After the first thunder, the first drop of rain fell to the ground with a clatter.

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Qin Shiwu was most afraid of the rain.
He had just changed his clothes and hadn’t been beautiful for even half an hour.
So how could he get wet?

This person really cared about how he looked in others’ eyes and he had inherited some characteristics of Lu Tong, and now as he stood in the rain, Qin Shiwu jumped three times and ran into the living room with a speed faster than that of a rabbit.

Qin Chu slowly walked into the room and Qin Shiwu was still brainwashing him tirelessly, “Dad, I am really not lying to you, if I am lying to you, then thunder can strike and kill me where I stand!”

As soon as the voice fell, Zhao Yan asked, “Qin Shiwu? Who are you calling? ”

She doubtfully looked at Qin Shiwu, Shao Yan had clearly heard the word “Dad”.

“I didn’t call anyone.
” Qin Shiwu quickly changed his words.

Qin Chu walked to the sofa.
He sat on the sofa and turned on the TV to watch.

Upon seeing this, Qin Shiwu sat beside Qin Chu while unabashedly kissing up to him, “Dad.
I know that this fact is really hard to digest.
But you just think carefully.
Which man of indomitable spirit would recognize another man of the same age as his father? 

Qin Shiwu puppy-like eyes stared at Qin Chu with incomparable earnestness, just short of spitting out a tongue to be cute.
He swore that he’d never been this clingy even when he was a real son to Qin Chu sixteen years in the future!

Qin Chu took a bite of the apple and stared at the TV while ignoring him.

Qin Shiwu gave his bare heart to his keeping[1] and opened his mouth to sincerely say, “If you don’t want to believe me for the time being, I will just ask you for one thing.
Can you stop talking to He Yuanyuan? ”

Well, after talking for a long time, he still went back to He Yuanyuan.

At present, this woman is a piece of anxiety in Qin Shiwu’s heart.
A day with her still there is a day when he can’t eat and rest in peace[2]. 

Even though Qin Chu does not feel like reasoning with Qin Shiwu’s nonsense, he also doesn’t wanna drive him out.

Qin Shiwu was right about this point.

As a seventeen-year-old boy, what boy of their age wouldn’t have the greatest dream of being a father to his peers?

Whether Qin Shiwu’s brain got clogged, or it wasn’t working properly, he won’t suffer any loss by calling him dad twice.

Qin Shiwu smoothly called him “dad”, but Qin Chu still kept his poker face.
After failing to get his parents to recognize him, he decided to get his results through other ways.
Instead of rushing to be the other party’s son, he began to pick out and quote chapters and verses of every fault of He Yuanyuan. 

After he finished speaking, Qin Shiwu concluded by saying, “So in short, she is not a good candidate for being a wife.
She has a bad appearance and she is a Ke Fu[3].”

Qin Chu asked without thinking much, “Then who has a good face? Who is a Wang Fu[4]

Qin Shiwu screamed in his heart: “How the hell would I know!”

As soon as he turned his head, Lu Tong happened to come down from the second floor.

Qin Shiwu took a look, “This person looks very good! With just one look you can see that he is a Wang Fu.

Well, the main thing…… is that he looks so much like Lu Tong.

– Since Qin Shiwu was in a fit of anger, his mind wasn’t clear.
Suddenly he exerted himself to look hard, but even then he didn’t notice that it was his mother.

Qin Chu turned his head and looked at Lu Tong.

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Qin Shiwu pointed his hand at Lu Tong and then dropped it down limply, after looking at Qin Chu and Lu Tong, he stammered, “He, he quite resembles Lu Tong……”

Qin Chu nodded and said to Lu Tong, “What do you say? Do you feel like you resemble Lu Tong?”

Lu Tong:……

Qin Chu turned his head and said to Qin Shiqi, “Do you still think that he is a Wang Fu?”

He didn’t know if he was a Wang Fu or not, but Qin Shiwu felt at once that his son will be “snapped” soon[5]. 

He reacted quickly, and immediately straightened up his body from the sofa with standard posture and this was not much different from military training.

He dared to be impolite with his father, but Qin Shiwu didn’t dare to be playful and noisy with Lu Tong. 

Lu Tong looked very cold, and Qin Shiwu was most afraid of dealing with the flowers of Kaoling[6], a field he knows nothing about.

When Zhao Yan came out of the kitchen, she saw the three standing in the living room.
She stared at them with big eyes and asked, “The conversation was so lively just now, why did it go silent when I came? What were you guys talking about? ”

Qin Chu was shameless and he pointed to Lu Tong, “We were saying that he was a Wang Fu”

Lu Tong gritted his rear molars, making a creaking sound: This little bastard is actually having fun from this..!

Zhao Yan glared at Qin Chu and then turned her head to look at Lu Tong, “That’s just how he talks, you don’t lower yourself to his level.”

Lu Tong squeezed out a smile, “It doesn’t matter, but all the talks about Ke Qi were pretty rapid[7].”

Zhao Yan:…

Were your three words “It doesn’t matter” picked up from the group of words pooled together in the crematorium?

Qin Shiwu said, “Although it is out of place to say this now.

He leaned to Qin Chu’s side, even in a risky condition, he didn’t forget about his mission.
At every moment, he fought for the probability of his birth, “He is a Wang Fu.
You are a Ke Qi.
Don’t you think that you guys have great compatibility?”

Qin Chu, “The two of a match? A match for what? Playing Fight the Landlord[8]?”

He raised his eyebrows, “Do you think that my palm will match your face?”

Qin Shiwu stood up slowly and straightened his body, “Why should we intellectuals use knives and guns? It’s so undignified, if you have something to say then say it.
Don’t use your fist.

Qin Chu, “What about using my leg?”

Qin Shiwu was extremely sincere, “I suggest that you don’t do that either.

Lu Tong glanced at his wristwatch, “Teacher Zhao, it’s almost time.
So I’ll go earlier.

Zhao Yan was worried that there was no topic to chat about.
Lu Tong had forgiven Qin Chu like a person of great moral stature does not remember the offences committed by one of low moral stature.
She breathed a sigh of relief, and then looked out the window, “How do you plan to go back since it’s raining this heavily? Did you bring an umbrella?”

It wasn’t raining when Lu Tong came, and he didn’t think of looking at the weather forecast, so naturally, he didn’t think to bring an umbrella. 

This embarrassment was keenly captured by Qin Shiwu.

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On seeing that, things will not get anywhere in front of his strictly impartial and incorruptible dad, he immediately turned his attention to Lu Tong – Not able to persuade Qin Chu to chase Lu Tong? Can’t I fool Lu Tong into catching Qin Chu! 

Qin Shiwu had immersed himself in magazines like 《Bosom Friend[9]》 and 《Story Collections[10]》 that talk about the feelings between the two genders, for many years and rich storages of theoretical experiences on love.
He has deep self-understanding and comprehension on how to hunt for a rich and attractive man and also has a deep understanding[11] of how to help Lu Tong catch Qin Chu, this rich, good-looking guy.

As the saying goes, it is better to fool your dad, than fooling the world. 

Besides Lu Tong was already his wife.
But Qin Shiwu felt like the time when Lu Tong could get hold of the certificate of getting the post was too late.
and now he had to let Lu Tong arrive at the post of “Qin Chu’s wife” in advance.
Therefore, this cannot be called cheating.

This is called getting into a “strategic stalemate” with him.

Qin Shiwu stepped forward and was about to recommend himself for delivering his mother back home.   

– I will conveniently expose my own true origins while on the road.
I hope that great maternal love can defeat the scientific outlook on development.
So that Lu Tong’s brain will be dominated by strong estrogen flow, and he unconditionally believes that he is Lu Tong’s son!

“I have an umbrella!” Qin Shiwu took out an umbrella from his schoolbag and his puppy’s tail wagged like crazy at Lu Tong, “I’ll take you back!”

“It’s okay.
Qin Chu will send you back.”

Zhao Yan also spoke at the same time.

Qin Shiwu:……

Zhao Yan paused and looked at Qin Shiwu.
She said in surprise, “You have an umbrella? That’s good.
Then you and Lu Tong can conveniently-”

With electric light and flint, Qin Shiwu suddenly bent his knees and knocked on the umbrella’s stick.
The small umbrella couldn’t bear the heavy load, and with a “snap”, it broke into two pieces.

With a calm and composed face and without any change in his look, he said, “Teacher, unfortunately, my umbrella is broken.
You’d better let Qin Chu send Lu Tong home.

Zhao Yan had heard the sound of the umbrella breaking and her tooth ached on hearing this.

“How will you go back if your umbrella is broken? I will ask Qin Chu to give you two an –”

Qin Shiwu made a ”stop“ posture, “No need, Teacher Zhao.
With such little rain, can’t I walk back? The martyrs of the revolution walked 20,000 miles on the Long March[12] without shouting a single word about their suffering.
What is it if I get some rain on me? I am worthy of my status as a member of the Communist Youth League!”

Zhao Yan asked while laughing, “Member[13], does your leg hurt?”

Qin Shiwu said, “I got no comments.
I am a person who doesn’t talk about politics.

His leg was hurting badly.
If it weren’t for the presence of too many people, Qin Shiwu would have rolled all over the floor while clutching his legs.

But when he thought about Qin Chu being able to send Lu Tong home, such a romantic and beautiful two-person world after the rain and a golden opportunity that was bestowed by heaven which can cause the collision of numerous romantic sparks, made him forget all the pain and suffering.

Qin Shiwu felt that it was worth it.

Unfortunately, heaven didn’t comply with his wish[14].
Qin Chu said, “I won’t go.”

Zhao Yan said, “Did I ask for your opinion? If someone gives you tuition, it’s only natural for you to send them back.

Qin Chu said, “Didn’t you give the payment already? ”

“Giving him money is one thing and you sending him back is another.
With such heavy rain, how will Lu Tong go back home?”

Qin Chu said, “Isn’t there a bicycle in the garage? Why don’t you just let him ride it back?”

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Lu Tong, “Teacher Zhao, can you give me an umbrella? ”

“No way! ”

Before Zhao Yan could even refuse, Qin Shiwu spoke first.

Everyone looked at him in unison.
Qin Shiwu said, “Lu Tong doesn’t know how to ride a bicycle.”

Lu Tong looked at him flabbergasted.
Qin Shiwu’s heart palpitated and he changed his line of sight.  

Lu Tong really couldn’t ride a bicycle.
Let alone a bicycle, he couldn’t ride anything as long as it had wheels.

It’s not that he didn’t want to learn, it’s that he didn’t have time to learn.

In Lu Zhiyan’s eyes, learning to drive a car is a waste of time.
Lu Tong has been difficult to discipline since he was a child.
He can run away on his two legs without leaving any trace.
Like Tu Xingsun[15], he will be gone when he is taken out.
If he were to learn to use two-wheeled vehicles, the father and son pair would never see each other again!

Under Lu Zhiyan’s opposition, Lu Tong never touched such an entertaining “large toy”.

When others were riding bicycles to all the places when they got promoted from elementary school to junior high, Lu Tong could only play the piano in the Children’s Palace[16].

He didn’t tell anyone about the matter of him being unable to ride the bicycle.

First of all, it’s a bit embarrassing.
After all, being able to ride a bicycle is an essential skill for every outstanding teenager.
If he can ride a bicycle without holding the bicycles’ handlebar with both hands, he can be called a hero.

Second of all, there was no need for him to say this.
Who would be idle enough to come to ask him this when they don’t have anything to do? Moreover, Lu Tong takes the subway to go and come back from school, and he didn’t need to ride a bicycle.

Qin Shiwu being able to blurt out this now explains that he was clear at his heart.
But As for how he knew, it was worth thinking over. 

Lu Tong had a lot of thoughts, so he paid attention to him for the first time.

Qin Shiwu was sweating on his back with a guilty conscience.
He didn’t dare to look at Lu Tong more and quickly said to Qin Chu, “Dad, just send him back.
You see him as a soft and delicate beautiful teenager right? Don’t you feel pity for him? ”

Qin Chu said coldly, “No.”

But, Lu Tong did not refute Qin Shiwu.
Which meant that he really couldn’t ride.

This was very hilarious, and Qin Chu wanted to see him make a fool of himself, so he immediately changed his mind and agreed.

“I changed my mind, I’ll send Lu Tong off,” he said.

Lu Tong originally wanted to say that he didn’t want him to send him back.
But in front of Zhao Yan, he knew how to behave better than in front of Qin Chu, so enduring this annoyance Lu Tong followed Qin Chu to the parking lot.

The parking lot was for public use.
Qin Shiwu followed the two of them and would not go back until they got into the car.

Qin Chu then unlocked the underground garage from the front. 

Lu Tong opened his umbrella before he stood behind Qin Shiwu to cover them from the rain.

He was very close to Qin Shiwu now, and in his impression, Qin Shiwu had never been so close to Lu Tong.

When the other party leaned over, the good smell of honey locust from his body also got into Qin Shiwu’s nasal cavity.

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Qin Shiwu turned around to look at Lu Tong and stared blankly for a while.

Sixteen years later, Lu Tong was always very busy.
There were endless movies and endless announcements.
So he just didn’t have time to accompany Qin Shiwu to play at home. 

Qin Shiwu understood him even less than he did about Qin Chu, any information that he did know was either from the internet or from listening to his little aunt at home.

He used to think that Lu Tong was a shameless bastard who only cared about giving birth to a child and wasn’t concerned about bringing up the child.
If he disliked him that much, why did he even bother to bring him into this world without Qin Shiwu’s consent?

Later he discovered that Lu Tong wasn’t the only one who was a bastard, Qin Chu was also the same, and so he resented both of them.

Qin Shiwu resented the two of them so much that later, he became undisciplined and out of control in school, and the things that he did got bigger and bigger until finally, he broke his classmate’s arms.
It was precisely because of such a big fuss that he finally caught the attention of Qin Chu and Lu Tong.

“Incompetent parents.” Qin Shiwu commented in his mind.

Lu Tong’s motherly love seemed to have been very limited, it got exhausted immediately, and he had only loved him for a few years.

But despite this, every time Qin Shiwu thought about those years he felt it to be very precious. 

“Why are you staring at my face?” Lu Tong said.

His voice pulled Qin Shiwu back from the deadhead state.
At the same time, Qin Chu also unlocked the bicycle.

Qin Shiwu didn’t answer Lu Tong.
he looked away awkwardly, and his gaze fell on the 16-style retro ladies bicycles.

This vehicle — There was a basket in the front and there was no back seat.
You can immediately cosplay as an educated young woman who went to the countryside in the 1960s when you rode it. 

Qin Shiwu pointed at the bike trail, “This vehicle has no back seat? How are you gonna take Lu Tong along with you?”

Qin Chu leaned on the motorcycle behind him, “Who said that I want to take him by bike? He will ride it by himself.”

He patted the black motorcycle he was leaning on, “I will ride this one and escort you home from behind.

Qin Chu raised his face and looked at Lu Tong provocatively.

No expression could be seen from face paralyzed Lu Tong but he had already called him a bastard in his mind several times. 

For a while, all three of them were silent.

Qin Shiyi took two steps forward and lowered his voice.
He said, feeling disappointed that iron does not turn into steel[17], “Dad, you are too cruel! You are not completing the task instructed by the superior leader, right? You cannot go for individualism now.
You should know that you are the nut of socialism and Lu Tong is the bolt of socialism.
You must be closely connected with him, and the connection must be deep and close! How will you make a connection now?”

As soon as his voice fell, a black Audi suddenly stopped in front of the three of them.

The car window fell, and a man’s face appeared inside, who seemed to be an acquaintance of Lu Tong.

Lu Tong said in surprise, “Brother Yuan.”

Ren Yuanye obviously didn’t expect to have a chance encounter with Lu Tong, and he said in surprise, “Little Lu, why are you here? What are you doing standing in such heavy rain? I’ll take you back, get in the car.”

Lu Tong glanced at the 16-style retro cycle with a basket, which was sitting opposite to Qin Chu, and then got into Ren Yuanye’s car without any hesitation.

Qin Chu glanced at Qin Shiwu who had a downcast expression on his face, and said without much resentment, “Your socialist screw has been pried away by others.

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