Chapter 11: Heat

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Translator: Colousplash

The window of the Audi hadn’t been rolled up yet.
After looking at Qin Shiwu and Qin Chu, Ren Yuanye asked, “Are you two classmates of Little Lu? Where do you guys live? I will drop you guys off in passing.”

Qin Chu saw that the screw had left.
So he turned around and left the place to return to Zhao Yan and report back after the completion of the mission.

Qin Shiwu looked at the unfamiliar alpha in the driver’s seat and a 15th level alarm raised in his heart.
It was two levels higher than when he saw He Yuanyuan before.

Who is this A who suddenly appeared and knew Lu Tong very well?

Qin Shiwu searched in his head at the speed of light.
Sixteen years later, there was no such person by Lu Tong’s side.

Lu Tong pressed the button to roll down the rear window, stuck out his head, and said, “Qin Shiwu, get in the car.”

It was the first time that Qin Shiwu heard Lu Tong calling his name after he crossed over.
His heart skipped a beat, and he reflexively got into the car.

Ren Yuanye asked, “Is this your classmate? Why haven’t I seen him before.”

Qin Shiwu’s whole body became stiff, and he very fiercely said in his heart: It’s none of your business.
Even Lu Tong’s husband doesn’t care who I am.
So why do you wanna care so much? You take care of your own business[1])!

Lu Tong replied, “We are in the same school.
But not in the same class.
We met by chance today.”

Qin Shiwu turned around to look at Lu Tong in astonishment.
Disappointed that iron did not turn into steel, he shouted in his heart: You still dare to respond?! Did you respond to your husband just then!! You don’t act like a wife for even a bit!

Ren Yuanye, “Oh, so it’s like that.

Lu Tong casually asked, “Why did Brother Yuan come here? ”

In the rearview mirror, Ren Yuanye smiled and said, “I’m here to bring some fruit to my grandmother.
I took a leave today.
So I don’t need to go to work.
As a result, I met you as soon as I left the neighborhood.
Don’t you think that it is a coincidence?”

Qin Shiyi gritted his teeth: Coincidence? Coincidence my foot!

Ren Yuanye wasn’t bad looking.
He had a gentle and soft appearance, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.
Even when he was not talking, he had a smiling face, which could easily make people feel good.

He also spoke warmly, possessed a greatly warm personality, and dressed very casually.
He had a watch hanging on his wrist, which was very expensive.

Judging from the appearance, he should be a gentle big brother next door type A that little Os like the most.

From the financial point of view, the car and watch belong to the upper middle class and from his way of speaking it could be seen that he was from a good household.

Moreover, the most important thing was that he had a good relationship with Lu Tong.

Why couldn’t Qin Shiwu discover such a potential crisis earlier?

His eyes quickly glared at Ren Yuanye’s face.

His gaze was too enthusiastic and his intent to kill was very concentrated.
Ren Yuanye finally sensed Qin Shiwu’s enmity and wondered in his heart: I have nothing to do with this child, right? How can he look at me with the eyes of a person seeing the enemy who killed his father?

Ren Yuanye avoided Qin Shiwu’s gaze and said to Lu Tong, “Aunty Lin came back today.
She couldn’t get through a call to you.
She called me and asked if you were with me.
If you have time, can you call her back?”

Qin Shiwu broke the remaining length of the umbrella in his hand.

What is their relationship?

Qin Shiqi’s face turned green with anger — to substitute for Qin Chu’s Green[2].

“My grandmother wasn’t able to call my mother.
So she called you, an A, to ask for him? What is the relationship between you two?!”

The relationship between Ren Yuanye and Lu Tong could be partially regarded as childhood sweethearts[3].

He was older than Lu Tong by five years.
He graduated from university a year ago and at present, he was working as an intern in a hospital.
Now he was also preparing to sit for an entrance examination for a graduate program and he was planning to go to city B to attend a graduate school.

Both of them were natives of the H City and grew up in an alley.
Later, they bought houses and bought villas in the same neighborhood after the other.
Ren Yuanye differentiated into an alpha at the age of seventeen.
In the eyes of others, he was not just a brother to Lu Tong.
He had a position that even surpassed the place of a blood-related brother.

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After all, with Lu Tong’s face paralysis, no expression could be seen on his face usually.
And it could be considered that he exposed his expressions more when it came to his treatment of Ren Yuanye. 

Ren Yuanye first asked where Qin Shiwu lived and then dropped Qin Shiwu at his house.

Qin Shiwu watched the two of them sitting in the car and fumed with rage between his gritted teeth.
But he couldn’t do anything. 

Ren Yuanye then sent Lu Tong home.
At this time, the rain had subsided and it gradually stopped.
When they arrived at his [LT] home, it was no longer raining.

Lu Tong got out of the car, and as soon as he took two steps, Ren Yuanye also got out of the car and followed him while carrying two bags of fruits.

“Little Lu, don’t forget to give this to auntie.”

Lu Tong took the fruits.

He was feeling a little uncomfortable, so he deliberately kept a little distance from Ren Yuanye.

Ren Yuanye’s pheromone wasn’t aggressive and was warm and gentle like him.
Normally even if he was close to him, he would not experience such a strong rejection reaction as he did today.

Lu Tong’s omega instinct made him cover his neck uncomfortably.
If he thinks about it, the reason behind him being like this now could be the thankful influence of Qin Chu’s pheromone on him in the morning.

Lu Tong’s eyebrows twitched even more on thinking about Qin Chu.

Son of a b***

Ren Yuanye said, “I am going home now and I will come back to see you later.”

As soon as he said this and left, Lu Tong turned around and was embraced by a woman.

“Lu Lu, Mama is back.
Did you miss me?”

Lin Siyin hugged her son, wanting to kiss Lu Tong’s face.

Lu Tong was most scared of this and he immediately avoided her, “Don’t kiss me.”

Lin Siyin asked, “You are my son.
So what if I kiss you? Did Little Ye send you back just now? Why didn’t he come into our house to sit down?”

“He still got something to do.”

Lin Siyin didn’t continue to talk about Ren Yuanye.
Rather, she changed the subject, “Where did you go today? Why weren’t you at home today?”

Lu Tong hesitated for a moment and said, “I had something to do.
So I went out.
My friend was with me too.”

After saying this, the two stepped into the house together.

“What were you doing? You are now in your sophomore year of high school and you are about to enter your senior year.
Do you still think that you can run out to play during the weekends, just like when you were in high school?”

As soon as he entered the door, Lu Zhiyan’s voice sounded in his ears.

“You really have no idea on what’s important and what’s not.”

Lu Tong put down the fruits.
His mood dropped to the lowest in an instant, “I am going upstairs to write my homework.”

Lin Siyin grabbed him, “No ah, mom just came back.
You come to chat with mom.
You ignore your dad.
He is just like that.”

Lu Tong was really not in the mood to chat.
So he put down the fruit and went to the second floor. 

Lin Siyin followed Lu Tong and glanced at Lu Zhiyan, “Can’t you just say a few words less?”

Lu Zhiyan replied to him, “Am I wrong? He is at a critical juncture now.
He can’t relax just by relying on his good grades.
Can the recommendations to Peking University and Tsinghua University be guaranteed? ”

Lu Zhiyan, “Are points important or the child? You just open your mouth to start blabbering here and blame the child for not kissing you.”. 

Lu Zhiyan became speechless when she said these words.

Lin Siyin went up to the second floor and lightly pushed open the door to Lu Tong’s room.
Lu Tong was sitting at his desk and sorting out the pens scattered on the table.

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Lin Siyin quietly walked over, “Son?”

Lu Tong looked back at her.

Lin Siyin smiled and said, “Are you hungry? I’ll go wash a pear for you to eat.”

Lu Tong shook his head, “I am not eating.
Why are you back?”

He remembered that Lin Siyin’s performance tour wouldn’t end until the end of the year.
It was only early September now, and there wasn’t any probability of her coming back now.

Lin Siyin said, “I asked the leader for a leave.
This performance tour will run just fine even without me.
Did you not want me to accompany you?”

Lu Tong, “I don’t need it.”

“What do you mean you don’t need it? “ Lin Siyin sat next to him, “My child is taking his entrance exam.
Both his father and mother should stay by his side.
Now you are at a critical point in your life.
You experience this only once in your entire life.
So mama should naturally come back home to accompany you.”

Lu Tong didn’t say anything after listening to this.

He thought in his mind:  What is the usage of coming back to accompany me now? Don’t tell me that the previous several years weren’t important?

Lin Siyin rarely came back to see her son once and wanted to talk to him more.
But Lu Tong was tired and said while rubbing the space between his eyebrows, “Mom, I want to sleep.”

Lin Siyin wanted to say something.
But as Lu Tong’s behavior intended to turn her out made her embarrassed to stay in her son’s room after that. 

Before leaving, Lin Siyin said, “Lu Lu, I heard from your class teacher that in a few days, a senior year swearing-in ceremony will be held in which the whole school will participate.
At that time, mama will come to the school to accompany you.”

Lu Tong absent-mindedly nodded his head.

In fact, the swearing-in ceremony only required the parents of senior high school students to be present.
There was no requirement for the parents of the first and second-year high schoolers to be present.
However, parents who care about their children would definitely come.
After the swearing-in ceremony of the Provincial No.
1 Middle School, teachers from various university admissions offices would provide consulting services.

Originally, Lu Tong said that he wanted to sleep because he wanted an excuse to send Lu Siyin out.
But after Lin Siyin left, he actually started to feel a bit sleepy.
The omega pheromones in his body were acting up.
Lu Tong sprayed some inhibitors anxiously and fell asleep in a daze.

With this sleep, he slept directly till the next day. 

There were only ten days of summer vacation in Provincial No.
1 Middle School, and classes already started at the end of July.
In September it would have already been two months since school started.

This isn’t just it.
In September, No.
1 Middle School implemented a new timetable: There would be only one day break during the weekends.
Sundays will be a break day but you will have to go to school on Saturdays for self-study[4]. 

Even though it was called self-study, new lessons would be taught during those days.

After Lu Tong got up from his bed, he packed his schoolbag and reflexively went to touch his mobile phone.
But in the end, even after searching everywhere on the desk and bed, he wasn’t able to find it.

When he got to school, he rummaged through his desk’s shelf and couldn’t find his mobile phone from here either.

“What are you doing?” He Nian arrived in their classroom earlier than him, “You have been flipping through the desk’s shelf for the entire noon time.
Don’t you wanna eat lunch!”

Lu Tong said, “I can’t find my mobile phone.”

All of a sudden, he paused and lifted his head to look at He Nian, “What is that smell on your body?”

He Nian sniffed his clothes, “What kinda smell? Oh.
It is that time of the year for me.
I sprayed the inhibitor this morning.
Is it the smell of the inhibitor? Is it that big?”

Lu Tong shook his head, “No.”

He Nian bumped his shoulders, “Why? Are you curious? If you want to mark me, I will lend you my neck for free.”

“Stay aside.”

He Nian said, “Hey Lu Tong.
Do you really have no interest in this field? I heard that you Alphas are really possessive.
Don’t tell me that you don’t wanna mark He Yuanyuan even when she is a beautiful omega and circles around you every day.”

“No”, said Lu Tong while being focused on searching for his mobile phone.

“Lu Tong, someone is looking for you.” The vice class monitor looked up at the door and shouted.

Lu Tong stuffed the textbook into the desk’s shelf and said, “Coming.
Who is it?”

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The vice class monitor said, “I didn’t see them clearly.
They asked you to go to the rooftop of the second floor to find them.”

Lu Tong was taken aback, “What the hell?”

He walked to the rooftop of the second floor in a confused state and saw Qin Chu playing with his mobile phone with his right hand in his pocket.

He sure is very courageous.

A high schooler wasn’t allowed to bring a mobile phone to school.
Everyone usually played with mobile phones secretly.
Qin Chu was the only one who did it in such a high-profile manner.

Lu Tong considered him to be not there and swept a glance at the rooftop.
But he wasn’t able to find anyone else there. 

After a long time, he came back to his senses and he thought in his heart with uncertainty: ……Was Qin Chu the one who was looking for me?

His gaze fell on Qin Chu, and then on the mobile phone that Qin Chu was playing with — it looked familiar.

Isn’t that his mobile phone?

Lu Tong reacted.

No wonder he wasn’t able to find it even after searching it all over his place.
Turns out that it was taken away by this son of a b***.

“Give it back.” He stretched out his hand.

Qin Chu looked up at him, “What do you want me to give you?”

Lu Tong pointed at the phone that he was holding, “My mobile phone.”

Qin Chu seemed to have come there to pick a quarrel with him.
He shook the mobile phone and said, “I found this in my house’s living room downstairs.
How do you know that it’s yours?”

The mobile phone that Lu Tong couldn’t find seemed to have fallen at Lao[5]) Zhao’s house.

He had no mood to continue fencing with Qin Chu, “Thank you.
Now, are you going to give me back my phone?”

Qin Chu refused, “No.

The veins on Lu Tong’s forehead jumped.

“What do you want?”

Qin Chu turned on Lu Tong’s mobile phone, revealing the lock screen.
He put on a fake smile and said, “Do you like Chen Anqi so much?”

The lock screen was a selfie of Chen Anqi.

Lu Tong:……

It was definitely He Nian who changed this picture for him.

Lu Tong couldn’t remember when he had a picture of Chen Anqi.

Lu Tong was about to go grab it, but Qin Chu put the phone in his pocket again.

Qin Chu boasted shamelessly, “I am hungry.
Go buy me lunch.”

Lu Tong asked, “Don’t you have any meal card and legs?”

“I have.” Qin Chu said, “But I don’t wanna move.
Don’t you wanna thank me.
I am giving you an opportunity to show your sincerity.” 

He raised his hand and glanced at his watch, “There are still 20 minutes before the afternoon class starts, and it takes ten minutes to go back and forth between here and the cafeteria.
So remember to run fast.”

Lu Tong gnashed his silver teeth[6].
He then showed up in the cafeteria not far from the exam building and bought lunch for Qin Chu.

He was a day student[7] and usually brought his own meals to school.
Therefore, he rarely went to the cafeteria to buy meals.

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This purchase made the campus forum lively.

Lu Tong rushed over to the canteen to buy food?

For whom? Chen Anqi? He Yuanyuan?

A student in the cafeteria secretly took out his mobile phone to take a photo of Lu Tong’s back and posted it on the campus forum that night.

“Eat fast.
Can you return my phone now?”

Lu Tong threw the take-out meals in front of Qin Chu.

Qin Chu glanced with a fussy look and said, “Why didn’t you buy water? What should I do if I am thirsty? ”

Lu Tong wasn’t in a good mood, “Swallow your saliva.”

Qin Chu didn’t speak.

Lu Tong remembered that his mobile phone was still with Qin Chu, and said after swallowing his anger[8], “There is a vending machine for drinks on the side.
You can buy whatever you want to drink.”

Qin Chu glanced at the vending machine, thinking about giving more trouble to Lu Tong.
But the other party swayed all of a sudden and leaned against the railing.

Qin Chu raised his eyebrows: Did he faint from anger?

Lu Tong took a deep breath.
After two days of physical discomfort, the condition of his body suddenly worsened.
A strong tremor suddenly surged in his body.
It spread from the four limbs of his body to his hundred bones, causing his legs to go jelly in an instant.

The dense pink color rose up from his neck to his ears.
Lu Tong’s breathing became rapid.
He firmly grasped the railing with both hands and a few blue veins immediately appeared on the back of his white hands.

The omega pheromones immediately spread on the small rooftop.
The cold and sweet pheromones which were like frosty snow invaded Qin Chu’s nose. 

He gazed at Lu Tong in astonishment.
He suppressed the unbearable emotions that were stirred up by Lu Tong’s pheromone, and asked, “Are you an omega?”

From his tone, it seemed that it was somewhat hard for him to believe it.

Qin Chu quickly calmed down and asked, “Where is your inhibitor?”

Lu Tong suddenly grabbed his arm.
A pair of damp and lifeless eyes stared into his eyes.
Qin Chu resisted the instinctive impulse to mark him and calmly said, “Don’t take advantage of me.
A violent  A isn’t sweet.”




↑1 lit.
a dog who catches mice / to be meddlesome (idiom
↑2 green / (slang) (derived from 綠帽子|绿帽子) to cheat on [one’s spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend]
↑3 lit.
green plums and hobby-horse (idiom) / fig.
innocent children’s games/childhood sweethearts / a couple who grew up as childhood friends
↑4 Not me being scared of their health.
↑5 venerable (person
↑6 it means gnashing your teeth to show anger
↑7 A student who attends regular classes at a college or preparatory school but does not live at the institution.
↑8 to submit to humiliation (idiom); to suffer in silence / to swallow one’s anger / to grin and bear it

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