My body froze, my heart beating so fast, feel like its going to explode, my mind is going blank and my vision got blurry when i saw something inside my house, theres so much blood coming from inside the house along with the step covered in blood.

”what the hells happened? mom? dad? where are you? ”

I shout while running to the kitchen, to check on my parent.

”mom? ”

theres no one in the kitchen, i run to the toilet hoping there is someone.

”dad? ”

still no answer, i run to the bedroom with my last hope that theres my mother and father going to surprise me.

”mom? dad? where are you? ”

but theres still no response from them. suddenly the strenght in my leg are gone, i get on my knees while trembling with fear of losing both of my parents.

i come close to the red liquid to check on it while hoping it was just a red tint, i touch the red liquid and smell it, but it has no scent once again i lost all my strength in my body and fall on the blood.

*bruk* *thud*

”ugh, what is this ”

my head fell on something, its covered in blood so I can see it, i search for it in the area my head fell before and found a key, but why is the key here on the blood, does it have a connection with my parents disappearance?

I run to my parents room and try to use the key on everything that have a keyhole.

I found a suspicious old-looking brown box under the bed, the key fit the box and i can open it.


the box opened and i found a book with no title, seem like a diary, i open the first page and i found my fathers name

”Adams plan : becoming the boss! ”

i found it weird, my father i know is a kind old man with a bright smile i can believe he wrote this.

I read a few page, i cant believe what i see, it was my fathers story of conquering his middle school until he became the leader of gangster when he was twenty years old? its crazy i cant believe what he wrote, is it some kind of joke?

i skip to the last page and see the date of the writing, i surprised, it was this morning!

my enemys making a move again after quiet for a long time, i afraid something will happen to my family, because i saw more than two suspicious person lurking in my neighborhood, but i am a bit relieved my son albian, still studying on his school i hope today he come back late.

i can believe of this craziness, my head hurt so much thinking about it again, but i am grateful i found this book, it gave me a little of hope of seeing my parents again, i hope they escape safely.


the sound of someone opening a door, was it the enemy? were they come back to check if someone still here?

*tap tap tap*

that person is coming closer to this room i run and hide under the bed with my trembling body i try to not make a sound even a little.


that person is opening the door and walk closer to my position, i close my eye and mouth to prevent myself from making a sound.

”hey kid ” The voice of that person calling for me, my heart stopped beating for a second, i am so afraid i will be captured and killed by him.

”come on get up before they come back ” my heart start beating again i try to open my eyes and see the person who talk to me.

”w-who… are… you? ” I asked him with my last effort, i hope he is really not the enemy of my father who trying to kill me.

”i am not a bad guy, kid. lets get out of here first ” my strength really gone this time, my vision become all black, i cant hold my eyes open, before i know, i suddenly passed out.

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