Aurora’s dawn

Theosmos arrival

The scene begins with the Empress drinking tea in a garden. This garden was called the ice garden because only fresia flowers grow there. Fresia flowers were blue in color and they grew under snow. Because of the cold temperature, mages tended to the garden. No servants were allowed inside unless they preferred to freeze to death.

”My you came ”-Said the empress, elated.

”How could i not answer to My empress summons? ”-A young man dressed in extravagant apparel greets with a bow.

”Welcome Theo. Please sit ”-The empress offers him a seat next to her. Theosmos takes his seat. Behind him was his personal guard Paula. A delicate looking woman with fierce green eyes. She followed Theosmos everywhere he went and rumor has it that she was more loyal to gold than him because of her enormous salary.

”Paula, you can take a seat too ”.

”Thank you for the kind offer Empress but i prefer to stand ”-Paula turns her down politely.

”Its amazing how she is so docile and sweet whenever she is in front of you ”-Theosmos remarked.

”Paula is originally sweet, it is you who does not see it that way ”.

”Hah?! Sweet?!, Paula is?. Look at her salary and say that again. She is the opposite of sweet ”.

**Paula clicks her tongue**

”See!! ”.

**The Empress chortles**

”To see my Mother laughing so easily, You are truly a remarkable person ”-A familiar voice remarked from a close distance.

”Lazef! ”-Theosmos raises his voice, surprised.

”To appear after your younger brother, How shameless of you Lazef ”.

”Cut me some slack mother, Theo has more free time than me ”-Lazef utters, shrugging his shoulders.

”Seeing that Lazef is here, i assume that there is a reason behind it? ”.

”Preceptive as ever Theo ”-Lazef complimented as he took a seat opposite in his direction.

”Goodness, I wanted to have some tea first before we talked business. Are you in a hurry to leave my dear Theo? ”-Questioned the empress, in a disappointed and sad voice.

”O-Of course not My empress. Our time spent together is one i cherish greatly ”-Theosmos replied a little nervously.

”Oh my, If only my children were as flattering as you ”-Said the empress, expressing her happiness with a smile and red cheeks.

”Hes only saying it, Who would want to spend time with- ”

**The empress glares at Lazef**

”I dare you to complete your sentence ”-The empress threatens lazef with her murderous gaze.

”…. ”-Lazef sweats profusely.

”Ahem!, Please forgive Lazef My empress. Im sure he thinks highly of you like i do ”.

”Theo.. ”-A cheerful smile grew on the empress face instantly.

”Silver-tongued brat ”-Lazef curses in his head.

”So Brother, How are you faring these days? ”-Lazef stalls.

Theosmos pauses for a moment and resumed with a professional smile. ”Im doing quite well. Thank you for asking ”.

”I hear youve been spending a great deal of time with the Duke of the north ”.

**The empress flinches**

Theosmos glances at her and notices a complete change of expression. She appears to be anxious about something. She exhaled quietly to calm her nerves. ”What do you mean Lazef? ”.

”Yes brother, whatever do you mean? ”-Theosmos says calmly, taking in a sip.

”Don play fool with me Theo. Bestla already informed me about your recent conspiracies with Duke Arwin ”.

Theosmos smirks and gently puts down his teacup. ”Conspiracies?. Such accusations wound me brother. Youve known me much longer than our sister and you choose to take her word over mine? ”.

”Of course i would not, not even in a million years will i ever doubt your actions and intentions. However my judgement about this matter may be, Our sister Bestla, questions your motives and Aurora brought in some men believing to be spying on her under your orders ”.

Theosmos pauses momentarily. He seemed worried. Lazef notices and says ”Now if there is anything you wish to share with me, Brother, Now would be the time ”.

Theosmos facial expression becomes serious ”Before i make a statement answer me one thing ”.

”What? ”.

”Was she harmed? ”.

”… ”

Due to Lazef silence Theosmoss mood darkens and his gaze sharpened. ”Lazef, was Aurora harmed? ”.

”No, she was not. I made sure of it ”.

”Thats good ” Theosmos sighs out of relief.

”Now care to elaborate why you have been recruiting mages, mercenaries and assassins, Collaborating with the duke on top of it?. If Father hears word of this, He will suspect you of treason. Hell think you are trying to the throne ”-Lazef warns, looking very concerned.

”As long as Aurora is safe, nothing else matters to me ”.

”But you matter to her. She loves you dearly and you know it will break her heart if she hears that any harm has befallen on you Theo. Now spill it ”.

”… ”-Theo ponders on his response deeply.

”Theosmos darling ” The empress spoke tenderly, ”If you decide to keep the truth from us and take on this burden alone, i shall not stop you. But if something tragic happens to you, My daughter would be left, forlorn and miserable, forever thinking she could have done something to stop it from occurring, WE could have done something to stop it. Would you want that for her?. Now do what your brother asks of you unless the consequences shall be catastrophic ”-The empress intimidates Theosmos.

”What a threat. Here i thought you lost your touch ”-Theosmos laughs it off.

”What can i say, I am a mother before i am a ruler ”.

”Alright. But Aurora must never hear about this ”.

Lazef and the empress nods and give their word. The scene shifts to later after as Theosmos preceded them in leaving and heading out to Auroras palace. He comes across an unfamiliar face. Theosmos had memorized the faces of every servant in Auroras palace, which was why he saw Licht as a threat and approached him cunningly. Nonchalantly striding towards Licht, Theosmos greets with a fake smile ”Hello there! ”. At first Licht was suspicious of him until he inspected his clothes and his majestic posture, including examining Paulas uniform. He speculated that he might be royalty and pays his respects with a bow. Theo orders him to be at ease and proceeds with his plan to collect any information on him directly.

”Hi, I have not seen you before. Who are you? ”.

”My name is Licht Your highness. I was recently stationed here as a member of the crown princess personal guards ”. Licht desperately wanted to inquire his name however, The rules states that a knight such as him was not permitted to do so unless ordered by their masters, that is if the other party was royalty or nobility.

”Long honey blonde hair and sparkling emerald eyes. His refined posture and speech. Such intimidating presence he emanates just by standing still….This man is dangerous ”-Licht grows vigilant each passing second.

”Relax Sir Licht. I won tear your head off ” Nevertheless of Theosmos promise to not hurt him, Licht skepticism was unwavering. To erase Lichts suspicions, he engages in a long formal discussion with him, mostly about his origins.

”I see, You are a citizen of that revolting country Father decimated, How pitiful ”.

”I am very thankful that the Emperor showed me mercy. For that i shall humbly dedicate myself in serving Princess Aurora ”.

Theosmos frowns. ”Its Crown Princess to you ”.

”My apologies ”-Licht replies with a cold smile. Despite Theosmos many attempts to anger Licht, Licht was unfazed. He came to see Licht as unpatriotic and duplicitous. He refused to have someone like him around Aurora. Thus his atrocious thought to permanently remove him from her side ran rampant in his mind. He clenched his right fist, creating markings on the floor with the use of an internal force called KI.

KI is the opposite of magic but similar in a way. Magic comes from 3 sources, Nature, a magical object and from within. KI only comes from within and it does not require one to have a mana heart. It is pure physical force that enables one to transcend the limitations of a human being and strengthening the body.

”What a face you are making brother, You rarely show animosity especially to your enemies ”-Bestla comments, making a quiet entrance. She then walks up to Theosmos wearing a smile, briefly catching a glimpse of the face of the man who was able to bring out Theosmos menacing expression.

”Good morning Sister, come to pick a fight you know you can win, again? ”-Theosmos says, sounding so pleased with himself.

”Is that a challenge i hear, Brother? ”.

”If it was, will you accept?. Ill love to have your pretty head impaled on the gates of my palace or better yet, I hear that red hair like yours is very rare in some countries and i would be given a handsome pay indeed especially if it came with a beauty, though your looks are substandard in my opinion, ”-Theosmos taunts.

”You think of yourself strong huh?, Funny, An incomplete and heartless man who has an extreme sister complex yet still proves his incompetence when it comes to ensuring her safety. I hope you still remember that fateful day, How you almost lost the only good part of you you call sister ”-Despite Bestlas anger, she manages to taunt him back.

Bestla had finally hit a nerve. Theosmos seemed more pissed than before. ”It seems Ill have to apologize to Royal concubine Terra today, For quelling my anger by killing her only child ”. Licht instantly moves away as Theosmos charges at Bestla, engulfing his entire right arm with KI. He intended to slit her neck with his fingers. Bestla made a wide smirk, particularly thrilled about Theosmos lack of composure. She then evades his attack almost completely, Unluckily for her Theosmos had other plans than beheading her. In a split second, he enlarged the KI surrounding his hand and the KI grew longer. He connected his attack, resulting in a shallow cut on the stomach. She touches the place where she was cut and viewed the red substance on her hand. Theosmos tells her, oozing immerse bloodlust. ”The only way you will be able to leave here is to leave one limb or organ behind, Preferably your heart and i suppose i won have a hard time taking it ”.

”You? A good-for-nothing scumbag like you? ”-Bestla scowled at him amusingly.

”Quit yapping and come at me, I won have any last words ”-Theosmos beckoned her with a hand gesture.

”You asked for it! ”-Bestla unleashed countless fire arrows as a cover and to widen their distance, in order for her to cast another magic. Theosmos expertly dodges everyone and attacks her using a sword made out of KI.

”VOD! ”Bestla summons a dark water spirit called Vodyanoy and puts Theo in a giant ball of water. Theosmos could not breathe and struggles a bit. ”Paula aren you going to save him, if you continue to stand there your master will lose his life ”-Bestla warns Paula.

”Is that so?, Ill only move from this spot if i see that my master is in Imminent danger ”-Paula responds calmly.

”What do you_ ” Suddenly and surprisingly for Bestla, the water ball split into two and exploded, gradually turning to mist. Impatient, Bestla swung her right hand, quickly expelling the mist, with magic of course. Theosmos was nowhere in sight but that was simply because he negated his presence with KI. When she finally realized where he was, He had his sword at her throat from behind. Make no mistake, Theosmos went in for the kill, If it weren for Licht who had his sword pointed at his throat, Bestlas head would no longer be attached to her body.

”Put down your sword Slave ”-Theosmos commanded Licht, glancing backwards.

”With all due respect Your highness, You first ”-Licht refusal brought about a smile on Bestlas face.

”And if i refuse to do so?…. ”.

”Then ill have to stop you with any means necessary ”-Licht firmly responded.

”Even though you would die in the process? ”-Theosmos questioned.

”Ill take my chances Your Highness ”.

After a few seconds of silence, Theosmos puts down his sword and it dematerialized. Recognizing Theosmos act of concession, He withdrew his sword and unsheathed it. Bestla followed by unsummoning Vodyanoy. She then whirls herself backwards to look at Theosmos. ”Wow, to see the Great Grandmaster yield to someone apart from the crown princess, Truly an amazing sight ”.

”GRANDMASTER?!, This man is?!! ”-Licht yells inwardly, questioning the words he just heard.

Bestla saw through Licht and snickers. ”You….Are you saying you did not know who you just pointed your sword at? ”.

”It seems like i am yet to introduce myself ”.

Bestla takes on the role in introducing Theosmos to Licht. ”This man before you is none other than Kairos Great Grandmaster and the most powerful Paladin ever lived, Theosmos Lumen Calnaris ”.

”Im dead ”-Licht declared in his mind, looking dreadful.

”I love the look on your face, I guess i should thank you Bestla for that ”.

e most Welcome ”.Bestla grins, eventually informing Theosmos of her leave and assures Licht of his survival. She left feeling refreshed though she almost died. Bestla and Theosmos often bickered and fought like children, sometimes the fight goes too far, resulting in the clashing of their swords. This was because Theosmos killed her lover, a woman named Renee. Theosmos ended her life due to the tragic fact that she was a traitor. She aligned herself with a group of people, A cult to be exact, who were hell bent on purifying human beings and Immortals such as the Calnaris royal family. In their eyes, they were a stain on humanity and plotted to erase Emperor Talalgan and his bloodline from the earth. The emperor tasked Theosmos with their execution and granted him temporary control of his army. The battle took place in the city of Piris. There were a few casualties, more than 5 thousand innocent people died. Men, women, even childrens lives were lost. Nevertheless, the work was done, The enemies were slain, Renee included. Bestla understood why she had to die but that does not mean it hurt any less.

Theosmos stares at Bestlas back blankly, having no feeling of guilt nor remorse as he recalls the day he slayed Renee and carried her lifeless body wrapped in a white blanket, to Bestla. He snaps out of it when he hears Rava calls his name with his proper title behind him. ”2nd Prince and esteemed Grandmaster, Prince Theosmos ”.

”…..Rava. Its been a while ”.

As soon as Theosmos gaze fell on her she gave a deep curtsy ”Indeed Your Royal highness ”.

”Always so Timid. What is my sister doing right now? ”.

”She is reading a book in the garden Your Highness. She perceived a large amount of magic here and sent me to investigate ”-Replied Rava.

”I see ”.

He continues, directing his words at Paula ”Paula, You shall remain here ”.

”As you wish Your highness ”-Paula nods her head in obedience.

”Your highness, Are you alright? ”-Rava inquires.

”Of course. Do my appearance say otherwise? ”-Theosmos asked flirtatiously.

”…..Shall i escort you to see Her Highness? ”-Rava ignores him.

**Theosmos sighs disappointedly**

”Lead the way ”-Theosmos agrees and follows her from behind.

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