After six hours of continuous meetings with their clients and business partners, it is now time for Nathan to go back to his company. He is not in a good mood since the last client they met today is such a pain in his ass. Mrs. Jing, one of their business partners, is demanding Nathans cooperation in her business outside the country.

Mrs. Jing wants to spread her wings and build a new business abroad. And she wants Nathan to invest a huge sum of money in her business. In exchange, she will finally give him the land that he wants to get from the very start. It is a small mountain located in the southern province.

Nathan had conducted a lot of inspection about it in the past. He wants that mountain because its location is good for building several hotels and condominiums on it. Once he succeeds in making this plan, Nathan will surely triple the amount he invested to build those buildings in just two years.

Nathan can help but click his tongue in annoyance knowing that Mrs. Jing is just trying to use him since she has something that he wants. He is not someone that can be easily used by anyone. But Nathan is not yet moving since he wants that woman to soar high at first and becomes smug thinking that she can use him for her own benefits. And when she reaches the peak of her overestimated self-confidence, thats when will Nathan going to attack that woman and make her realize that she is just a bug trying to pretend as an eagle.

”Whats my next appointment? ” Nathan asked his assistant.

”None, sir. I just need to show you a few important documents and sign them. ” Assistant Lim quickly replied.

”Alright. ”

Since Nathan can go home early today, he might as well visit some bar and relieve his stress. Thinking about it, Nathan remembers that one of his business partners recommended a good bar to him the other day. He said it is a place that has a good ambiance and serves delicious drinks. It was only an hours drive away from his place. Maybe he can visit it later and see if that man is telling him the truth or not.

When the elevator door opens, Nathan walks straight to his office. He just needs to read the documents and sign them. Maybe he can do that for fifteen minutes. After that, Nathan can go as early as now and enjoy his time later.


Nathans eyebrows furrowed when he steps into something soft just now. Looking down, he sees a squished rubber duckie under his shoe. And when he looks around, Nathan suddenly has the urge to throw a person on the rooftop tonight. His office is a complete mess.

Aside from his desk where he signs and puts his important documents, the whole office is full of toys and scattered snacks. And in the middle of it is a little girl who is busy munching on her pack of chocolate-coated marshmallows. When the little girl sees him, her eyes suddenly twinkle in excitement.

”Daddy! ” Lulu exclaimed in happiness. ”You
e back! ”

She slowly stands up and runs in Nathans direction. The little girl just wants to welcome him with a hug. But her daddy quickly moves sidewards and Lulu ended up hugging Assistant Lims leg instead. Nathan scowls seeing the little girls chocolate-stained hands.

”Dirty kid. ” Nathan said with a frown on his face.

”Stingy adult. ” Lulu retorts back with a pout.

”Tch. Are you the one who makes a mess here? ” Nathan asked. His voice sounds like he is interrogating a murderer just now.

”Yes, I am. ” Lulu proudly said.

When her daddy left, Lulu was so bored and hungry. Fortunately, the sister who was left with her is very kind. That sister gives Lulu all the toys and snacks that she likes. She even fed her with fried chicken and fries earlier.

e so bad, daddy. Because of you, Lulu got hungry. ” The little girl blames him. ”It is good that big sister gave me a fried chicken and fries earlier. ”

Nathan turns his head around and sees a woman standing awkwardly on the side. It was Secretary Mia. She is the one that Assistant Lim called earlier to take good care of Lulu. Secretary Mia didn dare to look straight at her boss so she is just looking down at the floor as if it is a very interesting view.

When Assistant Lim called her earlier and asked if she can take care of Lulu, she felt like her heart will explode into pieces. She already heard the rumors that quickly spread in the company. It was said the little daughter of their boss suddenly visited him during lunchtime. At first, she dismissed it thinking it was an absurd rumor. But after seeing the little girl that looks like a small dumpling, she finally believes the rumor and becomes scared in an instant.

Who is Nathan Klein? He is their boss who has a bad temper and a ruthless personality. He is also a cruel person who pushed a lot of businesses to their bankruptcy. As long as their boss can get what he wants, he will not care whether it was acquired by good or bad means.

With his temper, how can he allow a small child to stay in his office? Then it only means the rumors are all true. This little girl must be his legitimate daughter. And because of that, Secretary Mia did not dare to treat her badly.

Secretary Mia delivered and gave Miss Lulu all the things she asked. Toys? She quickly calls the nearest mall to deliver it to them as soon as possible. Snacks? She orders the people under her to buy it. Fried chicken and fries? Secretary Mia asked for delivery and pressured them to deliver it hot and fresh.

Fortunately, the little girl is obedient and has a good temperament. She did not make a fuss, unlike the other children that Secretary Mia knows. But just like the others, Miss Lulu created a mess inside their bosss office. Secretary Mia tried to clean it up earlier but the little girl made a mess again after she took a nap and played with her toys.

”…You can go back now. ” Nathan said to Secretary Mia.

Secretary Mia bows her head and quietly leaves the office. When she is finally back in her cubicle, she drinks a cup of cold water and lets out a relieved sigh. She did not expect that taking good care of their bosss little daughter is harder than the documents she handles every day.

Back in the office, Nathan is still glaring at the little creature in front of him. He really forgets that she is still here in his office. The little girl continues munching her marshmallows and its sound is irritating him so much. In his anger, Nathan grabs the pack of marshmallows and throws it in the trash can.

Lulu looks at her precious snack that is now inside the trash can before returning her gaze to Nathan. She slightly purses her lips and her huge eyes are now filled with tears. When she opens her mouth, her voice is trembling and filled with grief and sadness.

”My marshmallow… It still has one marshmallow inside… ”

”So what? ”

”Daddy, you
e so bad! ” Lulu accused him. ”Do you know that marshmallow costs fifteen cents? Its expensive and daddy just throws it away! ”

”… ”

Lulu somewhat knows how to check the price of the snacks she eats. Her mommy teaches her not to waste anything, especially food. In her perspective, the snacks she eats are all expensive. But her cruel daddy just throw her marshmallow in the trash can.

Huu… Her mommy did not lie to her. Her daddy is really bad. He just throws her snacks like that without knowing their price. To her sadness, Lulu closes her eyes and put her hands together.

”Marshmallow, I hope you are now in peace. I promise to eat all the marshmallows inside my new bag tomorrow. I will tell them that you are a brave marshmallow. ” Lulu prays in a serious voice.

”… ”

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