This is a mistake.

Nathan should have sent this little girl to Assistant Lim and let him deal with her. After thirty minutes of sitting with this dumpling in the backseat of his car, Nathan feels like his eardrums will be broken anytime soon.

”The itchy, itchy spider get out of the water house~ ”

”… ”

”Dawn brings the rain and cooks the spider out~ ”

”… ”

”Dog brings the sun, and it dried up the fish~ ”

”… ”

”And so, the itchy, itchy spider leaves the water house~ ”

”… ”

”La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la~ ”

Before Lulu can sing again, Nathan opens a random snack from her turtle bag and heartlessly stuff it inside the little girls mouth. Lulu glares at her daddy but her small mouth is busy chewing the soft chocolate candy in her mouth. This daddy is so disrespectful. Lulu just wants to sing the song she heard on her mommys phone the other day.

e noisy. ” Nathan grunted.

Not only that, but her lyrics are obviously wrong. Although Nathan is never fond of anything related to a child, he knows that the song she is singing is definitely wrong. He does not need to look up its right lyrics. Nathan just has to listen to Lulus choice of words to understand that she is obviously making up those words to match the rhythm of that song.

”And you
e rude, daddy. ” Lulu retorted after swallowing the candy in her mouth. ”Lulu just wants to sing you a song. ”

”What a surprise. ” Nathan mocked, rolling his eyes. ”I hate it. ”

”But why? Mommy said I sing like an angel! ” blurted Lulu with her mouth wide open.

”Apparently, not all the things your mommy said are true. ”

”But… But… ”

”Whatever. Just keep your mouth shut. ”

Nathan glares at Lulu until she feels helpless. She pouts her lips so much that they can almost hang a hanger on them. She also looks so sad as if someone stole her fortune. But the heartless CEO has no time to deal with the little girls pouting.

Instead, Nathan is reading the documents he found inside Lulus bag. He is not actually paying too much attention to the details written on it. Aside from the sudden appearance of this annoying bun, he also has several important meetings to attend. This time, Nathan takes note of the most important points in the letter.

First, Louisas plans. He is wondering what is Louisa planning to do that she has to leave her daughter to them and shamelessly ask to protect her. But if shes still the same Louisa that he knows, then it must be really important and probably dangerous too.

Second, it was this dumplings biological father. He finally remembers that the details about him are also written in the letter. But Nathan just forget that and asked Lulu about him several times earlier. Fortunately, the little girl did not think too much about it but instead insist to call him daddy.

Lastly, why did she ask them to keep Lulus identity a secret? Is this child born illegally or what? Well, seeing her attitude that is similar to Louisa, Nathan is definitely thinking the existence of this child is very illegal in their city. By just thinking that he will see the mini version of that woman every day is already making him feel exhausted.

This will not do. He is a busy person. A lot of money is involved every time he works. And Nathan is still in his right mind not to exchange it for some brat who suddenly appeared in front of him.

Since Louisa mentioned the other jerks in her letter, maybe Nathan can leave Lulu to one of them. He doesn care whether Jackson or Ryzel will take care of this kid. As long as he can get rid of her, then everything is good.

While thinking of a good solution to his situation, Nathan suddenly feels like something is off. He put down the papers first and furrows his eyebrows. It is extremely quiet. When he turns his head around, Nathan sees the little girl is already holding the phone he placed next to him and she is happily using it.

When she sees her daddy busy reading next to her, Lulu finally decided to be a good girl and becomes a sensible child. But literally after a minute, she quickly gets bored. Lulu is already full now after eating her snacks in the afternoon. While thinking about how she can spend her time, her small hand accidentally touched her daddys phone.

Lulu knows how to use it. Her mommy also has a touchscreen phone. When she swipes the phone to unlock it, Lulu almost jumps in joy to see that her daddys phone has no password. Lulu remembers that her mommys phone has a password. The little girl always has to ask her mommy to unlock it before she can watch cartoons or play some games.

But Lulus excitement slowly died down seeing that her daddys phone is so boring. It has no games and the background is the default wallpaper of his phone. He doesn even have any photos or videos in his gallery too. Before Lulu can find the app where she can download some games, her small fingers accidentally open her daddys social media account.

Although Nathan is a busy businessman, he still has an official social media page. But he rarely uses it. If he did, Nathans posts are still related to his business and nothing else. Just like his empty and dull smartphone, his social media page is also the same.

Still, many people are following his account. These people are either following Nathans account to see and read his business-related posts, they automatically follow him for nothing, or they are captured by his mysterious and handsome charm. But no matter what their reasons are, the fact that Nathan has millions of followers is still real.

Lulu has no idea what shes doing right now. She just keep on clicking the screen until she landed on a blank page and the keyboard suddenly shows up. Lulu is already familiar with alphabets. Not knowing what to do, Lulu starts typing some random words that her mommy taught in the past.

Dog, Cat, Mouse, Rabbit, Turtle.

After typing those words, Lulu sees the post button. Without any hesitation, the little girl clicked it and the words she typed are now posted in Nathans account. Thinking that it is really interesting, Lulu keeps on typing random words and posting them online.


My name is Lulu. I am five years old.

I am cute.

Apple. Orange. Grapes. Watermelon. Banana.

I am daddys daughter!

Lulu is a baby.

Lulu also discovered the emojis on the keyboard. She used the emojis one by one and posted them online. Soon, Nathans followers finally see those random posts and they can help but wonder what is happening right now.

(Is CEO Kleins account hacked?)

(It looks like a baby is doing these random posts.)

(The baby said Lulu is her name, right?)

(Is CEO Klein already married and has a daughter too?)

(I don know what is happening. But I think its cute.)

Many more people are commenting on the things that Lulu posted on Nathans account. But the little girl ignores it. The little girl continues posting more emojis and words that she already knows how to spell right.

”Lulu! ” Nathan exclaimed in a loud voice before grabbing the phone from her hands.

The little girl is so surprised that she jumps on her seat. The phone shes holding falls on her lap. Nathan immediately grabs it and checks what this little brat did on his phone. He feels like his veins will burst in anger seeing all the things she posted online using his account.

He continues checking his account and sees the little brat beside him probably made a hundred posts in just one sitting. While scrolling, Nathan received a comment from someone he knows very well. It was Jackson.

(Hey! Do you have a daughter now? Why didn you ask me to be her godfather? I thought we are friends?!)

Nathans head is throbbing in anger. This dumpling really dares to mess up with his phone. And the culprit beside him is now humming another childrens song as if she did nothing.

When Lulu turns her head and looks at Nathan, she can feel that her daddy is now mad. Children are sensitive toward peoples emotions. And Lulu is not an exception. Swallowing her saliva, Lulu hugs her turtle bag tightly and looks at her daddy.

”Are you mad? ”

”You— ”

”Daddy! ” Lulu cuts him off. ”You cannot hit Lulu. Mommy said if you hit a child, you will become a lizard in your next life. ”

Nathan suddenly understands why elders always have an urge to hit their grandchildren. It is because they are really deserving of that punishment especially if those children are similar to the naughty bun beside him. Nathan really wants to hit her with a slipper on her butt right now. The day is not yet ending but Nathan feels like he has already lost two years of his life.

”Lulu will just sing a new song so daddys mood will be better. ”

The little girl adjusts herself and starts clapping her chubby hands.

”Bang, bang! Black sheep, can you move a wall~ Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Three backs boom— ”

”Shut up! ”

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