Aurora’s dawn

Theosmos arrival

her than nervous, I felt abashed. Theos enemies were second to Lazefs. Especially those nobles who support my mother, they hated Theo because he was an illegitimate son who was almost on par with Lazef, the crown prince, in terms of power and strength and sought many ways to get rid of him and his mother concubine Venus. The only reason why he remained unharmed was because of Mother. She protected Theo and his mother with her status. If they were to fall out of favor from the Emperor or the Empress, the only thing shielding them from certain death, It would be the end them both.

”Just don jump to conclusions next time something occurs. Father cares for me but i do not share the same immunity as Lazef or Orin. Trust between us is always tested, No matter how much i prove myself ”-Theos eyes appears distant, like he was lost in a sad memory. The urge to comfort him was overwhelming but i had to be patient and ask for his forgiveness first.

”I was insensitive and shortsighted. Please forgive me Brother ”-I apologized sincerely having my head faced down and my shoulders tensed.

When I glanced at Theo, I saw hid expression softened. ”Its quite alright. After all, some of the men you imprisoned are mine ”.

”Eh! ”-I exclaimed.

”I hired them to look after you. For extra protection for what might come ”-Though Theo was tight lipped, His vague words were not the explanation i had hoped to hear.

”Oh Don look at me like that, thats all i can tell you. You do trust me when i say that its for your safety right? ”-Theo says playfully.

”Fine, i shall back down for now. But you will tell me eventually ”.

”No doubt about that. Oh, I came across a guard with blue eyes, Is he one of the slaves father brought from this last conquest? ”.

”Indeed he is. He has proven himself quite useful and brother Lazef seems to like him ”.

”….I see ”-Theo comments, feeling uneasy.

”Why do you look that way Brother? ”.

”I can see that hes capable and talented. But still, i sense that he is someone with secrets ”.

”….Brother Lazef and Father did not notice but he possesses a mana heart ”.

”WHAT?!! ”-Theo raises his voice out of shock.

”Brother did not perceive any mana from him because he has two mana hearts ”.

”What the….?!, That would make him an archmage like Lazef, possibly stronger ”.

”I do not think so ”.

”Why? ”. ”Because the only one functioning is the one in his eyes, The other one appears sealed ”.

”Did he seal it to avoid detection? ”.

”No. It looks like the work of an outer force. Someone else did that to him and the person used a dark object ”-I replied.

”Wow. This is insane. What is his identity i wonder?, To seal ones mana heart. Its like a death sentence for mages ”-Theo calms down, brushing his hair backwards.

”Not only would his capacity for mana will decrease tenfold, he would also feel suffocated and limited ”.

”Does he know….? ”.

”That i know?, He guessed it already the day we met ”.

”Is he a threat? ”-Theos menacing gaze was anticipated. I assured him, with confidence that it would never come to that. Theo voiced his doubts but he chose to believe in me and i was grateful. He was the few people who didn treat me like a child, Although He gave me a condition if i was going to handle Licht personally.

The condition was that i should never undo Lichts seal.

As always, he saw through me.

One of my specialties concerning magic was the ability to unravel enchantments and Theo noticed how pitiful i saw Licht.

”…I give you my word ”-I uttered reluctantly.

”Then i shall let this matter go. Well then, I must take my leave, Paula is waiting for me outside ”-Theo says as he stands up quietly.

”Is she still giving you a hard time? ”-I asked, amused.

”Extremely ”-Theo replied exhaustedly ”.


Don let me keep you then, See you tomorrow at the banquet ”-I bid Theo farewell.

The next day was the arrival of the Holy Empire. Lazef and Orin accompanied Father and Mother to greet the new high priest. After a long boring discussion, the lavish feast began but without the hostess in sight. And where am i?. Well the main attraction should always arrive late.

During my preparations for the feast, one of my maids informed me of Leonharts sudden appearance at my palace. I had expected it though i had hoped that we would meet each other at the banquet location, rather too late for that. I instructed the maid to escort him to my drawing room and make him wait for me there with some refreshments. Trust me, it was certainly for the best.

As he waited patiently, The maids helped me put on my attire. This attire was unique because it was the only dress i had in my wardrobe that completely covered my body. A purple lace gown made with tulle fabric, reaching down to the floor and extending to a certain small length. The gown came with a cape. Amethyst to ornament my wavy black hair, My earrings and necklace were comprised of the same jewel. I wore arm length purple gloves to go with it.

Its been a long time since Ive worn something so uncomfortable. I was tempted to change into another gown but i had to look modest and dignified. Ugh, never again.

Anyways, after my make over was done, my next destination was the drawing room. I came to apologize to Leonhart for my tardiness, he did wait two hours for me…..But why is he blushing?.

”Your royal highness, words could not describe how you look right now ”.

”Thats quite unfortunate, I was hoping to hear your compliments, like how i look stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, magnificent_ ” Leonhart cuts in…. ”Divine? ”.

He continues…. ”It seems like all the flattery you have received to this day has made you vain your highness ”.

”Vanity is to be expected when i look like this ”. Others might find it arrogant of me when i speak to them like this but Leonhart was one of the few people i had met who ignores it or have a good laugh about it. In this case it was the latter.

”Indeed, no one can compare ”-Leonhart says as he suppresses his laughter. Leonhart then stretches out his hand. ”Shall we? ”. I smile and placed my hand on top of his and just like that we were off to the celebration banquet. Though we were one hour late, still it didn matter.

I didn realize then but the time i spent with him in that carriage with him that evening was one i will treasure for years to come.

When we arrived at our designated location, Leonhart gets down first and opens the door for me. I thanked my charming escort while i took his hand as support in getting down from the carriage. Pathetically, i lost my gravity because i was so focused on his handsome face. The next thing i knew, Licht held my left hand before i could embarrass myself. ”Princess are you alright? ”-Licht asked, rather surprised than concerned. I let out a sigh of relief when i saw that i wasn on the ground. ”Thank you Sir Licht ”.

”Aura are you okay? ”-Leonharts affectionate voice sounded oddly strange.

”Im alright. Shall we head in? ”.

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