Devils In Disguise Of Humans

Dark clouds were running around the sky making the whole world appear gloomy and mysterious. It was awfully quiet, not even a single bird can be seen for many miles. The foul smell of blood was whirling around the whole battleground. The dead bodies of soldiers were piled up on the ground everywhere.

A man wearing a dark blue combat uniform with golden-colored armor was on his knee with his helmet thrown to the ground. His hair was messy and his whole body was covered with blood. His tan face was covered with many dark purple bruises and cuts.

But still, his eyes were not showing even a hint of fear. He has a lazy smile on his face while looking at the person in front of him. ”What
e you waiting for, General Bai?? Im already on the point of your sword but you
e still not killing me… don tell me you fancy– ”

That man stopped talking when General Bai pressed the sword tip against his neck a little forcefully causing some blood to drip down from the new wound. That blue-robed man yelped from surprise and then started to laugh.

The other mans face was still cold and void of emotions which made others feel like cowering away from this dominant and suppressing feeling. He has fox-like eyes with a pointed nose and thin lips. A beautiful mole was situated under his right side eye.

His red combat uniform with silver-colored armor was flying in the air. Many soldiers dressed in the same pattern as him were standing around enemy soldiers.

Both sides faced huge losses as this battle continued for more than nine months. Finally, their army was able to overpower the enemy troops but still if they continued to fight both armies will perish in the end so they decided to negotiate but looks like the vice general of the barbarian is too arrogant to talk like a human.

”Ah, I forgot General Bai doesn have the authority to kill someone without his leaders permission. Indeed a dog– ” Before he could speak more suddenly something hit his head harshly causing him to again yelp from shock. He looked down to see it was a bronze coin.

Suddenly they heard the loud footsteps of a horse. Soon a man came into view riding a horse toward them. He was wearing a red combat uniform like General Bai and his hair was tied into a high ponytail, which was swaying in the air as he gets closer to them.

His almond eyes stopped on that general with a smirk lingering on his face. ”Oh my!! Don tell me that bronze coin hit you. I deeply apologize, I just saw a wild boar and threw that coin at him but it mistakenly hit you ”. Even though his voice was filled with guilt but his face didn show a hint of remorse.

That general fumed in anger and opened his mouth to shout but General Bai beat him to it and turned to that man and asked ”what happened? ” That man stopped smirking and took something out from his waist and threw it toward general Bai, who caught it effortlessly.

He opened the letter and relief washed over his face. He closed the letter and turned to his soldiers and said ”release them. Marquis just send letter saying barbarians General agreed to negotiate ”. Finally, everyones tense back was released and they felt relief wash over them.


After collecting their friends, families, and brothers bodies they buried them and paid respect to them. After that everyone came back to camp and had a small celebration. In these nine months, they lost many soldiers but now they can finally be in peace for some time.

That night everyone drank and ate to the hearts content. Inside Marquis camp, a young man in his early twenties was lying on the bed covered in bandages. His eyes were closed trying hard to sleep but unfortunately, beside him, someone was sniffing and wiping snot in loud sound.

That man had enough and angrily opened his eyes, directly glaring at the boy in front of him. His hair was draped on his shoulder while he was half naked as his upper body was covered in bandages. His Phoenix eyes were naturally curved upwards a little making him appear cold and dangerous. He has a straight nose and very thin upper lips. His lower lips were a little wide compared to his upper lips.

In a word, this man was a piece of art. He sighed and rubbed his forehead before saying ”Duan Qing, why the hell are you crying?? ” That boy named Duan Qing wiped his teary eyes before saying in shaky voice ”I saw your blood and thought youll die– ” Again he started to cry loudly while other just sat there helplessly.

”whats going on here?? ” saying this a red-robbed man entered the marquis quarter with a tray filled with food. He was none other than that man from before, who had hit barbarians general with a bronze coin. That wounded man feels like he has seen not a person but an angel himself. ”Han Qin, you
e finally here!! Talk with him. He has been sitting there and screaming in his ugly voice for nearly an hour. If he doesn stop screaming Im sure if I didn die from these wounds, Ill die from his ugly scream ”.

Han Youhai decided to be a savior and turned to Duan Qing but before he

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