When Jackson recovered from his surprise, he looks at Nathan first and gives him a dirty look. His daughter was hit by a door but he did not even help her or show any concern. It only proves that Nathan is eviler than him. Seeing that his friend is not really in the mood to help his daughter, Jackson rolls his eyes and decided to be the better person in this room.

He gently approached the little girl who is still laying flat on the carpeted floor and acting like a dead turtle. Jackson helps her to stand up and tries to fix her onesies. As this little girls self-proclaimed uncle, he needs to leave a good impression on her. But when his eyes landed on the little girls face, his smile slowly faded and gives her a confused look.

”Louisa? ” Jackson asked.

How can he forget that womans face? He may be a jerk most of the time, but his memory is still sharp. This little girl is definitely the mini version of that woman who left them six years ago. Lulus eyes widen in surprise when she heard her mothers name.

”She is Lulus mommy! ” the little girl exclaimed. ”Do you know her too? ”

Jackson obviously flinched on his spot when he hears that. Is she for real? This little girl is Louisas daughter? Calculating the years when she disappeared from their lives, that woman got pregnant and now has a big daughter?

Forget about that. There are more important matters he needs to know. What is Louisas daughter doing here in Nathans office? Does it mean Louisa is now back and Nathan is just hiding her from them?

Jackson turns his head around and gives him a glare. As expected. Their brotherhood must be made of plastic. He even dares to hide these things from them. If Jackson didn impulsively decide to visit him today, then Nathan will continue hiding these things from him.

When Nathan can feel a pair of eyes staring at him, he raises his head and looks at Jackson with a bored expression on his face.

”What? ”

”Louisa is the woman you secretly married?! ”

”…Ah? ”

”Im asking if you married Louisa in secret and deliberately hid the truth? Did you two lied to me and Ryzel?! ”

Lulu gasps and looks at Nathan with her round eyes.

”Daddy is a liar? My mommy said liars will turn into monkeys at night! ”

”… ”

What kind of scenario is running inside this idiots head? Why is Jackson so insistent that he secretly married a woman and he now has a big daughter like Lulu? Nathan knows that Jackson can become stupid sometimes. But this level of idiocy is too much for him.

Nathan feels like his scalp is tingling seeing the different looks they are giving him. The big one is looking at him with contempt in his eyes while the small one has an incredulous look on her face. Rolling his eyes, Nathan opens his drawer and pulls the papers he saw from Lulus bag yesterday. Then he unceremoniously throws it in Jacksons direction before focusing on his laptop again.

”Whats that? ” Jackson asked.

”Why don you check it yourself? I can still see that you have functioning eyes and hands today. ” Nathan replied without looking at him.

Jackson sneers at Nathan before his eyes glance at the stacked folded papers he threw at him. Before picking up those papers, Jackson did not forget to put the little girl on the sofa. When he sees the familiar handwriting on the papers, Jacksons expression changes. He sits on the sofa and starts reading the letters.

While Jackson is reading the letters, Lulu slowly moves closer to him. She feels like this person is very familiar to her. Pouting her lips, Lulu opens her bag and gets the photo she was holding yesterday. She stares at the three men in the photo and turns her head to look at the man sitting next to her. Lulu keeps on doing it several times just to be sure that she got the right person.

Lulu is confused right now. The man sitting beside her is similar to one of her daddies. But what makes her confused is their hair color. All the three men in the photo have black hair while the man beside her today has orange hair.

Is it possible for a person to change their hair color? Her mommy did not inform Lulu that one of her daddies is a fairy. Lulu watched an animation before about fairies that can change their appearance. Maybe one of her daddies is a fairy and he can change his hair color anytime he wants.

Jackson has mixed feelings after he finished reading the letter. It can be said that Jackson was closer with Louisa in the past because they were compatible in a lot of things. They are always partners in crime and both of them like to be playful most of the time. So when Louisa suddenly disappeared without leaving any traces, Jackson thought she betrayed him and decided to move on without them.

Jackson let out a deep sigh. He doesn know what to feel right now. When he turns his head, Jackson feels like his heart stops beating for a moment before he impulsively pushes the little girl away from him. He did not realize that the little girls face is too close to him and that scared him a lot.

Lulu, who was pushed by her second daddy, landed on the sofa without any sound. She raises her small head and looks at Jackson with wide eyes. He pushed her! Her daddy number two pushed her without any reason.

”Bad fairy daddy. ” Lulu said and looks at Jackson with aggrieved eyes. ”You pushed Lulu away. ”

Jackson quickly recovers from his fright and gives Lulu an unfathomable gaze. He doesn know how to treat this little girl who has a huge resemblance to Louisas face. Did Louisa tell her daughter that they are her fathers? Although Jackson knows that woman is not normal to begin with, but making her daughter believes that they are her fathers is on a different level.

”Fairy daddy? ” Jackson asked. ”Do I look like a fairy to you? ”

”…You have orange hair. ” Lulu explained with a pout.

Well, Jackson mostly prefers to call it sunset hair. But knowing that Lulu is just a five-year-old kid, she probably knows the basic colors only. He decided to let it slide first before talking with her again.

”Whats your name? ” Jackson asked the most basic question when talking to a small kid.

”My name is Luyella. ”

”…Huh? ”

”Luyella. ”

”… ”

”Luyella! ” Lulu repeated once again.

Jacksons eyebrows are furrowed while reviewing the little girls profile written on the letter.

”But it says here your name is Luella. ” Jackson said.

”Thats me! My name is Luyella! ”

”…Your pronunciation is too ugly. ” Jackson said and clicks his tongue.

”Daddy is just deaf like Mr. Kite. ” Lulu huffs while hugging her backpack.

”Mr. Kite? ” Jackson asked again.

”There! Hes Lulus daddy number one. ” the little girl replied while pointing her chubby finger in Nathans direction. ”Hes deaf and has a memory of a goldfish. Mr. Kite is also rude to Lulu. ”

Nathans fingers stop typing on the laptop when he heard the little girls accusations. He tolerated that annoying dumpling for a whole day and this is what hell get in return? Nathan looks in her direction with a cold glance but Lulu stares back at him. Even a small child like Lulu has a bottom line.

Getting tired of staring at her rude daddy, Lulu looks at Jackson with hopeful eyes. Her attitude changes in an instant as if her annoyance towards Nathan is just an illusion. This piqued Jacksons interest.

”Daddy… ” Lulu said with her sweet and coquettish voice. ”Im hungry. ”

”…Oh? You haven eaten yet? ” Jackson asked and follows the little girls conversation line.

”Uhmm… Mr. Kite only fed me with eggs, bread, hotdogs, ham, cheese, cookies, and a glass of milk earlier. ” Lulu said as if she suffered a great loss.

”… ”

Jackson turns his head and sees Nathan scoffs when he heard Lulus reply. Thats right. Although Nathan wants to do nothing about Louisas daughter, he is not that bad as to starve a small child like Lulu. Nathan fed Lulu in the morning when she mentioned her tummy was growling in hunger.

And Nathan discovered that Lulu is not only an annoying child. She is also a little glutton. Lulu happily ate all the food he brought to her and did not leave even a morsel of bread on her plate. No wonder this little girl looks like a bouncing dumpling.

”…And you
e hungry again? ” Jackson asked.

Lulu slowly nods her head. Then she looks at her second daddy with unblinking eyes. Jackson doesn need to ask what is she hoping to get from him. With a wry smile on his face, Jackson looks at Nathan who is back on ignoring them again.

”Bro, can I bring— ”

”Go. And if possible, don bring her back in here. ” Nathan quickly replied without sparing them a glance.

”Aren you being harsh— ”

”Leave. Now. ”

”… ”

This ones temper is still the same. Unlike him, no girls want to flirt with this prick. Shrugging his shoulders, he looks at mini Louisa who is still giving him a solid stare on his face.

”You called yourself Lulu, right? ” Jackson asked.

”Yes. Lulu is Luyellas nickname. ” the little girl obediently replied.

”Hmm. Alright. So do you want to come with me? ”

Lulu thinks for a moment before she asks him a question.

”Can you buy Lulu a fried chicken and spaghetti? Mr. Kite said he can afford to raise me. ”

”…What? ”

”Mr. Kite is poor. ”

”…Pfft. ”

What kind of evilness this guy had said to Lulu? How can Nathan easily lie and tell this little girl that hes poor? Jackson clears his throat and talks with Lulu again.

”I am rich. I can buy you even a bucket of fried chicken. ” Jackson gloated in front of Lulu. ”So do you want to come with me? ”

”Yes! Daddy is the best! ”

Without saying goodbye to Nathan, Jackson leaves his office while carrying the little girl in his arm. Lulu did not say goodbye to her daddy number one and heartlessly turn her back on him. When Jackson and Lulu finally leave his office, Nathan scoffs before adjusting his posture.

If Nathan is already rude in that little dumplings eyes, whats more if she discovers Jacksons hidden nature? He doesn need to worry about Lulu. Since Jackson knows shes Louisas daughter, then he can be reassured that Lulu will be safe. But it is a pity that Nathan cannot see how that bouncing dumplings face will change once she discovers that Jackson is just a pure bad guy in a sheeps skin.

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