To Nathan, Jackson, and Ryzel,

Its been a long time, isn it? A lot of things happened these past few years. Maybe you three are now harboring deep hatred against me. Of course, I will never blame you three for it. I was the one who left without saying anything, after all.

I know doing this is a shameless thing. But I have no other choice. I am in a tight position right now and it can also endanger my daughters life. And I don want that to happen.

I don want to make this long. But to summarize it, the father of Lulu died two months ago. Now, my parents want to separate the child from me because they all see her as a disgrace. But not me. Never. That child is my only treasure.

As for my favor, I want you three to protect her at all costs. Keep her identity from anyone until I can stand on my own again. And I estimated that it will happen in a year. While Im on it, please treat my precious Lulu nicely while shes under your care.

I don want to say my apologies in this letter. It doesn sound sincere at all. I will do it once I see you all again in person. And when that day comes, I will also give my heartfelt gratitude for taking good care of my daughter.

I will end this letter now. If you have a lot of questions, then keep them to yourself. Don make my baby too stressed, okay? Be good to her all the time.

By the way, I told her to call all of you as daddy. I heard that the three of you are still single. I already took the privilege of fulfilling your wishes to having a cute daughter like Lulu. No need to thank me for it!

See you all next time, guys. Take good care of my daughter for me! — L. Fortez

After reading Louisas letter, Nathan suddenly becomes quiet. His expression is also too dark and it is scaring his secretary so much. He also doesn know what to feel about it.

Is he going to be mad that Louisa decided to leave her daughter under their care after disappearing on them for years? Does he need to be confused because Louisa just gave them a brief explanation and it doesn actually help him to understand the whole picture? Or maybe he should pity that woman because it seems to him that she was not doing well as expected?

”Oi, kid. ” Nathan calls the little girl who is still eating her snacks.

”Daddy, you
e rude. ” The little girl replied. ”You should call me Lulu. ”

”I don care. ” The CEO dismisses the child easily. ”Now answer my question. Where do you live before Louisa brought you here? ”

”In a house. ” The girl automatically answered.

”… ”

Nathan gives the little girl a dirty look. Thinking about it, the way this kid answers his question with her silly replies is similar to Louisas trait. The way she talks or answers their question can sometimes test other peoples patience. Seeing that the little girl is doing the same, then Nathan is slowly getting convinced that she is indeed Louisas daughter.

But still, Nathan is not willing to take good care of her. Where can he find a time to be her nanny? He is a busy person who runs a company that earns millions every day. Why will he sacrifice that huge amount of money just to look after some child of his old friend?

”Tch. Tell me where you live so my driver can bring you back. I can afford to take care of you. ”

The little girl cannot follow the speed of Nathans words. But Lulu catches the words can afford and puts a confused look on her face. Mommy definitely said that her daddy can give her a lot of snacks. Mommy will never lie to her.

”Daddy— ”

”I told you to stop calling me that. ” Nathan said in an irritated voice.

”But daddy— ”

”Are you stupid or mentally retarded? ”

Assistant Lim gasps behind him. He did not expect his boss to be this evil. How can he not have any filter in front of this cute child? Assistant Lim knows that his boss can be called as the embodiment of humans evilness. But this time, he underestimated his bosss evil capabilities.

”Then what should I call you? ” The little girl asked with a pout.

”Call me Mr. Klein. ” Nathan replied.

”Mr. Kite. ”

”Klein. ”

”Kite. ”

”Klein. Mr. Klein. ”

”Mr. Kite. ”

”Why are you so fuc— ”

”Boss! ”

Seeing that his boss will try to curse in front of the child, Assistant Lim quickly stops him and stand in between them. His boss has a short temper and he will instantly curse when things are not going on his way. He cannot stand it seeing the pitiful look on the little girls face while his boss is starting to lose his temper.

”B-Boss, calm down! She is just a baby! How can you curse like that in front of her? ”

”A baby? ” Nathan repeated with a sneer. ”Then those crying children in the nursery room are all fetuses. ”

”… ”

Assistant Lim cannot do anything but lower his gaze and pretend that he can understand his boss. Aside from being evil, the assistant knows that their CEO has a lot of words in his head that don make sense most of the time. Seeing that his boss is not bothered with it means he is the only one who can truly decipher the meaning of his words.

”Oi. ” Nathan lazily called the little girls attention.

”I have a name, da—Mr. Kite. ”

Seeing the menacing look on her daddy number ones face, Lulu has no choice but to call him by his name. Huu… Mommy warned her that her daddies are scary. But she did not say they are like monsters who can eat her alive.

Nathan closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He doesn want to deal with that little girls foolishness. He has to send her back to Louisa and let that woman deal with her own daughter. Nathan still has a lot of things to do and taking care of a brat is not included on his list.

”Where do you live? ”

Lulu blinks her eyes first before she replied.

”In our house. ”

Nathan silently counts from one to three before he slowly breathes out and checks the paper in his hand. Her address is not written in the letter. He can only ask that little girl right now for their address. Louisa will not be that irresponsible for her not to teach that brat their address, right?

”If you can remember the address, just tell us how does your house look like. My assistant can easily find it for you. ”

”… ”

Boss, I appreciate your complete trust in me. But the last time I remember, I am not some internet map that can easily locate someone elses house based on how it looks like.

The little girl who barely understands the words of her daddy number one plucks her small lips and tilts her head.

”Our house is small… Lulu can see the stars through the roof! ”

”You can see the stars every night? ” Nathan asked with a raised brow.

”Yes! And theres a pond near our house. Then… Then… We have no doors too. ”

”… ”

”We also have cans, bottles, and boxes everywhere. I sometimes play with it but mommy said those are not toys. Mommy is selling it to buy Lulu some candies. ”

”… ”

”Then the grandma who lives next to our house always gives us food. She is good at cooking chicken porridge. ”

”…Stop. ”

Nathan suddenly feels another wave of a headache just now. Even his assistant cannot believe the little girls words. Lulu has limited vocabulary words. But based on her description, isn she describing a place similar to slums just now?

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