I was on my way to school when i saw theres people in the alley, theres two person beating one person.

i walked closer to find out whats going on.

”hand over all of your fuxking money before you got beaten up again you fuxkass ”

said the one with red hair and round face who just look like a tomato, while grabbing the victims head.

The other one who look like an egg with bald head was just taking a picture of the victim.

”I-I am sorry i dont have any money with me right now, because I am just looking around before moving to another city ” said the victim, he is so tiny like a kitten I can help but wanting to save him.

i jumped in the middle of the fight and grab the tomato heads hand and squeeze it hard.

”argh…Who the fuxk are you? a giant? why the hell is a giant suddenly jump and grab my hand ” he looked angry and trying to punch me

but i squeeze his hand harder and then he looked in so much pain.

his friend trying to help him he threw a punch to my back but i feel nothing but itchy.

what? is he really punching? was he going easy on me because i looked weak?

how dare him understimated me, i release my hand from grabbing the tomato head and punch the egg head in his chin like what written in my fathers diary.

the sound *bam* coming from my hand when i punched him.

he flew behind and hit the wall, i get into my guard position i put both of my arm in front of my face to prepare if the egg head suddenly jump and punch me.

i waited for a while but he didn move, i look at the tomato head, he looked freaked out, so i check the eggs condition.

he was unconscious! am i always this strong? why didn i realized it from the start?

i approach the bullied kitty and make a cool image while saying.

”i was just a pig and can do anything until a while ago but then I worked hella hard to become strong and help the weak, i will take down all the thug and become the strongest, if you want to stop being bullied train your body and mind, come to me after you are strong, aid me to become the top of the world, remember my name albian Fallery ”

I come to my sense and got embarrassed after saying such thing i walk away out of the alley and running out of my ass.

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