I tuck my ill-fitting black polo into my green trousers.

I always change at work, wearing a uniform with ”Ambulance ” written across it in bold can attract the wrong kind of attention. Im not overly familiar with this event venue, so Ive opted to change in a toilet cubicle.

Stepping out, I walk over to the full length mirror to assess my appearance.

Its the smallest size but it still swallows me. The top alone could be a dress, coming to a stop at my mid-thigh before being strategically tucked out of sight.

I gather up my long hair and twist it into a bun before securing it with several small clips. This is the only way to ensure it won get in the way during a shift. The last thing you want is to be blinded by your own hair whilst doing chest compressions.

I study my bare face. I never bother with makeup for work and fortunately my few days off have been forgiving to my under-eyes.

Gathering my stuff together, with a final glance I leave the bathroom.

Staff are hurrying around correcting the tablecloths, polishing window spots and inspecting glasses. The high ceilings have been dressed up with pearl-white silk drapes to contrast the ebony tablecloths and detailing.

Floating thirty-five floors above central London with panoramic windows, the reasons for choosing this venue surround you.

I make my way to the cupboard being dubbed as the first aid room for tonight. Organising the bags of equipment, I start setting up the plain room.

Its a low risk event, so Im working alone. Not that you could fit more than one patient and one medic in here at a time.

The live music flowing in from under the cream door signals the commencement of the event.

I sit at the crammed table and decide to read until Im needed.

Five chapters in, my fantasy world peals away to the sound of a knock.

”Come in! ” I call, slipping my phone into my back pocket as I stand.

As the door opens, the music intensifies until it fades away when I see the person standing in the doorway.

I have to remind myself to close my mouth and keep breathing. What are the odds?

His hair is styled tactically to the left of his face. A slight curl kept under guard by gel.

The lack of blood does wonders for his cheekbones and strong jaw. Although, swapping an insulation blanket for a tailor made suit really completes the look.

He probably won even recognise me, Im not wearing a mask and Im in a different uniform. I shouldn want him to recognise me anyway. Stay professional Evelyn.

”How can I help? ” I enquire cheerfully. After a further few moments of him looking through me, I take a step closer, ”Are you okay? ”

”Um, yes! ” Adrian stutters, blinking himself out of his trance ”My hand. ”

He timidly holds up his hand like a child. Theres a cut across his palm.

”Would you like to take a seat so I can take a look? ” Nodding, he lets me guide him to a chair.

I position the second seat opposite his before sitting and sliding my chair forward. My legs graze his. The jolt of lightning running through my body has me swiftly repositioning.

I look up to find his stunning turquoise eyes intently watching me.

I gesture to his hand with mine now gloved. He immediately offers it to me and I rest it on my leg.

”What happen Mr Talkathon? ” Wheres the confident man I met that exerted control and dominance from a bed?

”Someone dropped their glass, I tried to help pick up the pieces… ” Adrian is once again lost in thought before continuing with an awkward laugh ”I think I hindered more than helped. The flustered waitress sent me packing over here. ”

”Well at least you tried. There doesn appear to be any glass in the wound. ” I try to reassure him with a smile whilst I gently clean the laceration.

”Howve you been? I didn think Id get to see you again. ” He captivates my gaze with his smile.

”So, you do remember me? ” I try to keep my tone level.

”How could I forget? ” He states, almost confused that Id even doubt it. ”I spent an eternity gazing into those gorgeous eyes. ”

I can feel heat puddling in my cheeks. ”So um, hows your head? ” Come on brain, stay with me!

”Right as rain, thanks to you. ” I force myself to look away and pick up a large square adhesive bandage. I hold it above the wound to compare the size.

After checking he didn have any allergies, I apply the bandage. Smoothing it out, I run my fingers along the edges.

”Can I take you for coffee? ” The rich voice caresses me, stilling my hands. Why did he have to be a patient!

Seeing him would be completely inappropriate.

Resigned to this fact, I sigh. ”Im sorry, I can . You
e my patient, I can cross that boundary ”

”I won tell if you don ! ” Adrian argues. After watching me silently shake my head, he envelopes my hands in his. Immediately I feel protected.

Ive never experienced something so intense and consuming before. Not even after two years with my ex.

But I shouldn . I could get into big trouble. So why am I finding it so hard to resist him?

He leans in closer. The soft scent of lavender, lemon and oak swirl around me.

”Please… ” he pleads. He removes one of his hands to slowly tilt my chin up to meet his unwavering gaze. ”Ill promise to try my best to never be your patient again. ”

Thats true, hes not an ongoing patient. And he approached me. No, I should not be entertaining this.

But then he smiles at me and my resolve shatters. ”Okay! ” I simply nod.

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