Phoenix Of The Frontier

After having breakfast everyone set off to Xianyang. On way, the trio ride their horses while Bai Rongyi suffers alone as that woman seated with him. Even though she wasn causing any trouble but after all, they both started on bad terms so they can help but find fault in everything, even in each others way of breathing just like now.

As Bai Rongyi was sitting behind her so his breath was from time to time hitting on her nape, which made her back, neck and ear turned bright red. So she angrily turned to Rongyi and said ”can you breathe a little calmly?? Nobody is snatching your breath away from you ”. Well, Bai Rongyi was just finding this type of opportunity so he retorted back ”if you know yourself well then why are you acting innocent?? You
e not even cute that I can act like ignoring your ugly roaring ”.

A little away from them Han Qin can help but whisper to the other two ”aren their fight completely illogical? Or is it what they say misery of being single that you can understand a single word couples talk!? ”. Xi Min laughed and said, ”pray Bai Chi won hear you or else hell eat your brain later, then you won be able to understand a single word we lone wolf will say ”.

Han Qin dramatically wiped his tears and said ”thanks for giving us such a cool name. Now being single doesn seem that bad ”. Duan Qing laughed quietly, while Xi Min glared at him. Han Qin just gulped awkwardly and kept quiet. But he then remembered something and turned to the duo who were busy fighting like cat and dog.

”This young lady, if you don mind can you tell you why you were in that state– ” suddenly he felt it was impolite and opened his mouth to apologise but she was faster than him and said with a polite smile ”actually I came to Kaihua Village for some works given by my shifu¹, but I saw some bandits abducting girls. Forgetting about how bad my martial arts is, I went to help those girls but in the end, they also took me with them ”.

Everyone got shocked hearing this. Well, that place was indeed a deserted and isolated area. They all felt bad for her but she just smiled and continued, ”After getting there I made a plan to help them release and got succeeded in it but unfortunately got myself caught. They tried to capture me but I ran away. Even though they failed to catch me but they still made me severely wounded. I feel so grateful for you all saving me that day or else maybe I wouldve gotten caught by them again ”.

Everyone felt bad for her but it was their first time seeing such a brave girl. Bai Rongyi suddenly felt a burst of emotion surging in his heart making him feel stuffy. Han Qin can keep his mouth shut and again asked, ”what is your name? I mean now we
e going to travel together you know, till we reach Xianyang so– ” That young lady laughed hearing his ramble and said in a soft voice ”You can call me A-Lan ”. Flustered Han Qin quickly nodded his head in acknowledgement and started to introduce each one of them.

Just as it was Bai Rongyis turn he said ”this is our executive officer, Bai Chi ”. Before A-Lan could control herself, she burst out laughing. Tears started to fall from her eyes because of laughing too hard. While laughing she turned to Bai Rongyi but rather than getting angry, he felt his heartbeat getting faster.

In his whole life, it was his first time being close to a girl like this. Those peach blossom eyes filled with tears were looking so mesmerizing that he nearly started to smile like a fool but thankfully for the first time, Han Qins loud voice helped him to come out of his daydream. While A-Lan and Han Qin continued to talk, Bai Rongyi just sat straight with his mind running wild.

What he felt to notice was Xi Min has seen all of these and thinking about something very deeply. Just like this half day passed by and evening came. The carriage of the envoy stopped and an Imperial guard came to Xi Min and said the envoy is feeling unwell and wanted to stop the journey here for today.

Han Qin can help but groan. How can a man be this much lousy. If they four were travelling alone they mightve travelled nearly one-fourth of the journey by now. Even wounded A-Lan is not acting like this but this envoy is really useless. Emperors Imperial subjects only know how to eat and have fun.

After some time they entered a very lively town. Night decorations were like it is some kind of festival. Duan Qings eyes were shining after seeing this dazzling scene for the first time in his life. Soon they found an inn called Xingfu Inn and stayed there for the night.

Two people were sitting opposite of each other, basking in the moonlight, while the boat was floating slowly. Well, it was more like one was enjoying moonlight while drinking tea and the other was trembling from fear. His head was beaded with sweat. He gulped and said slowly to the other people, not wanting to anger him, ”Lord, you mustve heard Marquis Jiang is coming back. What if he gets to know about the truth and comes to take revenge?? ”

That Lord gracefully put the cup on the table before turning to that trembling man and saying with a soft smile ”shouldn you be at this time asking help from your master? Right now he is the only one who can help you and about past, you don have to worry, Ive annihilated all those proofs ”. That man finally felt a little calm and thanked him repeatedly to show his gratitude.

Then he bowed and bid him goodbye before jumping into the water and swimming away. That Lord looked at his disappearing back and his lips curved upward into an evil smirk. He was in his late forties but his face doesn have a single wrinkle. His eyes were like leopards, hiding in the dark waiting for his prey to fall into the trap so he can kill them and devour them slowly and elegantly.

He was quietly looking at the moon when he felt some noises behind. Soon another man landed on the boat and came to stand behind him. That man sighed and said in husky voice ”whats boiling inside your pea size brain? ”. That man embarrassedly asked ”Master, didn Marquis Jiang already know about the truth? Then why did you tell him– ” hearing his masters long sigh he quickly became quiet.

That man laughed a little before turning to him with those dark gazes and said ”Li Chun, youve been with me for nearly two decades but why your brain is still pea-sized? ” Li Chun just embarrassedly look down but soon his master said ”don worry youll know soon. Now lets go back ”. Li Chun obediently went to the other side and started to paddle towards shore.

That man looked at the moon with an icy face and thought ”Looks like it has finally started ”.

The next day everyone again started their journey. On way, Duan Qing saw a man selling peanuts and turned to Xi Min with shining eyes, who sighed dramatically but still brought for each of them. Five continue to eat and ride horses without any care for the world while behind in the carriage that envoy wasn that much happy. He can help but grunt and think to himself, ”how can they enjoy in these types of situations? Don they want to go back to the capital and have fun in luxury? ”.

But he didn dare to say that in front of others. He is afraid if he says this to Marquis Jiang then who knows what they all will do to him and then throw him away without even giving proper burial. Suddenly Bai Rongyi turned to A-Lan and said, ”Ive never seen a girl eating this much? Aren you afraid of getting fat?? You
e so rude and sharp-tongued then eating like pig, if you ever get fat, Im sure no man will marry– Ahh ”.

Bai Rongyi choked out a painful scream when A-Lan elbowed him. He can help but think Woah, this woman looks like a rabbit but her strength is like an elephant. Indeed a pumpkin. Its like she can read him and turn to glare at him, who raised his hand in surrender but can shut his mouth and ended up saying, ”hey your waist pendant is beautiful. Ive helped you this much, why don you give this to me as repayment?? ”.

But before he could touch that Jade pendant, which he has been eyeing for two days, his hand was swatted away by A-Lan. ”why should I give it to you? I would rather give this to Marquis ” she said with slightly red cheeks, which made Bai Rongyi frown. He felt wronged and asked, ”why do you call him Marquis but call me Bai Chi? ” she smiled and without turning back said, ”its because you are ”.

Bai Rongyi hissed and turned to Xi Min, who was a little ahead of them and said, ”Marquis asked her for that pendant quickly then give it to me so she can understand our friendship is not something to be taken lightly ”. Hearing the loud commotion, Xi Min turned and glanced at the pendant but quickly turned around not wanting to come out as a pervert for staring at the young ladys waist.

Then he continued to lead others like he hadn heard Bai Rongyis word, who just looked at him with face filled with betrayal. Others can help but laugh at him. In this way, another day passed by and at night they stopped at an Inn for rest. That night A-Lans pain became unbearable and as Bai Rongyis room was beside her, he came knocking on his door at midnight. At first, she wanted to kick him out but after seeing his worried face, she let him in. The whole night she slept in bed while Bai Rongyi slept on the table.

The next day he clearly announced that the only reason he stayed in her room was because last night inn was fully reserved so they weren able to get room for everyone, as a result, he had to share room with Xi Min. But suddenly at night, his Marquis started to act like possessed so he doesn have any option but to go to the others room but after hearing their loud snore he can only come back to this unmarried ladys room.

After hearing about his last nights adventure A-Lan felt so pity that she directly told everything to the trio and Bai Rongyi had to get beaten up by three at a time. In this way, their journey continues till Xianyang. A night before reaching Xianyang when they stopped at a town A-Lan came to meet them. At first, everyone were confused but A-Lan said she should head back to her sect.

After thanking them again for saving her life, she finally bid goodbye to them. Bai Rongyi felt an ache in his heart but still said nothing just acted like everything is okay. After all, he is going to marry someone else soon and he knows it is nothing but attraction toward the first female he gets to know after his mother.

That night Bai Rongyi just sat at the rooms window and looked at the moon without any emotion. Unconsciously his thoughts drifted to a certain girl A-Lan came like air and disappeared like air, except her name I know nothing and maybe well never meet again in future. He closed his eyes with a deep frown before reopening them and looking at the moon not knowing from somewhere A-Lan is also looking at the moon with same thought running around in their mind,

Whats written in destiny, will find its way

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