”WHAT THE FU– ” Wade startled himself and fell on the ground. No matter where he was he was able to clearly see the blue screen In front of him.

Is this some sort of Prank,he asked himself before checking the shop whether if someone was there other than him.

After picking himself from the ground Wade sees his name on the screen.



STR : 7

AGL : 5

STM : 6

SNS : 5

MAN : 1


He saw the stats and the numbers after them and realized it represent his body functions. He wasn happy about the numbers but only after he saw the stat Mana he was awe struck and couldn think of anything. He completely ignored the stat has low value, as long as it had some number he don care about it cause the last time he checked on the Mana tower at 13, the magic orb declared that he doesn have an ounce of Mana in his body.

It gives him some sort of hope that he will some how train his body to access Mana from now on.

He noticed the section [POINTS POSSESS : 0], after looking at the screen for some time he realized it represents the point he could add at his status. But it was empty. He doesn know how to possess the points.

I think about it latter on the afternoon after I fix the roof and complete my work

It took him 3 hours to fix the roof and it was early morning already. His uncle would bring some leftovers of the breakfast he had and give it to Wade for his breakfast.

After he finished his work Wade ran towards the forest outside the kingdom which is the safest place to experiment on his new found powers.

He thought about the system and screen pops up.

”So if I possess Mana I could atleast do something with it ”, after he said that he took a leaf from the ground and placed it in his palm and concentrate his focus on the leaf.

Nothing happened. after pondering for sometime he realized Mana was something that is related to the circles in the heart, now he thought about while back at the shop when he woke up he could feel something was different and he tried to recreate the feel. Wade now slowly feels something in his heart and it gives him a blazing feel and he focused that blaze towards the leaf and the leaf crushed in an instant.

Tears started to roll down from his eyes. Hope was restored and a new path had opened.

”Finally..Finally.. I COULD USE MANA ” Wade shouted out of his lungs.

After a few seconds he heard a rustling sound from one of the bushes. Wade slowly backed out from the bush. Suddenly he saw a Hog leaping out from the bush.

It was a normal beast that roams at the outskirts of Void. If one had to go deep in to the forest there may be a possibility for them to saw a higher level magical beast.

Wade jumped from the place he was standing at the last second. He could see the red eyes of the hog and the ferocious air it was giving out. Wade even though he doesn have mana Or aura still got some basic combat training from the army since it is a rule that every male should undergo a combat class for one year.

The hog started to leap at him again, this time instead of moving out he dashed towards the hog and jumped in to the air just before the collision and landed on the hog and again jumped up to grab a branch and pulled himself on the tree.

He broke a branch and sharpened the edge with a small paring knife that he always had with him and the reason for not using it on the hog was he couldn do much damage with the knife without having to deal a large damage to himself. The Hog doesn left the tree and keep circling it.

After successfully made a javelin with the help of the paring knife Wade started to aim at the hog. He do know that this is the only chance he had cause there will be no one stupid enough to come to the forest without a party.

Wade before launching the javelin had an idea and started infusing the mana into it. There wasn any big difference but still it is better to throw a javelin with mana rather than a normal one.

The mana infused and gave a look of a blue colored thread spiraled around the javelin. Wade could feel his energy has completely drained and this is the final trick. After aiming at the hog for a long time he launched the javelin at the hog.

The javelin after it got released in to the air started spinning unlike a normal one and closed the distance between the hog and entered into its abdomen.

shriek, the hog let out a small muffled noise and fallen in to the ground and have slow breath. Wade landed from the top of the tree and got close to the hog. Even though he wanted to kill the hog swiftly his energy drain was a problem so he took the paring knife and cut open one of its eyes and using his hand to move up to the area where the brain was located.

He stabbed the brain multiple times before he saw a window popped up.



”So this is how I gain points huh ”

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