Nathan takes a deep breath and controls his anger. It will be his loss if hes going to be angry at this little brat. And besides, Nathan doesn want to double his bad mood because of what happened during his meetings earlier. Instead, he takes a deep breath and looks at his assistant.

”Assistant Lim. ” Nathan called him in a stern voice.

”What is it, Mr. Klein? ”

”We are going to deduct all the expenses that brat had used today on your salary this month. ”

”…Pardon? ”

Seeing the stern look on his bosss face, Assistant Lim knows that he is serious about deducting the little girls expenses from his salary. But he is still hoping that his boss is just pranking him even though Assistant Lim knows very well that Mr. Klein is not someone who jokes around. Assistant Lim pretends that he is not affected by his words and asked him about it.

”May I know the reason, sir? ” Assistant Lim calmly replied.

”It was your idea to leave her in my office. ” Nathan said. ”Now look at all the mess she created today. ”

Assistant Lim follows his bosss line of sight and sees a lot of toys scattered around. He also noticed the unopened snacks and the blankets that Miss Lulu had used for her nap earlier. The only thing untouched inside the office is the desk with important documents on top of it. Maybe Secretary Mia is the one who told the little girl that she cannot mess up with it no matter what.

”Don you think the person who came up with the idea of leaving this little girl inside my office should be responsible for it? ” Nathan asked with a smirk.

”But, sir— ”

”Am I right, Assistant Lim? ”

”…Yes, Mr. Klein. ”

Assistant Lim really wants to refute. But seeing the scary look on Mr. Kleins face, the poor assistant can only tuck his tail between his legs and bow his head. He is not that brave to confront his evil boss. The assistant still has several dreams in life such as finding a beautiful girlfriend and having a grand wedding with her.

”One more thing. Bring that brat with you later. ” Nathan added.

”…Sir, you mean I will bring Miss Lulu to my apartment later? ” Assistant Lim asked in confusion.

”You must be dreaming if youll expect me to bring that dirty child back to my place. ”

Nathan has nothing to do with that child. She is just the daughter of his high school friend. Aside from it, Nathan should have no connection with them. If anything, Nathan wants the child to disappear in front of him as soon as possible.

Lulu, who is quietly listening to the adults conversation, suddenly becomes alert. She clearly remembers all of her mommys pieces of advice. And one of them tells her not to let her daddy go without bringing her.

Her mommy said her daddies like to wander around. As a smart kid, Lulu should not let them wander too much, or else, they will be lost. And if her daddies get lost, then no one will give Lulu her snacks. If that happens, then she will become hungry and no one is going to call her cute anymore.

”Daddy! ” Lulu calls Nathan in a loud voice.

”I told you I am not your father. ”

But Lulu ignores it. They need to discuss more important things other than the way she addressed him. For example, the place where she will stay in the meantime.

”Daddy, bring me with you. ” Lulu said in a coquettish voice.

Nathan raised a brow when he heard that.

”And why should I do that? ”

”Because Lulu is a treasure. I am also a cute gem and mommy likes me so much. ”

Then Nathan scoffs.

”You are not cute. You accused me of being bad, remember? ”

The little girl paused for a moment. Thats right. She indeed called him bad a while ago. But Lulu only did that because he threw her snack in the trash can.

”Lulu is taking it back. Daddy is not really bad. ” the little girl said with a pout.

”Heh. Don you think your marshmallow in the trash can will treat you like a traitor? ” Nathan asked with a wicked smile on his face.

The little girl stops talking again. She is really considering her daddys words. Nathan rolls his eyes seeing how this little girl is too easy to fool.

”Then… The marshmallow will understand me. ” Lulu thoughtfully said. ”Mommy said everyone can be considerate. And Lulu believes the marshmallow will understand me because they are my snacks. ”

”… ”

”Thats why daddy has to bring Lulu with him. Okay? ”

What the hell is wrong with this little dumplings thoughts? Nathan is aware that children love to imagine a lot of things. But he feels like the little girl in front of him is somewhat different from the rest.

Lulu becomes nervous when her daddy did not say anything back. Scared that her snack supplier will disappear, Lulu quickly runs towards Nathan and wants to cling to his leg. But the CEO is quick to notice her intention. Before Lulu can hug his leg, Nathan quickly put a huge distance between them. He doesn really want that child to approach him with her chocolate-stained hands.

”Daddy… ”

”Stop! Don even try to get near me. ”

”But daddy… ”

”And I told you not to call me that! ”

The little girl pouts her lips and thinks that her daddy is such a stingy adult.

”Mr. Kite, hug— ”

”No! You will not approach me until you clean your hands. And thats final! ”

Lulu stares at her dirty hand for a moment. And without any hesitation, she wipes her hands on her skirt making a pair of small chocolate handprints on it. Nathans eyebrows furrow deeply seeing what that little girl had done. Not only her hands are dirty, but her clothes are now stained with chocolate too.

”Mr. Kite, my hands are now clean. ” Lulu said and show her hands.

”Assistant Lim! ” Nathan exclaims in an angry voice.

The assistant flinches on his spot and stops watching the interaction between his boss and that little girl. It is not the right time for him to be amazed by this little girl who boldly opposes his boss. Assistant Lim knows that his boss is very keen on cleanliness. So he quickly asked the people under him to clean the office and put all the toys and snacks in a huge box.

As for the little girl, Assistant Lim brings her to Secretary Mia and asks to change her clothes. He told also instruct the secretary to clean the little girl thoroughly. After ordering a few clothes that Lulu can use in the meantime, Assistant Lim returns to the office where his boss is now sitting at his desk while reading and signing the documents on it.

The two people who are cleaning his office are quick in their movements and did not dare to make a sound. They don want to draw their bosss attention. When everyone thought it will become peaceful and quiet again, Lulu suddenly barge into the office again. She is now clean and changed her clothes into a simple pink dress with frills on it.

”Daddy, Im clean now! ” Lulu proudly said. ”I can now hug you! ”

Before any of them can react, the little girl jumps on Nathan and clings to his leg. Nathan tries to remove her but the little girl really has a talent for clinging to ones leg. Before Nathan can push the little girl away from him, Lulu suddenly speaks in a cute and childish voice.

”Daddy, I remember that mommy wants me to tell you an important message. ”

”…Oh? ”

Lulu did not say anything after that. She just stares at Nathan with her round and clear eyes. She is sometimes tilting her head making her pigtails sway in different directions. The people who can see Lulu right now have the urge to pinch and hug her.

After staring at Lulu and considering his options right now, Nathan puts the document he was reading on the desk and tells Assistant Lim to keep it. And without saying anything, Nathan gently pushes his leg to remove the sticky dumpling clinging to it. When Lulu still refused to let him go, Nathan glares at her which makes her feel scared.

Huu… This daddy is really scary. Why did mommy leave her with him? Does she want to punish Lulu for eating all of their snacks in the cupboard before without asking her?

Without Lulu being busy contemplating about her life, Nathan picks her up. Just like how he handles Lulu earlier, Nathan is carrying the little girl like a small sack of rice on his side. Lulu tries to complain about it but Nathan ignores her.

”Send me all the documents I need to read in my email. You should also fix my schedule for tomorrow before I get to my office. ” Nathan said to his assistant.

”I understand, sir. ” Assistant Lim replied. ”Then Miss Lulu… ”

”I changed my mind. Ill bring this kid with me. ”

Without saying anything more, Nathan walks out of his office while carrying the complaining little girl on his side.

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