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The party consist of Icarus, a master class violet aura swordsman, Pointiff, Carl, Jack and Russ. Jack was the right hand man of Icarus and the support of the party. Pointiff was the archer. Carl and Russ are the Tankers and Icarus was the main damage dealer. All of them except Icarus was a Mugward.

The party goes for a hunt once in three days where there will be a full moon. The planet Aardel has three moons to add to its beauty.

Due to the bribery Wade was promoted to additional damage dealer. Wade could notice the strange look on all of their faces except Jack since he knew he was given the role. Pointiff had an angry look towards Icarus while Carl and Russ wasn bothered by this decision.

Right now the party was travelling through the village towards the outskirts of the forest.

”How old are you kid? ”, Jack asked Wade. Since he was the only one close to him nobody heard their conversation.

” I am sixteen ”, Wade replied

”So what did you do to make you uncle forsaken you? ”

”I don understand ”

”come on everyone knows the party is a suicide team and making a sixteen year old join the party is equal to a murder ”

”I joined on my own will ”

”WHAT? are you joking? why would anyone in their right mind would join a party? are you sure you didn cause any mischief with your aunt that caused you this exile ”, Jack said that last part with a twisted smile.

” Oh if I remember your aunt was a busty one right. I am envious of your uncle. ”

Wade halted his steps and pointiff who was the only one following these two from behind too halted his steps.

”Don you dare speak about my Aunt ”, Wade replied with his face looking down.

Jack closed towards his side and said, ” Or what? You will kill me? ”

”Hey keep moving, we need to be at the forest within half hour ”, Pointiff said to both of them before both could cause a scene.

” Alright Alright see you in the jungle Wade ”, Jack said with an evil grin.

”He is a loose cannon. Don take his words too seriously. You need a calm and collected mind for a hunt ”, Without waiting for a reply Pointiff moved forward .

As for Wade, he already fixed a target other than the wild animals.

After travelling for half hour the party reached the part where they could encounter wild animals.

”Listen well. Jack and Russ will move forward, Pointiff will stay up and locate the target and Jack will be with him, Me and this boy will be on the backside of the tankers ” , after giving instructions they moved cautiously.

After a few minutes Pointiff whistled from the top of the tree. The party moved towards the location and saw a pack of six wild red foxes drinking water from a pond. After the party came in to the packs view each of the fox had ran into a different direction and only a single fox remains.

”Its just a single fox, hey newbie go and show what you are capable of ”, Icarus called out Wade.

Wade who was waiting for this moment stepped out from the party and came closer to the fox. As soon as the fox saw Wade it got into a fighting position.

Wade has club and gripping it hard he ran forward. Seeing him close the distance the fox leap towards him. Wade waiting to get closer to the fox swung his club as soon as the fox was at the attacking sight.

Everyone in the party knows that a hit from a club is not enough to knock down a fox but everyone witnessed a strange thing happening. The fox that got hit by the club was still lying on the grounds.

The party came closer to take batter look.

The Fox was lying there without breathing. Everyone was stunned to see this. How could a single attack from a Mugward kills a Fox.

Jack was the one who had the most worried look on his face. Wade was standing there checking the messages from the system. Everyone one else had the same thought as Icarus.

This is not his first kill



He didn add the stat point right away, he wanted to test his own limits.

It had been one hour since the first kill of the Hunt. The party has been searching and killing each of the fox from the pack. Wade has killed two of the five foxes remained and got some stat points as reward.



STR : 8

AGL : 5

STM : 6

SNS : 5

MAN : 3


Wade still not added any points to his stat cause he was already accustomed to his body, if he were to add extra points he couldn control his strength and everyone could notice his considerable change within an hour.

Icarus was genuinely amazed by the skill of Wade. He even thought of returning the silver coin to his uncle cause wade looks like Gosse who lays golden egg. With his skill he could earn the two silvers within a week.

The hunt was still far from over. They killed the Fox pack which is known for the skin and teeth. They still need to kill an animal for its flesh.

After roaming for an hour they encountered a group of long horned deers.

”I take care of them Icarus ”, Jack was the first one to speak.

” Alright, just don die trying to kill a fooder ”, Icarus laughed. Even though he didn mean it Jack took it towards his head cause he was already in a bad mood.

Jack closed on his target and swung his axe towards the deer in the close range. He took its life. But the second one started running towards Jack with full speed. Even though they are just Herbivores that doesn mean they won retaliate.Jack trusted his agility and waited for the deer to come to his axe range.

The deer entered the range and Jack started to swing his axe or thats what he wanted to do. But something was holding his axe from the ground. On closer inspection it turned out to be a vine from the ground. Jack was shocked and terrified at the same time. The deer closed in and Jack took a direct hit towards his chest and flew and hit a tree and fell down.

If one has seen the vine and traced it back towards its tail they could see Wade touching the vine with an evil smile.

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