#8. My

”All the best at school today. ” Dad yells, waving me goodbye, driving off as he drops me at school.

I grin widely at him and wave him goodbye.

”Good morning, Window girl. ” Someone whispers behind me, into my ear.

Needless to say, I knew who it was.

”Don you have friends? ” I say using my elbow to jab his abdomen playfully.

”Ouch. Harsh. You need to learn how to be nicer to people. ” He places his hands on his abdomen, feigning pain.

”I am nice. ” I argue.

”You weren so nice to that girl yesterday. ” He reminds me and I walk away from him.

”Hey. Wait up. ” He yells running after me, which only makes me walk faster.

Moments later, we
e running through the hallway, with me running away and him chasing me.

I bump into someone and I look up the person so I can apologize and realize I had come face to face with the devil himself.

Oh for Christs sake. Why doesn any of my plans go according to the way I design them.

I freeze, clearly frightened. Trembling, I turn around so I can leave but he grabs my hands.

”Look who we have here. ” He cackles mischievously ”Yeah, thats right. Its Rain. ”

I flinch on hearing the name, that haunted and tormented my life. I feel it coming back and the look on his face, shows his happy that he still scares me.

”Let her go, Miles. ” I hear Justin approaching me.

”Oh, Daddys here to save his little kitten. ” He mocks, laughing evilly.

I clench my fist. Scoffing, I force myself out of his grip, but I lose my balance and fall backwards, my back resting on Justins chest.

Miles hoots ”What a lovely sight. ”

Justin grabs my hand and pulls me beside him, whispering into my ear, he says ”Look, this guy is sick, and I don want to fight, so you have to kick him in the groin, as soon as I snap my fingers. ”

My eyes widen shock ”What! No. Are you mad? I can do that. ” I whisper yell at him.

”You have to do it. Remember what we talked about yesterday, don let them get to you. You must fight back. Plus, youll feel good, after everything his done to you. ” He whispers back.

I hear Miles laughing ”Can protect your little girlfriend? ”

Justin looks at me, reassuring me that itll be fine. I give him a
o. don make me do this look.

Justin snaps his fingers and I clench my fists. Closing my eyes, using my right leg, I manage to kick him in the groin, while catching him off guard.

Before he has time to react, Justin grabs my hand and we both run for our dear lives.

We run into the same empty classroom, were we talked yesterday, and he locks the door behind us. Hiding behind the door, so we don get seen through the transparent window. My back touches the wall, while his body hovers mine, with his hand placed on my sides.

He doesn seem to notice how close we are ”That was a nice kick. Im so proud of you. ” He chuckles excitedly with his ragged breathing.

I don say anything, because my hearts beating really fast and butterflies seem to have invaded my stomach without prior notice.

He looks down at me and thats when everything starts to go wrong. His pupils dilate and hes gazing at me intensely, that I can seem to look away or move. Litle by little, hes searching my eyes, as if making sure the feeling is mutual.

He leans in and I overwhelmed with the electricity and tension in the air, that my eyes flutters close on its own. His face is a few inches from mine and just when he is about to lean in a bit closer, his phone rings, breaking the tension in the air.

He immediately pushes himself away from me, whilst answering his phone. Awkwardly I move to the other side of the classroom.

”Dude, where the hell are you? ” I hear someone yell on the phone. ”Your mum came to class to take the weekly attendance. I had to sneak out of the class to call you. ”

”Shit. ” He curses and ends the call.

I guess he actually has friends.

”We have to leave. ” He says, hurriedly unlocking the door and leaving the class.

Confused, I just follow him.


”Can you explain why you
e late my class for the second time, Reina? ” Mr. Clifford asks sounding irritated ”And this time you
e with Justin. ”

”Its my fault. ” Justin says before I can explain.

”Detention. Both of you. After school. ” He deadpans.

I hear Justin silently curse. And I mentally groan, knowing Dad would give me an earful. We both go to our seats, with everyone staring at us and whispering.

Why don people ever mind their business and stop assuming the worst?

And for the first time, since Ive known Justin, he looked worried and disturbed. He looked like he was lost in his thoughts.

Some guy sitting in front of us, passes Justin a note. He quickly opens and reads it.

I hurriedly take my glasses out of my bag and put it on, so I can read whats written in it.

Chill bro. I covered for you. Told her you were in the restroom. Why were you with that girl btw? ”

Without realizing I scoff at the words hat girl, making him turn to look to me, instantly I look in another direction, almost snapping my neck.

Who was his mum? And why was he so scared of her?


Two hours later, Jade and I are standing face to face, in front of her locker.

”Im sorry. I was being really mean yesterday. ” I apologize to her.

She sends me a smile ”Apology accepted. Im sorry too, you weren having a good day and I just made things worse for you. Friends? ”

Was I sure about this? Was she really a genuine person? Could I trust her?

Hesitating, I manage to crack a smile ”Can I think about it? ”

She looks a little bit sad but she quickly replaces it with her cheery smile ”No worries girl. ”

”Do you want to join me for lunch? ” She offers after locking her locker.

And then I remember.

Feeling guilty, Im always standing her up, I say ”Can we make it tomorrow? I need to meet up with Justin. ”

”Whos Justin? Oh that guy? ” She asks, trying to remember who he was ”Oh that guy you
e always with, your boyfriend. ” She exclaims and sends me a knowing smile.

I mentally sigh ”No, we
e not dating. ”

She raises her eyebrow in confusion ”Huh? Thats odd. Anyways get going, don keep him for too long. Well eat together tomorrow. ” She says and runs off.


Justin and I meet in the empty classroom, which I later discover used to be the music room but was evacuated because the room got too small for the instruments and the students.

”Hey. ” I find him staring out the window.

e late. ” He turns to me.

”Dude, you
e spending too much time with this chick. ” Some says behind me and I swear I almost died.

”Jesus Christ!!! Whats with this school and sneaking up on people, scaring shit out of them? ” I fall to the ground and place my hands on my chest, trying to calm down and breathe.

”You get scared way too easily. ” Justin says, helping me up ”Chris, don sneak up on her like that. She has a very fragile heart and mind. ” He says, this time to his friend, the guy that passed him the note in class.

”Wow. Thanks. ” I slap his hand away and help myself up.

”So why did you want to see me? ” I inquire of him.

Simultaneously and instinctively, Chris and Justin turn to look at each other.

At that moment, I say to myself. Oh no.


So this is what my life came to at the end of the day.

Staring at the cuffs on my hand, I look up to see their faces.

Stella and Miles. Would they really be last faces I see before I die?

Blood continuously dripping from my burst lip, feeling nauseous and dizzy, I laugh out very loud like a crazy person.

Miles jabs my abdomen once more with the metal pipe. I yelp in pain but I keep on laughing, tears streaming down my face.

I can only imagine what my parents must be going through, to find out their only child and daughter had gone missing.

Lying on the bare cold floor almost lifeless, Im laughing and crying harder, I feel numb but at the same time I was in so much pain.

What had I ever done to deserve to this? Anytime I stand up to them it only makes things worse.

I was trapped. And I don know how to escape.

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