#6. Came

The bell rings, indicating the end of class and time for break. I barely made it past these three classes without feeling suffocated. But he was there to help every time, I almost gave into my fear, leaving me wondering, who really was? And if he had genuine intentions.

Leaving the classroom, my plan is to find a quiet place and stay there until break ends. But unfortunately, Justin doesn leave my side for a second and here I am, sitting in the cafeteria.

”If you feel uncomfortable, we can go somewhere rather quiet. ” He says to me, as soon as we seated on one of the tables.

I furrow my eyebrows in confusion ”Why are you doing this? ” I ask in a skeptic manner.

”I mean we don even know each other. Just because weve seen each other once doesn make automatically makes us friends, or do you pity me? ” I spew, my mood changing rather badly.

My words seem to sting him and he looks hurt for a second but he soon replaces it with a carefree one.

He sighs ”Nope. I do not pity you, and all I see is girl who has been hurt but is trying to fight to survive. ” He says, watching me intensely.

Feeling overpowered under his gaze, I lower my head and take a bite out of my bread.

”By the way, why were you trying to jump out the window. Weren you scared; you might die if you land on the wrong foot? ” He asks, mouth full of bread.

”That should be none of your concern. ” I reply coldly. Theres no way Im going to trust or let him into my life.

”Ouch. Cut me some slack, will you? You know, I liked you better this morning. ” He responds.

I scoff. So, he liked seeing me vulnerable and at my worse moment. Thats why hed been clinging on to me ever since got here.

”Sorry. That wasn what I mean- ” He is interrupted by my sob.

Getting on my feet quickly, I race out of the cafeteria, drenched in milk, with him running after me.

”Serve her right. How dare she have the guts to come back after all weve done to her. ” I hear stella say.

I knew it. I shouldn have come back here. I can do this. I was a fool for letting my parents convince me into believing that I could still fight and win.

Not seeing or knowing where Im going, I bump into everyone along my path. Its just stella and Im already this terrified, what would happen if I come face to face with him.

”Reina. ” I hear Justin yell my name, but my mind drowns every single noise around me, trapping myself in my world of torment.

”Reina! ” This time, someone grabs hold of my hand and pulls me into the nearest classroom and locks the door behind.

Letting me go, I fall to the ground and try my best to breathe but it only gets harder. Tears keep streaming down my face and Im choking on my own spit, hitting my chest with my hand.

Justin lowers himself to the ground, grabbing my hand tightly, stopping me from hitting my chest. My vision goes blurry, his words muffled, my world keeps spinning.

”Breathe Reina, Breathe. ” That is all I keep hearing.

Shaking me hard, my vision comes back into focus, and I can see him, kneeling in front of me, holding my hand.

”Breathe, okay? In and out. Slowly. Focus on me, okay? ” He says attempting to calm me down.

Rubbing my back in a soothing manner, slowly air begins to fill my lungs and my tears seem to stop pouring.

Relieved, he falls down right beside me, sitting on the bare floor with me, whilst still rubbing my back in a comforting manner.

”Why do you always have to see me like this? I don like it all. ” I manage to say in a croaked voice.

”Shh. You shouldn be talking. ” He tells me.

Suddenly, his countenance changes and he looks rather angry ”Stella? She did this to you? She made you like this? ” He lets out a bitter laugh, while biting his lips.

I turn to look at him ”Why? Does it bother you? I mean, you don even know me? ” I say harshly in a small voice.

”I hate it too. I hate it so much, that I bother about you. I hate it that I see, myself in you. ” He spews out without thinking and right now he looks like his not thinking anymore and just saying whatever comes to his mind.

”You see yourself in me? ” I whisper to myself, absent mindedly.

”I don want anyone to ever suffer as much as I did. And it hurts me to see someone going through the same thing I did. ” This time, he speaks, with raw emotions in his eyes and for the first time, I see who he really is and I seem to understand why he knows what to do when having a panic attack.

I start regretting, why I judged him wrongly and thought he had ill intentions showing concern for me.

He places both hands on my shoulder and makes me face him, looking him in the eye ”Don let them get to you. Theyve had their way with you for too long. Its high time you showed them you
e not to be messed with. I hadn transferred to this school until recently, so I don know what they did to you to break you this bad but you have to fight back. ”

”Even if what they say or breaks you, don ever let them know they get to you. Never lower your head in front of them, fight back and youll see theyll back off. You
e the only one who can put an end to all this. ” He continues

Lowering my head and wringing my hands, I say ”You make it sound so easy. ”

He places his right hand on my chin, forcing me to look up at him ”Its not going to be easy, but you have to. Ill be there with you. Have you started seeing a therapist? ”

I nod and he chuckles ”You did listen to me after all. Im proud of you. ” He says ruffling my hair.

I whack his hands away ”I didn do it because you. ”

”Whatever helps you sleep at night. ” He retorts, playfully and I wonder where the boy few minutes ago went to.

”Lets get you cleaned up. ” He says dusting himself off the floor.

He stretches out his hand to help me up and this time I take it.


”We found her unconscious in alleyway and we
e sorry to inform you, but your daughter has been sexually and physically abused for quite a long time. Are you aware of that? ”

I hear the doctor say, as I slowly regain my consciousness.

Mum lets out a sharp howl and falls to the ground. Even when I try running way, why did have to be found? It wouldve saved my parents so much pain.

”Do you have any relative or close family friend who often visited and was unnecessarily close to her? ” This time the cops asks my parents.

I let out a laugh and I laugh so hard to the point Im crying. They wouldn believe if I told them my classmates, the same age as I am did this to me .

I would only get into more trouble if I told anyone. So I keep on laughing and crying at the same time, leaving my parents, the doctors, the cops and every other person watching confused.

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