One day uncle... one day

Aardel was a planet blessed with mana thus unlocking the potential of various races like Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Dragons and Magical beasts.

The Human empire Katlen is ruled by Emperor Jeffrey Valeron, a Red level Advanced class swordsman and Queen Gretel Valeron, a Fifth circle intermediate class mage.

One becomes an aura user by storing their mana in the outer world into their Body. A swordsman can be categorized by their aura color White, violet, Yellow, Orange, Red and Golden while white is the lowest level and Gold is the highest aura color. Each color has 4 stages Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master Class.

A mage freely uses the mana in the world by forming circles in their heart, Increase in circles helps the mages to cast higher level spells. 6th circle is the highest class a mage has ever achieved. Though there is no Golden aura user there are a few 6th circle Intermediate class mage in the Katlen empire.

Katlen has 10 kingdoms each having their King, Queen, Nobles, Farmers and Peasants. Anubic is a mediocre Kingdom Ruled by Vancouver Goldilock Orange level Master class Swordsman and Queen Neveda Goldilock, a 5th circle Intermediate class mage. Anubics main occupation is based on Farming, Herbs, Art works and Construction. It is Located at the Outskirts of Katlen and close to the mana region Void which is an inhabitant to Magical beasts.

In the kingdom of Anubic, a clueless boy who doesn know what future lies upon him was working on a closet for the nobles.

Wade Empolemos, 16 year old boy who lost his parents to the Beast horde happened 10 years ago. After the horde Wade was taken in by his Uncle Julius not out of sympathy but to acquire the carpentry workshop owned by his Father Ethan.

After successfully acquired the shop He tried to admit Wade to the army at the age 12 but due to his aunt and the fact that he doesn have any mana, he was able to avoid joining the army.

Wade came to know about his uncle and how he stole his family business from him at the age 15 when one day he heard uncle blabber after got drunken. He swore to take the business back but the reason he doesn have any mana and his cousin who was a 3 star intermediate class mage in the army made it impossible for him to take his revenge and his uncle himself being a violet level intermediate class swordsman made it not easy for him.

Bang Bang Bang Bang

Wade was nailing the wooden board to make a door for the Closet.

”Haven you not done yet ”, a man complained from the back.

”Sorry uncle, the boar

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