There was a group of four friends who promised to be by each others side when trouble finds their way. They are all famous because of the prestige their families hold in high society. They are all specializing in different fields. But despite the differences in their fields, the younger generations of these families gathered and have each others back.

The youngest among them four is a young girl named Louisa Fortez. She is the only daughter of the famous Fortez Family which is known for their cargo businesses all over the world. It was said that their family earns enough money to buy several islands in different countries.

Contrary to everyones expectations, Louisa is not a perfect lady. In fact, she is a troublesome one. She always pranked her friends and laughed at them when there are crisis that fell on their laps. Still, her friends who fell victim to her crazy pranks cannot hate her completely.

Those three young masters spoiled Louisa a lot. Those three also come from different rich and famous families and they were protecting their youngest friend from any harm. For them, Louisa is an existence that needs extra care and protection.

In their eyes, Louisa doesn fit in high society. Although she likes to prank other people, Louisa is still too soft and kind to everyone. She is also clumsy and has an easygoing personality too. Her three friends often call her a fresh air in their suffocating world.

It is a common rule that a kind-hearted person will never survive in their dog-eat-dog world. Louisa will most likely become the prey for other people to succeed. She has no ability to compete with the vicious and greedy people in high society. And so, the three young masters who are also her friends tacitly decided to protect Louisa from any harm.

But after they graduated from college, Louisa suddenly disappeared from their life.

It was said that she met the man of her dreams and goes abroad to spend her life with him. Her three other friends felt betrayed, lost, and confused. They tried to find her everywhere. They even sent a few investigators to find her location.

But as the saying goes, it is hard to find a person who doesn want to be found.

So after a year of fruitless search for their youngest friend, the three young masters finally gave up. They all have different thoughts about her disappearance. But even if they keep on asking themselves, there is no answer that will magically appear in front of them. All they can do is swallow the bitter pill of disappointment and endure its effect.

At some point, the three young masters thought they will never see Louisa again. After all, she disappeared from their life like a popping bubble. With that thought in their minds, they also have no choice but to walk on their own paths too. They cannot make their lives revolve around someone who doesn care about their feelings.

And so, six years quickly passed since then.


Nathan Klein is famous for his stern and difficult personality. He despised it when someone tries to approach him for the things he labeled as useless. Everyone who works under him is scared of his capabilities in the business world. Its only a few years since he becomes one of the youngest CEO in this city and yet he already shows his fangs to those people who dare to fight him.

There are also a lot of women who dream to become his wife. Even if they cannot become his official wife, it wouldn be bad to be his mistress since Nathan is rich, handsome, and a capable man. And so, the bolder ones tried to climb on his bed and seduce him with their beauty. But these women really underestimated his patience.

The women who approached him received a tragic ending. Either they will have a bad reputation that will become a huge stain on life or their whole existence and career are already decided to be ruined. Nathan Klein did not show mercy to these women whose brains are probably as small as a pea.

Nathan is also known for his ruthlessness in the business world. Whoever tries to cross paths with him will automatically receive a huge punishment. The young CEO had already crushed a lot of his enemies and they never had a chance to start anew in the business field ever since. For them, they can no longer regret their past choices of testing the patience of that man.

Soon, Nathan was recognized as the top enemy of those businesses that wants to reach the top. No one had defeated him ever since Nathan Klein entered the business world. Although he already crushed numerous businesses that dares to stop him, it doesn mean people will stop trying to pull him down back to the abyss where he originally comes from.

And Nathan Klein is ready to accept their challenges anytime. It seems to him that people can be brainless whenever they wanted to become one. He already set a few vivid examples of what will happen to those who oppose his authority and power. And yet they are still stupid to believe their mere existence can bring him down.

Really a bunch of brainless monkeys.

People who have nothing else to do are gossiping behind his back. They said Nathan Klein will never have a good life ahead of him. With his ruthlessness, no one will dare to stay on his side. He will die without a family that can love and takes good care of him.

When these things reached his ears, Nathan just scoffed at them. He doesn need those things in life. The things called family and love don suit him at all. In his view, those things are just hindrances to everyones success in life.

And so, days quickly passed without a hitch. Every day is always the same for everyone including the ruthless CEO. He is still busy expanding his businesses abroad and no one dares to comment about it. That is until Nathan Klein experienced a weird afternoon after meeting a certain person.

Nathan just finished his meeting outside and he is now going back to his company. When he arrived at the entrance, the employe

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