#1. Run…

”Shit, shit, shit. ” I curse standing up on my feet and leaving the class

”Language Ms. Harding! ”

I ignore my teacher and bolt out of the class. I frantically check my phone noticing I have two minutes left to live or die.

I increase my speed as I run through the hallway. Give the quiet state of the school, classes are still on. But I couldn really care, not when Im in a life or death situation!

I make a right turn leading me to the back doors of the school.

”This is it. ” I say in my head

30 seconds left. This time I run like theres nothing in the world that can stop me. Theres nothing better than having just a bar of granola for breakfast – it gives you all the energy you need.

I place my hands on the doorknob, pushing it wide open and letting the bright light fall on me. It seems blinding at first but feels normal after a while.

The green grass comes into view. I feel at peace for a moment…until

”Where is it? ” A high pitched voice asks from behind

I dip my hands in my pocket, looking for the item in question. I give her a transparent sachet filled with white substance.

Drugs. Don judge me.

”Good job Rain. ” She smirks, chuckling evilly.

When will anyone ever say my name right? Not that it matters now.

Her facial expression changes into a hard line. Her eyes bore into mine, ”Wheres the other one? ”

I scoff, gritting my teeth, ”I can just go around stealing drugs. ”

I regret the minute I talk back when I feel the right side of my face sting.

”Never repeat this mistake again! We own you! ” She grabs my neck ad starts choking me.

Tear drops from my eyes. Why did my life have to suck this bad? Why could not this have happened to someone else?

After ten, grueling seconds, Im on the floor. My stream of thoughts, interrupted. Someone yanks my hair and I start whimpering under my breath.

”Now. There, There. Growing a pair of wings, are we? ” His deep masculine voice slices my soul into half; I brace myself for a near death beating.

I hate it. I hate it so much. I hate the fact that I was born. I hate being alive. I hate everything, everyone.

Nobody really cares, all they want is what they gain from me! And if I don give it to them willfully, theyll take it forcefully.

But why? Why do I have to be trapped in all this.

”Yknow. You were late today. I keep telling you, I hate tardiness. ” My face gradually goes numb from the reoccurring slaps.

”You don ever listen, do you? ” He smirks, taking out his knife

Im surrounded with echoes of laughter and haunting eyes.

Im getting number, feeling nothing at all as each second ticks by.

Slicing the knife through my skin, I feel the blood pouring out in excessive amounts. I slowly slip out of consciousness, feeling helpless as he undresses me against my will.


”Reina! ” Someones voice calls out my name, while holding me in their arms

”Its okay. ” My hair is brushed away from my face, as my back is rubbed in a soothing way.

I gasp for air, tears rolling down my face nonstop. I feel my whole world go dark, while choking on every breathe I take in.

”We have to do something! ”

”Yeah. Her panic attack has never been this bad. ”

”Do you think we should call the doctor? ”




Light fills my world as I wake up! My teary eyes take in the two figures beside me.

Little by little I adjust to my surroundings and slowly realize it was just a dream.

”Oh, my darling. ” My cousin crashes me with her body, hugging me tightly

”Olivia, you
e going to kill her if you hug her like that. ” Her cousin tries to pull her away from me.

”You act like shes related to you Marcus. ” She gets off me, rolling her eyes, before sitting beside me.

”Here we go again ” I mentally sigh.

Now I have to watch them argue about who is related to who and who isn .

”She is. Shes my cousin too. ” Marcus defends.

”When will you ever get it? Shes my dads nieces daughter. Making her my second cousin and indirectly making me her aunt. You
e my mums older brothers son, making you my first cousin. You are not in any way related to each other! ” She states dramatically.

”But I like her! Shes like a younger sister I never had. You just don want us to be like family! ” He whines

”No. Thats not what I mean. Im just stating facts. You don have to be related for her to be like a younger sister to you. It doesn change a thing. ”

”Yes, it does. ” He argues.

I roll my eyes, ”And here I am, thinking you two cared about me. ” I get up and make my way out of the room.

I can wait for this family gathering thing to be over.

Technically, its November and my family has this weird rule of the family meeting up together –both from dad and moms sides- before the year ended.

I never attend this family gathering. Not until last year everything changed.

I bump into mom on the corridor.

”Reina! ” Mom calls out my name breaking me from my train of thoughts

I smile cheekily at her and pull her into a hug ”Good morning to you too. ”

She chuckles ”Not gonna work on me, go get the twins for breakfast. ”

I groan ”Why? Why does it always have to be me?

e the scariest person I know, that explains it all. ” She grins brightly at me

I scoff ”You gave birth to me, yknow? ”

She laughs, kissing my forehead, heading to the kitchen.

I watch her walk off and Im really glad I didn end it all.

Swaying her hips, she turns around and sticks out her tongue at me. I blow her a kiss as her grey eyes and blonde hair sticks out, meeting my hazel eyes I got from Dad.

I walk off in the opposite direction to the twins room. Taking 2 left turns from the hallway I arrive at their doorstep 30 seconds later.

”Breakfast now. ” I say stomping into the room putting on my scary face like mom says

They immediately get out of bed and run out of the room. I still wonder why they
e so terrified of me. Im quite sure Im not that scary. I shrug and close the door, leaving the room.

”Your face could make someone die of a heart attack. I don know how the twins are still holding out. ”

I turn around to come face to face with my maternal enemy a.k.a my cousin.

”Love you too. ” I drag his ear

”Ouch. Im sorry okay? ” He begs me to let go

I roll my eyes and let him go.

”Last one to get to the dining table does dishes for the week. ” I yell sprinting across the hallway.

Soon, everyone is out of their rooms and the house becomes noisy.

Sometimes I really wish I could get away from all these chaos (I like to call it). I really wish I could be all by myself. Just peace and quiet.

I act fine around my family but Im not. I guess mom knows that too, but she can sense I don like talking about it. Yet I still have to fight that overwhelming feeling that comes over me and I really do try but sometimes its just too much to bear.

Like now.

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