morning dews fell from the leaves, the sun brighten the sky telling the roaster to sing in his stage to wake up the world and tell them that another day has come to create another interesting story to tell their children.

I open my eyes slowly, Its already Bright outside so i get up from my bed and quickly went to the bathroom to take a bath.

after bathing i put on my clothes and head to the dinning room to take a breakfast before going to school like usual.

when i reached the dinning room i only see a bowl of noodle, some money and a piece of paper, and something written on the paper

albian, its me Theo, the uncle from before, I am your dads acquaintance, I have to go back to my country because of some urgent business there is some money hope you use it wisely, and i feel bad to tell you this, but I am not sure if your parents are still alive. stay strong kid, i will see you when my business is done.

my chest is heating its feel so hot and my heart beating fast, my eye shed tear, i cry while eating the noodle, i thought its all was just a dream and if i woke up i will see my parent on the dinning table waiting for me.

why is this happening to me what did i do wrong? what sin did i commit in my previous life to make my life miserable like this?

I calmed down after crying for a while and come to a sudden realization, i made up my mind, I am going to train my body so that no one can take what precious to me ever again, and i can find out what happened to my parents and their where about, I am going to kill everyone who involved to my parents disappearance with my own hand, my own strength and Ill squeeze their blood dry cleanly.


i stopped coming to school for a while, all i do is working out my body, learning martial technique, and trying to understand better what my father do to become the boss of gangster.

and i got some points he was no good at fight at first but he always aim for humans weak spot so the the fight end fast, and before he fight someone, he learn about his opponent from their martial art, until their weakness like an allergy.

there is a part written bigger than the rest

if you want to own the world, own a subordinates with unwavering loyalty, sometime the most loyal subordinate is your ex-enemy

i wondering for a while, what happen if you take an enemy to your sides? won they back stab you? well wathever, better believe my father. so my first step will be making a subordinates.

and theres also a part that written bigger on the next page.

In war theres two things important, mind and strength, so before a big war take a place, you should find a subordinates like zhugeliang and oda nobunaga

i dont know who they are so i searched them on noogle.

zhugeliang is a reliable strategist that can put aside his feeling for the glory

i need alot of time to find about oda nobunaga, he is a strong but weird person? dont know what it mean, maybe ill found out sooner or latter.


I woke up in the morning and get up from my bed, I haven been to school for a while wondering if my classmate and teachers will remember me, how long has it been? maybe more than two months.

i bathed and put on my clothes, i look at my self in the mirror

”i wonder if my friend, Ted will recognize me after losing some weight ”

i went to the dinning table and take a breakfast then get ready for school, i walk past my door i feel heavy and emotional for a sudden, I look back inside and say goodbye.

”I am going to school mom, dad, see you later ”

I dripped some tears, I was hoping i could hear some word ”see you later my sweetie ” from my parents but i should look to the front and stay strong.

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