most. He practically raised me. Among all of my siblings he was the second oldest, second to Brother Lazef. This was because concubine Venus ran away from fathers bed the day after they shared a night of passion. She loved father however, betraying Mother weighed heavily on her conscience. After all, Venus was Mothers personal guard and the last noble to survive from Mothers homeland. Mother learned of their horrible betrayal and sought her out. She rummaged the entire continent for her, wishing badly to end her life with her hands. When she finally found Venus, She also found innocent 8 years old Theosmos. They lived a life worse than beggars. Always scrapping for food, Bones visible under the skin, Dirt and bruises all over their body.

Instantly, the desire to kill her fled her heart and she took Venus in again and Theosmos. Her benevolence and forgiving heart touched Venus. She regretted ever giving into her lust for Father and swore to never betray her again. Since Nadia was already made 2nd concubine at that time, Venus was crowned third.

”Calm yourself sister. Im sure Tria wasn doubting your tactics. ”-Lazef appeals to my anger.

”All i can say is that Brother Theos movement has proven to be quite suspicious these days ”-Says Bestla.

”In what way? ”-Ron asked.

”Well, in the past few days he has been recruiting mages and mercenaries and communicating with the northern duke, Arwin ”.

Arwin chatterglass, was the only duke of the northern region of Kairos. Its walls and borders are nearly impenetrable and it snows there for 300 days in a year but the city and castle is enveloped with warmth because of the fire magic stones mass produced and placed all around the city each year.

”Duke Arwin commands the Paladins, the strongest forces in Kairos. The number of soldiers are no joke either. Why is brother communicating with him? ”-Ron states, openly questioning Theos motives.

”If hes planning a coup_ ”-Bestla tries to speak but Lazef cuts her off ”BESTLA!. Watch your words ”.

”…. ”-Bestla becomes silent.

”But…..What if… ”-I uttered anxiously.

Immediately, Every one in the room stares at me, wanting to know what my next words would be.

”What if Sister Bestla speculations are true, then that means…..We now have a coup on our hands ”

The rooms atmosphere becomes dark and the silence was frightening.

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