Chapter 9: Father and son recognize each other.

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Translator: Colousplash

Editor: Kai Clarke

“Lu Tong, do you smell it? ”

“Smell what?”

When Lu Tong turned his head to look at him, the pheromones of an omega suddenly faded away. 

Qin Chu still continued what he was saying, “Pheromones of an omega.”

Lu Tong paused for a while and asked, “…Are you in heat?”

Qin Chu almost rolled his eyes at him, before he turned his head around.

When Lu Tong saw that he wasn’t interested in continuing to talk about this subject, he squeezed his hands which were sweating.

“The brat has a very good nose.” He complained in his heart, “Forget it, I won’t teach him after this, so let him do whatever he likes.” 

The fear lingered within him and he unconsciously touched the back of his neck.

This was where his gland existed, and this was also the most sensitive place on Lu Tong’s entire body.
He wouldn’t be able to stand it when it is being touched even for a bit, so much so that even blowing on it was a complete no-no.

In fact, it’s no big deal to be discovered by others that he was an omega, at most, it will give rise to several rumours.
Lu Tong was already a bright spot in the middle of the crowd, so he didn’t really care if other people talked about him.

But it was just too humiliating to be discovered by Qin Chu.

If both of them are A, then they can still be evenly matched, but if he admits that he was an O, then it would be like admitting that he was outdone by Qin Chu.
Lu Tong was unwilling to lower his grandeur without any good cause.

Both of them were absent-minded.

Qin Chu delayed time by holding the mock paper in his hands.
Lu Tong was feeling a bit different due to the leaking of his pheromones and he didn’t continue to stare at Qin Chu to trouble him but rather focused on himself intently.

Zhao Yan was cutting fruits downstairs and Xiao Nan was crawling around under the care of Aunt Wang.
And then the bell at the gate of the small villa rang for the second time.


She opened the gate to find a youngster standing outside the gate, Zhao Yan was both startled and surprised, “Qin Shiwu? ”

Qin Shiwu was wearing a black sleeved shirt with a long-sleeved, black turtleneck shirt inside.
And the pants he was wearing were high waisted, straight legged jeans with a very broad belt, which was tightly buckled onto his waist.
He was standing on a pair of athletic shoes and his bangs were held to the back of his head with a sports headband.

Instead of wearing spectacles, he was wearing contacts now, which exposed his clear face that had not seen the sun for a long time now.

You cannot blame Zhao Yan for being blank for a moment after seeing him, because Qin Shiwu always dressed in an old-fashioned way, wearing loose-fitting bell-bottomed pants and a set of high powered spectacles on his face.
So that Qin Shiwu was way different from the beautiful youth right in front of her.

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“Teacher Zhao.”, Qin Shiwu grinned.

His original body resembled Qin Chu very much.
Even the position of the small canine teeth in their mouths looked the same.
A single smile from him had a very deceiving nature.
It was extremely lethal to the majority of comrade [1] women who didn’t have a place to put their maternal love.
He was a walking harvester of maternal love from sisters and aunts. 

But unfortunately, the body Qin Chu was in now, was a little different.
But the warmth of his smile was still very powerful.

Zhao Yan remembered Qin Shiwu.
But the memory wasn’t very clear.

The reason for this was the actions of Qin Shiwu- “Earlier”, he was a complete nobody in the class and was very non-existent, leading him to be bullied for several months and Zhao Yan did not find any abnormalities.

She only knew that there was such a person in her class and that the other person had little interaction with her.
She didn’t know how he found her house and now came running over.

Zhao Yan asked, “Qin Shiwu, did you come here for me? ”

Qin Shiwu opened his mouth and said, “No, Teacher Zhao.
I’m here to find Qin Chu.”

He was gritting his teeth a bit when he said this.

After the evening class ended that day, Qin Shiwu didn’t add the person named “QC” anymore.
After sending a temporary message, he found out that he had been reported!

Who was there in the No.
1 Middle School, who didn’t try to bootlick him after seeing him? It was the first time that someone dared to reject him.
Not only did they reject him, but they also blacklisted him.

As a result, Qin Shiwu was completely depressed when he came back from the holidays on Friday.

After passing through sixteen years ago, Qin Shiwu met with the greatest existential threat in history.
Every day he saw the rumours of Lu Tong and Qin Chu flying around in the school actively.
Topics such as “two men fighting for one woman”, “Disliking each other”, and “Fighting when you meet” almost completely defeated Qin Shiwu.

He gathered together his magpie nest and strenuously about countermeasures from the house of the original Qin Shiwu.

How can he make Qin Chu fall in love with Lu Tong, or how can he make Lu Tong fall in love with Qin Chu? These were the difficult problems faced by Qin Shiwu at this time.

The two puzzles, no matter how they are arranged and combined, seemed to be a fantasy.

The establishment of the discussion group failed, and his parents were suspected to be rivals, and now he has lost contact with his father.
It was mainly because the father and son didn’t recognize each other.

Qin Shiwu pondered while hugging a pillow; The discussion group cannot be created for the time being, and there is no way to solve the matter of suspected rivalry between his parents.
The biggest problem is the last one, how to get Qin Chu to recognize him.

This seemed to be the root cause of all the problems-as long as Qin Chu was willing to believe that he came from a world of sixteen years later, everything will be solved.

Qin Shixi couldn’t sleep soundly that night, so he put on his clothes early the next morning.
After spending a lot of money in the newly joined “Pure female high school student’s learning based” group, he bought the address of Qin Chu’s home.

After getting the address, he was taken aback.
Qin Shiwu didn’t expect that Qin Chu would be a “social orphan” like him, not being disciplined by his parents.

However, Qin Shiwu is a little better than Qin Chu.
Although Qin Chu and Lu Tong didn’t care much about him, he can still live at home anyways, but Qin Chu couldn’t even live at home.
Now both of them have become hermit crabs.

Zhao Yan asked suspiciously: “Are you looking for Qin Chu? He is currently doing make-up classes, what’s the matter?”

After listening to the tone of her voice, normal people would generally hear the intention of rejection.

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In this era, it is not possible for another child to call out a kid who is having make-up classes and doing homework at home.

Qin Shiwu, “I have something urgent to do with Qin Chu.
Class teacher [2] It will only take like ten minutes.
I can speak to him while standing at the gate.

Zhao Yan glanced at the time, “You wait, I’ll call him.

On the second floor, Qin Chu was wasting time, and Lu Tong didn’t pay attention to him either.
The two of them were doing their own things in the room, and the atmosphere was very stiff for a while.

Zhao Yan pushed open the gate, “Qin Chu, Is someone looking for you? ”

Qin Chu didn’t raise his head, “I won’t see if it is a girl.”

When Lu Tong heard this, he said in his heart: Pretending like he was struck with great misfortune.

Zhao Yan, “It’s not a girl, it’s Qin Shiwu from our class.

When Lu Tong heard the name, he thought it felt familiar.

Qin Chu pondered for a while, as if he was trying to remember who Qin Shiwu was.

Wasn’t this the same classmate who was beaten up by himself after unsuccessfully harassing He Yuanyuan?

Qin Chu was still a little angry about this matter.

The reason why he taught him a lesson was not because he wanted to help He Yuanyuan to get out of the predicament.

It was because that woman named Chen Anqi was annoying him to death.
Qin Chu had many suitors, but he had never seen such a brave and fearless person, and it was useless to refuse in front of her.
Qin Chu was annoyed by Chen Anqi for harassing him all the time, but couldn’t really hit a woman, so Hu Si gave him a rotten idea and told him to simply use He Yuanyuan as a shield and let Chen Anqi stop for a while…

Qin Chu felt that the idea was not bad.
And at the right time, he came across an SMS from He Yuanyuan which explicitly suggested that Qin Shiwu was harassing her.
Qin Chu pushed the boat with the current [3] and beat Qin Shiwu up. 

After this incident, Chen Anqi really stopped for a while.

Qin Chu also thought this method was good.
But after Qin Shiwu seemed to have been beaten up, his brain became clogged up, and he opened his mouth to call him father.

He had originally forgotten about it, but thanks to Qin Shiwu for blessing him by jumping in front of him again.
Qin Chu recalled him again.

Moreover he was currently breathing the same air as Lu Tong and felt uncomfortable all over his body.
Therefore, when he heard this sentence he immediately ran downstairs.

It was not the discomfort in his heart that made him uncomfortable.
Rather it was the real physical discomfort.

The last time this weird feeling appeared was when he had just differentiated- At that time he was sharing a room with an omega.

At that time, Qin Chu still had no way to control his pheromone, and it was difficult to ward off the pheromones of an omega.
But now, let alone one omega, he doesn’t feel that feeling even when he is staying with ten omega.

It’s just that when he is in a room with Lu Tong, he always makes him inexplicably impatient, and his emotions turn more excited than usual, which was very strange.

He glanced at the cloudy weather outside the window, which was stuffy and hot.
Qin Chu unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, feeling that the awful weather can make people thirsty.

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He went downstairs and as soon as he walked to the courtyard, he saw Qin Shiwu standing at the gate.

When Qin Shiwu saw him, his ears stood tall, and his tail shook just like a puppy who saw his father, “Dad! Dad! ”

Qin Chu:……

He decisively and quickly took a step back, intending to close the door.

Qin Shiyi’s eyes were quick.
He quickly blocked Qin Chu’s way and hurriedly said, “Dad! Listen to me! Actually, I came here especially to recognize our relationship.
Although this matter sounds really outrageous, you have to believe me.
You really are my dad! My biological dad.
I saw you in such a hurry last time that I didn’t have time to talk about it, and now I can explain it to you! You know, the truth is generally surprising! ”

Qin Chu looked at him like he was staring at a fool and said, “Are you out of your mind? ”

Qin Shiwu had no choice but to say, “Dad, you open the door first, and I’ll tell after I come in.”

Qin Chu hesitated for a moment and then sized up Qin Shiwu.
The other party’s small body was not enough to beat him up.
So he opened the door.

Qin Shixi hurriedly explained, “You listen to me.
You really are my dad.
And I am really your son.
You believe me! ”

Qin Chu stood silently with his hands folded, watching Qin Shiwu going mad, feeling ridiculous.

Qin Shiwu placed his hands together [4] and said piously, “I have crossed back to 16 years in the past.
Do you know what crossing is?”

He looked at Qin Chu eagerly.

Qin Chu nodded.

Qin Shiwu patted his thigh, “Yes, yes, that’s it.
I just crossed over.
I am your own son, more real than gold and silver!”

Qin Chu didn’t want to go up and face Lu Tong.
So he simply stood below and listened to Qin Shiwu’s nonsense: “Did you cross over? How did you get here? ”

Qin Shiwu said, “So it is like this.
Lemme make the long story short.
Sixteen years later, I have some problems with my thoughts, but my ability to act is still very strong.
So when somebody insulted my personality, I couldn’t hold back for a while and I beat him up! And then my class teacher invited you and my mother for a meeting, intending to give me an ideological education.
But I was young and frivolous at the time, and I didn’t know that what I would face next would be a great leap forward in time.
So I had a big fight with you and my mother, and I rushed out of the classroom.
As a result, I accidentally fell into the plot of people and slipped into the wish well.
When I raised my head again, I saw you beating me.

After he finished telling this in one breath, he looked up at Qin Chu, “Do you have any specific thing that you want to ask? ”

Qin Chu coldly spat out a sentence, “Who is your mother? ”

Jabbing straight at the right point……He really deserves to be his dad.

Qin Shiwu took a breath of air, and made up his mind: He will definitely not sacrifice Lu Tong.

As far as their current situation is concerned, what if they change the trajectory of history after the truth is told?

Inside which stone slit is Qin Shiwu gonna be born?

Besides, Lu Tong is now flying high, and he dares to pretend to be A in the Provincial No.
1 Middle School.
He didn’t dare to disclose Lu Tong’s secret to his “enemy.”

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“I can’t tell you.
Qin Shiyi lowered his head dejectedly.
But then suddenly, he raised his head abruptly again, “But! Dad, listen to me.
My mother is absolutely not He Yuanyuan.
You quickly break up with He Yuanyuan! ”

After he finished speaking the atmosphere was silent for a moment. 

Qin Shiwu and Qin Chu looked at each other.
After looking at each other for a long time, Qin Shiwu saw the words “Mental case” clearly visible in Qin Chu’s eyes.

Qin Shiwu:……

“Dad, do you think that because I like He Yuanyuan, I made up such a bizarre urban legend to make the lovebirds break up?”

Qin Chu asked with incomparable indifference, “Isn’t it? ”


Qin Shiwu was going crazy!!

“I don’t like He Yuanyuan!! And you guys are not love birds!!”

Oh my god……

Qin Shiwu really fell apart, and as he fell apart he thought, “I am afraid that now I look like a fool who is mentally deranged in courting, in the eyes of Qin Chu.”

He kicked the stone on the ground fiercely in anger.

And the stone accidentally hit Qin Chu’s calf.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck from the sky, cutting through the entire cloud.

Qin Shiwu was stunned.

Before Qin Chu could beat Qin Shiwu with his hands, Qin Shiwu screamed like a groundhog, “Dad! See, it is really true! If a son hits his own dad, the unfilial son will be thunderstruck into two pieces.
Even God accepts that it is true! Isn’t this enough to prove that you are my dad! ”



↑1 homosexual
↑2 The original word is used to call a class teacher when you are close to the teacher.
↑3 lit.
to push the boat with the current / fig.
to take advantage of the situation for one’s own benefit
↑4 In a praying position

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