The next morning, every people working in the company knows that Mr. Klein has a fairy-looking daughter. They quickly spread the story when the little girl acted coquettishly in front of Mr. Klein in the company lobby yesterday. But instead of kicking the little girl, the cold-hearted boss they all knew brought his daughter and did not try to throw her out of the building. In their minds, it will be impossible for Mr. Klein to be kind to a little girl unless she is close to him.

But the things they witnessed earlier solidify their theory about that little girls identity.

Early in the morning, the employees greeted Mr. Klein when he entered the building. As usual, their boss has a cold and indifferent expression on his face. His aura is usually giving the employees a sense of fear every time they see this person in their company building. But today, the fear that was creeping on their skin lessened thanks to the little girl following their boss from behind.

The little girl is wearing turtle onesies with a hood in them and a pair of green rubber shoes. On her back, the little girl has a small turtle backpack that bounces every time she moves. She looks like a small turtle carrying a smaller turtle on her back. Together with her bulging and fair cheeks, pouty lips, and bright eyes, the people who saw that little girl felt like their hearts were melting into a pile of goo because of her cuteness.

But the most highlighted scene that happened earlier was the part where the little girl kept calling Mr. Klein daddy. Their boss has a pair of long legs and he naturally walks fast because of it. But the little girl who was following him from behind cannot keep up with his speed so she had to move her small legs faster to catch up with their boss. While Mr. Klein was waiting for the elevator door to open, the little girl finally catch up with him and she instantly hugged his leg.

They saw Mr. Klein trying to move his leg to keep his daughter away from him. But the little one refused to let go of his leg and continued calling him daddy in her soft voice. When the elevator door finally opened, they saw their boss taking a deep breath as if he was controlling his temper before getting inside the elevator with the little girl still attached to his leg.

No one in this building did not know how cruel and indifferent their boss on a daily basis. If not because of several good benefits and high salary they can get from working in this company, these people will surely change their jobs just to avoid meeting this type of boss. They are all so scared of Mr. Klein that no one wants to be with him in the same room.

But now, the employees who witnessed that scene still cannot believe their eyes. Their boss, who is known for his ruthless and disrespecting personality, controlled his temper and tolerated the naughtiness of that little girl. They all know that if theres another child who will pull the same trick on him, Mr. Klein is not going to hesitate to kick him and send him out of his building. Their boss has no temper for those people he sees as useless and trash.

It only proves to them that the little bun is really his daughter. So it turns out even the evilest man they know in their lives can also become a tolerable father to their child. Well, seeing the childs cute appearance made them think that they will also tolerate her even if she acts naughty sometimes. They will also treat it as a blessing if it is really possible for them to have a cute and chubby daughter like that.

Since they already confirmed these things in their hearts, the employees quickly spread the news and told their workmates about the little girl. It is a pity that they have no picture of their little miss. Someone said in their group chat they have to remember that little girls face and become respectful in front of her all the time. Who knows if she will become the next big boss who is going to inherit Mr. Kleins power and money.

Nathan has no idea this strange news about him and that little girl is spreading like wildfire in his company. Right now, he is ignoring the little girl who is sitting on the sofa while staring at him with her unblinking eyes. Its been thirty minutes since Lulu started doing that. Nathan is focusing on the data showing on his laptop and has no time to indulge that little buns weird habit.

That little girl wants her daddy to apologize. Hes been so rude to her since yesterday. Even if Lulu shows her sincerity by singing him a lullaby or sharing her snacks with him, this father still wants to hit her butt with a slipper. The last string of patience that her daddy hit earlier was when he did not even help to change her clothes and keeps on forgetting her name.

Her daddy always addressed her as you or rat all the time. Although she keeps on repeating her name in front of him, he still cannot remember it. Lulu clearly remembers her mommy saying that a person who can quickly forget something has a memory similar to a goldfish.

With that said, Lulu has added another thing that she can remember about this father. First, he is poor. It really made an impression on Lulu when Nathan said the words can afford to her yesterday. In her own understanding, her mommy probably made a mistake and this daddy must be really poor since he cannot afford to raise her.

Second, this daddy has a short memory. He cannot even remember her name. Maybe because her daddy is so poor that hes having a hard time right now. Lulu remembered an educational show she watched in the past saying eating less will make a person weak and they cannot concentrate on what they are doing.

Lastly, this daddy is rude and bad. Her mommy warned Lulu that her daddies are all bad people. Lulu just accepted her words and did not take them to heart. But now that shes experiencing the bad attitude of her daddy number one, she can help but feel sad and a little aggrieved towards him.

She is only a baby. Why does Lulu need to experience this hardship? Huu… Lulu suddenly wants to be hugged by her mommy again.

Seeing that her daddy is still ignoring her, Lulu made a popping sound using her lips before leaning her body on the sofa. She feels hungry once again. The little girl tries calling her daddy once but she did not receive any response. With an angry huff, Lulu jumps on the sofa and walks towards the door.

If this bad daddy will ignore her, then Lulu is going to find the kind sister who fed her with fried chicken and fries yesterday. She believes that kind sister will feed her again after she acts cute and lovable. Walking toward the door, Lulu keeps on reaching for the doorknob when the door suddenly burst open.

Because of the impact, Lulu falls flat on the ground. It is a good thing that the floor has a thick carpet and her backpack also helps to cushion her weight. Because of her surprise, Lulu did not immediately stand up. Instead, she remains laying on the floor and spread her arms and leg while thinking she is probably the unluckiest baby in the world.

As for the person who suddenly enters the office, he walks straight toward Nathan and slams his hands on the desk. Nathan did not feel surprised but he furrows his eyebrows at the noise this uninvited guest is doing in his office right now. Why can he act like a decent person for once and visit him quietly?

”Dude! How can you do this to me?! I thought we were friends! ”

”Im busy. ”

”I thought we are sworn brothers! But you dare to forget it after you secretly married a woman?! ”

”What are you talking about now? Can you see that Im working? ”

”See! You are even shouting at me! What happened to the times we spent together in the past? You
e hurting my feeling, bro. ”

”Jackson Lavine! ”

”Yup! Present! ”

The person who entered his office like a wild storm is none other than Jackson Lavine. He is a man who inherited a lot of money after his parents died in an accident. Jackson is also well-known because of the luxurious life that he always brags in social media which causes many people to envy him.

Most importantly, Jackson is also Louisas best friend back in college.

”Who the hell told you that Im married now? ” Nathan asked as he return his attention back to his laptop.

”Isn that the case? I mean, you already have a daughter. ” Jackson replied. ”Well, unless you decided to become a monk in the future and just adopted a little girl and train her as your successor. ”

”What daughter? ”

”The one who posted those silly things on your account! ” Jackson excitedly replied. ”By the way, where is she? I also want to meet her. I have a gut feeling that shes very cute based on her posts yesterday. ”

Nathan did not answer him. Instead, he lifts his head to see the brat who keeps on pestering him earlier. When Nathan found her, he snorted and points her location to Jackson.

”There she is. You probably hit her when you opened the door. ” Nathan said before he return his attention back to his laptop.

When Jackson turns around, he is surprised to see the little girl who is still laying flat on the floor. She looks so listless while pouting her lips as if someone made her unhappy just now.

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