Bai Rongyi calmed himself and crouched down to take the pulse of that bloodied person. After feeling the faint rhythm of pulse he sighed with relief. Looking at the bloodied body he realized it was of a woman and turned to Xi Min and said ”Marquis this woman is on the verge of death ”. People behind them gasped from shock but the trio in front had not a slight reaction.

Xi Min wanted to send that woman to the carriage but knowing how narcissistic these peoples are he decided not to. He thought about something and then said to Bai Rongyi ”you take that woman on your horse. Well soon reach the village and there we can find a doctor to treat her ”. He didn wait for Bai Rongyi to speak and leisurely passed him while sitting on his horse.

Bai Rongyi just gritted his teeth and cursed this cold-blooded Marquis in his heart before turning to that woman. He sighed and slowly took that woman in his arms in bridal style before walking toward his horse. He gently put that woman on the horse before sitting behind her. He looked at the woman and thought ”I didn touch you by my will. It was only circumstances, so you can tell me to take responsibility for you later, Im a taken man and soon Ill marry ”.

After thinking of this he finally feels relaxed and followed his backstabbing brothers. After a while, they reached the village and looked at the big board above them on which Kaihua Village was written in big shape. They entered the village and stopped in front of a vegetable shop.

As Han Youhai was closer to the shop he asked that shopkeeper ”Excuse me, can you tell me if theres any inn here? ”. That shopkeeper was looking at them since they entered the village as they all were handsome and their carriage was eye-catching, so when Han Youhai talked to him he gets flustered thinking others mightve caught him staring at them for too long but still caught and told them inns way.

Even though that shopkeeper has said it was shabby and the only inn in the village but they didn know it would be so shabby. From the outside, they can see it was a two-storey inn but very small. They sighed and thought, its better than nothing and entered the inn. They entered and saw the waiter is sleeping peacefully on the counter.

Even though they don want to break his sweet dream but they still had to rest so Duan Qing went and softly knocked on the counter. That waiter startled and looked at them with confused eyes. ”We want to stay here for tonight. Is there any room available?? ” Hearing Duan Qings words waiter first frowned confusingly but soon his eyes widen. Finally, after nearly a year someone is here to stay and fill their empty money box.

He quickly smiled and said ”of course theres room. How many do you want? ” Duan Qing impatiently said, ”all available rooms and also find a doctor quickly. We have a very badly wounded person with us ”. That waiter turns to look behind him and saw a well build man holding a woman covered in blood in his arms. Seeing everyones fine clothes he was sure these people are super rich so he quickly called someone.

Another waiter name xiao yu came running from the kitchen and got shocked to see customers. ”Xiao yo quickly go and call the village doctor here ” that waiter just takes a glance at the bloodied woman in Bai Rongyis arms before running outside saying ”okay ”. After that waiter turns to them and asked with a polite smile ”Customer do you need food– ” Just then that envoy came forward and threw a bag filled with silver coins and said, ”stop talking and quickly show us our room then you can prepare food. Also prepare some hot water for me to bath and bring food to my room later ”.

That waiters eyes shine after seeing money. He quickly agrees and takes them to their room. After that, he quickly came down and ran to his boss to tell him this great news. Soon Xiao yu came back with a female doctor and four sighed with relief. Everyone went outside and waited for her while Xi Min forced Bai Rongyi to give one of his clothes to the doctor so she can change other womans clothes.

Bai Rongyi grumbled but still give clothes to that doctor. Then everyone waited outside. After nearly an hour that doctor came outside sweating profusely. Everyone turned to her and she politely smiled before saying ”theres nothing to worry about. Ive given her medicine, shell wake up by tomorrow. Also,– ” She turned to Bai Rongyi and said with an angry voice, ”apply those medicines on her body thrice a day but make sure to wipe her body with warm water before applying medicines gently ”.

Bai Rongyi turned red and shouted, ”why should I apply medicines on her body!? ”. She frowned and asked, ”aren you her husband? ”. Bai Rongyis whole face became red while others burst into laughter. Bai Rongyi just glared at them before turning to the doctor and saying, ”no you misunderstood. I don know her, we just saw her in that state and decided to help her ”. That doctors face became ugly but she didn speak anymore.

After Xi Min gave her some money, she bowed to them and went from there. Bai Rongyi frowned and said, ”why do I feel like she dislikes me? ”. Others just looked at that doctors departing back and nodded their head in agreement. Just then they saw those two waiters from before are going towards that envoys room with many dishes in their hands.

Duan Qings stomach growled and others started to laugh. Bai Rongyi quickly ran to his room to change clothes while the other three went downstairs and waited for Bai Rongyi. Soon those two waiters came and got shocked to see them sitting on the chair. They quickly ran to the kitchen and soon came back with many dishes.

Bai Rongyi also arrived at that time and sat beside Xi Min. Soon everyone took chopsticks and started to eat but a crack noise made them turn attention to Han Youhai, who smiled sheepishly. Everyone just looked at him and the broken chopsticks with done face. Then Xi Min called the waiter and asked for another pair of chopsticks.

After that Han Youhai carefully started to eat so he won end up breaking this one. They all were fully grown men while Duan Qing was growing so they ate too much and soon there was no place for dirty plates to put. When Han Youhai put his last bowl unfortunately he did it a little harshly which caused two bowls to break.

Everyone just sighed while saying
ot again man while Youhai just smiled through the pain. After that everyone decided to take rest but wholl keep eyes on that wounded woman was a big question. After some time Xi Min came up with the idea of doing vote. At whom most fingers will point hell stay beside that woman.

Xi Min counted from one to three then everyone chose. Bai Rongyi smiled through gritted teeth and said while looking at three fingers pointing towards him ”fine, I get it brothers. You all team up against me, right? One day Ill become more powerful and gonna take revenge on you. You all just wait, this one won forget your betrayal ”.

Everyone just said meh, well be waiting then. Then they all walked away to their room. Bai Rongyi just pouted and dejectedly went to keep eye on that woman. Looks like its going to be a very long night.

The next day Bai Rongyi woke up hearing some crashing sound. He raised his head from the table and looked around until his eyes met with a dark sharp eyes. His eyes widen and he nearly fell from the chair but soon realised it was that woman from yesterday. He coughed awkwardly before raising his hand and saying hi, which was totally ignored by her.

Feeling a little embarrassed he said ”Wait here, Im going to call others ” and ran away. That woman just glared at the closed door and said, ”Bai Chi¹ ”. Soon the trio arrived and announced before entering her room. Everyone turned to Duan Qing, who finally understand how Bai Rongyi every time felt, and went to ask that woman how she feel.

That woman first glared at him but then said with a cracked voice ”thank you so much gentleman for saving my life ”. Duan Qing became flushed and quickly shakes his hand then pointed at Xi Min saying ” Its not me, its Marquis Jiang who saved your life ”. Hearing Marquis Jiang her eyes widen and she turned to see it was a man of the same age as her or maybe a little bit older.

She has heard many stories of Marquis Jiang but never got the chance to see him. Well, you can say nobody has seen him except for some as after coming to the border for the first time he never went back so no one has gotten the chance to see him but everyone has heard about his heroic battles with enemies. Even small childrens grow up hearing about his invincible power in the battleground.

Even though nobody has seen him but hes the dream man of many young girls and an idol for many youths. After nearly never losing any battle on the border he got the name ”Phoenix Of The Frontier ”. She quickly turned to Xi Min and cupped her hand before bowing a little. Then she said, ”Ill never forget Marquiss kindness. If you want something– ”

Bai Rongyis eyes widen. He can help but think Huh!! thanking Marquis?? I did everything from taking her from that field to staying all night even though I slept but still, I sat the whole night on this chair which nearly broke my waist then why this person is getting this ladys respect and admiration after doing nothing but bossing around.

So he quickly came to the front and said, ”Excuse me, lady I hate to break your fantasy but the one who take care of you and carried you around in his arms last night was me not Marquis Jiang ”. That woman just looked at him with judging eyes. After looking at him up and down for some time she said ”Im sure it must be Marquis Jiangs order ”.

Bai Rongyi became shocked while the other three tried to not laugh by keeping their mouth shut. He coughed awkwardly before saying ”yeah he ordered me but still it was me who did it– ” she cut him off and said, ”Don act kind. Just looking at your face I can say if Marquis wouldn order you, you wouldn have spared me a glance moreover, staying all night to make sure Im fine ”.

Bai Rongyi became speechless and angrily said, ”can you just say thanks to me or be a little kind to me?? ”. She snapped back ”Why should I say thanks to someone who was snoring the whole night and not let me get a little glimpse of sleep!!? ”. Bai Rongyi glared at her and said ”Well I did it deliberately. So what? Are you going to cry and ask your Marquis for help to beat me? ”.

She furiously said ”Well since childhood my elders told me not to mind dogs barking or else Ill become like him. So, I would rather thank Marquis and use our special time to bond rather than talk about a certain stray dog who isn even worthy to be remembered by others ”.

Bai Rongyi laughed angrily and said ”well didn your elders tell you a wild cat who scratches each hand that feeds her doesn deserve to look at our Marquis. Ah, I forget they wouldn want to get scratched by that ungrateful demonic cats claws ”. She opened her mouth to say something but suddenly started to cough violently.

Everyone became shocked and as Duan Qing was near her, he quickly handed her a glass of water. She thanked him and slowly drank some water. Then Xi Min remembered the doctors word and said to Duan Qing to call one of those two maids of the envoy but that woman stopped him.

She shakes her head and said, ”I feel uncomfortable with someone changing my clothes. I can do it myself ”. Everyone shared a glance before agreeing to her and went outside. Her dress wasn in shape to be used again so Bai Rongyi grumpily gave her another robe of his.

At breakfast, she slowly came downstairs wearing Bai Rongyis robe and said she can stay in bed and needed exercise which ended up with her and Bai Rongyis fight on the table. After that, they get to know she is going in the same direction as them so they decided to take her with them.

It was completely because they didn want a woman to travel alone not because they wanted to have some fun on this boring journey.

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