#2. Never

”Yaknow theres a 99.5% chance that you
e going to end up in the ICU if you jump out that window. ”

Startled, I clasp my hand to my chest and drop to the ground. ”Jesus Christ! ”, the words fall from my mouth without effort.

He chuckles deeply as I glare at him. ”Theres a thing called manners yaknow! ”

”I could say the same thing about you. ” My eyes bore at him harder, while I pick myself up from the ground. I reject his offering to help me up with a swift retraction of my hand.

He puts his hands back in his pocket and laughs.

I stare at him baffled.

”Ignore what you just saw and act like I don exist. ” I lick my chapped lips and move toward the window.

I sit on the window ready to climb down when I feel his hands on mine.

I yank my hands away – as if Id been stung by a bee – from his as quickly as he places them. Bit by bit, the residual warmth of his hands, slowly brings back memories I keep away from myself.

My chest tightens up from the air trapped in my lungs! While gasping for air, my grip on the window loosens and I feel gravity jerking me to the ground.

But two hands grasp my waist tightly, pulling me back up. Still gasping for air, I turn away from him and lower myself to the floor.

”Damn. Who did this to you? ” He sits down right beside me, gazing at me intensely.

Feeling like Im dying, my vision grows hazy. Im extremely unstable and find it difficult to response.

”Its okay. Deep breathes in, deep breathes out. ” He strokes my back, trying to calm me.

I barely push him away, subtly informing him to keep his distance.

Ever since that incident, any form of physical touch or contact by the opposite sex who isn family or Im not familiar with, brings back awful memories. These memories result in my panic attacks.

Hes taken aback for a second, but he seems to comprehend and slowly struts back.

Tears are pouring down my face. I try my best to fill air back into my lungs. I loathe that a complete stranger has to see me like this.

”I don know what youve been through, but you
e strong, okay? Just focus on something and slowly breathe. In and out. Youll be fine. ” He says from the corner of the room, eyes filled with concern.

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

I feel air rush into my lungs little by little. Gradually recovering, my breathing returns to a normal pace. But the tears keep streaming down my face. I wish I wasn born in the first place! Then maybe this world would be a better and happier place.

”Hey, its okay. Im sure whatever happened wasn your faul- ”

”Hey Justin Ive been searchin-, oh my God Reina, are you okay? ” Olivia makes her way to me in panic.

She tugs me into her arms, stroking my hair gently.

”Justin? What did you do to her? ” She turns to face him, face red ”God, I told Marcus to stop inviting his foolish friends. ” She groans, turning away from him.

I hear him scoff ”a bit rude you are. But Ill let it slide for today. ”

I pull myself out of Olivias arms and look at him, ”Thank you. ”

Olivia gapes at me, shocked ”He- What- Oh My God. ”

I roll my eyes, ”He helped me. I wouldn be sitting here right now, without him. ”

She eyes him up and down as if searching for any red flags. Not finding one, she grips my hand and jerks me up.

”We were waiting for you so we could eat breakfast. You called everyone out for breakfast, so I was wondering why you didn join us. By the way, whats he doing in your room? ” She asks with a tint of skepticism hemmed to her voice.

She gasps and confronts me, ”are you trying to sneak out again? Reina! Ive told you if you st- ”

”She should see a therapist. ” Our eyes lock, his eyes holding mine, and never turning away.

Hes right and I know it. But going to a therapist would mean accepting that everything happened. And thats the last thing I want to do.

Enraged and terrified, I scream ”I don know what you
e doing here. But leave, I have no business with you, nor will I ever. ”

He smiles, not in a sarcastic way, but in an empathetic way. As if telling me he understands what I feel.

”Ill see you again. ” He makes his way toward the door, pausing for a moment. ”The earlier you accept what happened has happened, the easier itll be for you to move on and let go. ”

He pulls the door open, ”Nice name by the way. ” Smiling while thrusting his head from side to side ”Reina. ”

Olivia and I stand there gazing at him as he walks out. Both of us are too stunned to comprehend what just happened.

Who the hell is he?

”You should rest. Im always here for you, okay? ” She helps me to my bed and puts me down.

Standing outside the door, she pokes her head inside, ”You can rest up for two hours and then Ill bring you something to eat. In the meantime, Ill tell everyone not to bother you. ”

I smile gratefully ”Thank you, Olivia. ”

”One more thing, you should really think about what he said. ” She pauses, doubt fills her silence, ”Going to the therapist. ” This time she mumbles in a quiet voice.

I close my eyes, not wanting to talk about it anymore. Sooner or later, my eyelids get heavier, slowly fluttering shut. Sleep welcomes me with a fresh nightmare.


The water splashes, as soon as I am dropped into it.

”Hey rainy, ” he chortles viciously, ”show us what you can do. ”

Echoes of his laughter and his minions travel around the room. If only I hadn stood up to him in the first place, I wouldn be here.

Shudders run down my spine when he starts unbuttoning his shirt.




This can be happening.

Not for the second time. My teeth grind against themselves, as Im severely cold.

”Come on. ” Joining me in the pool, he chuckles evilly, making his way toward me.

Taking one step back, I keep shifting away from him, till my back touches the end of the pool. Its over!

Id preferably die than let that animal touch me again. Tears roll down my cheeks! My lips trembling non-stop. I say my last prayer, letting my head hit the edge of the pool, as the water around me gradually turns red.

Shock and apprehension fill their eyes as they watch me lose consciousness.

”Shes lost it. ” I hear one of them yell horrified.

”Get out of the water, before we get into trouble, ” another minion shouts.

e just gonna leave her? ” One of them asks, fear lacing their voice.

”What do you think? ”

”Damn. Ill miss messing with her. Youll be missed Rain. ” Cackling, he leaves the pool.

Hurriedly they all leave. Silence envelops me, as I let myself go.

I lost. I lost the battle.

Id willingly forfeit than let them touch me again.


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