ay basketball was as shocking to his whole family as seeing sister Lin Chi-ling* lifting weights at the Olympics.

(* TN: a Taiwanese model, actress, singer and television host, according to Wikipedia.)

Qin Shiwei hadn’t yet finished his breath, just halfway relieved, when he saw a person in the corner of his eyes, and he directly cut off this breath of relief.  

“Lu Tong is here!”

A person behind him shouted.
The female compatriots at the scene turned their heads, twisted their bodies, and their eyes all fell on Lu Tong.

Lu Tong had just finished dealing with the head teacher and came down from the laboratory building, taking off his school jacket while walking.

He was accompanied by a pale-skinned and thin-legged female student, with a ponytail, curled hair, and a touch of makeup on her face.
The degree was just controlled to the extent of not being caught by the Political and Religious Affairs Department to remove her makeup, which showed that she was proficient in her business.

“He came with He Yuanyuan.”

“Why did he Yuanyuan follow Lu Tong again? Is she not bored ah?”

“She’s in a losing situation* ah.
Lu Tong is too cold and doesn’t take her seriously.
Does she really think she is Lu Tong’s girlfriend…”

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(* 倒贴: pay for the keeping of an unprofitable business.
Basically a person insisting on giving their everything to an uninterested party, even though they know the other party doesn’t reciprocate.)

Qin Shiwu craned his neck to look, ignoring the chattering and fragmented discussion in the crowd.

Lu Tong’s appearance looked not much different from that of sixteen years later.
He had always been a frosty male star in the eyes of the public.

But now, he had more collagen on his face.
He had pale skin, a thin waist, long legs, pronounced collarbone, long eyelashes and a cold face.
His whole body was covered in a broad school uniform.
In addition to exuding juvenile spirit, he also revealed a sense of fragility like white porcelain.

After he took off his jacket, He Yuanyuan smoothly took Lu Tong’s jacket in her arms, skillfully as if she were his girlfriend.

A level twelve alarm went off in Qin Shiwu’s head.

“It’s a close friend.” he comforted himself poker-faced, “it’s definitely a close friend.
It’s normal for Lu Tong to have a close friend in high school and to take his clothes for him, who doesn’t have a few close friends yet.”

Before the theater in his head stopped, the students around Qin Shiwu spoke again.

“He Yuanyuan is not shy about it, an Alpha and an Omega being so close, she’s not afraid of causing trouble.”

After hearing this, Qin Shiwu immediately overturned his previous theory of close friends without hesitation and stared at He Yuanyuan with a grimace.

He nodded wildly in his heart: that’s right! What kind of close friend’s eyes are so affectionate.
Even if this Alpha woman is shameless, my mother, an Omega, still has a reputation to live up to! What if my father sees it? Who will take responsibility?

… However, he couldn’t tell ah, He Yuanyuan looked so soft, but turned out to be a female Alpha.

“What kind of pure person do you think this omega is? She can’t wait to make something happen.
Haha, if something really happens, can Lu Tong not be responsible for her?”

Qin Shiwu listened and his anger burned: fuck! this alpha woman is shameless! It’s too insidious——

——No, what do you mean not a pure person?

He reflexively thought that the Omega insulted by the students was Lu Tong*, so the people behind didn’t say two sentences before Qin Shiwu interrupted angrily: “what do you mean? He’s not pure, you’re pure?”

(* TN: the student used ‘she’ to refer to hyy when insulting her, but the pronunciation of she and he is the same in Chinese, which is why qsw doesn’t realize that hyy is the omega that’s being insulted.)

The man said, “I didn’t say anything about you.
Who are you?”

As soon as Qin Shiwu’s temper came up, he wanted to scold “I’m your father” on the spot, and then step on the other party and rub beneath his heel repeatedly.
But when he thought of the current situation, it was not convenient to cause trouble.
He tried to be more tolerant, secretly recited “my Buddha’s mercy”, and calmly said, “Then what you said about Lu Tong is right? Are you a roundworm in his belly that you know him so well?”

“Who’s talking about Lu Tong? I’m talking about He Yuanyuan.”

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Qin Shiwu was stunned: “didn’t you say Omega?”

“Yes, He Yuanyuan is an Omega.”

Qin Shiwu’s brain failed to reboot and became sluggish: “but you just said that an alpha and an omega being so close– “

“Lu Tong is an alpha.
Are you crazy? Does he look like an omega?”


Qin Shiwu was shocked by these words.
He thought dully in his heart: it’s not a question of whether Lu Tong looks like an Omega or not, it’s that Lu Tong is an Omega, right?

If he was not an omega, where did he come from?

Is it possible that he was really picked up?

Did the urban legend of picking up a son from the trash finally come true in his case?

On second thought, it was impossible.

Lu Tong was such a cold-hearted person.
How could he be willing to raise a son for others? Was he a philanthropist?

Qin Shiwu’s brief bewilderment was soon dissipated by the sound of voices on the scene.

In order not to be pushed to the back, Qin Shiwu struggled to grab the barrier in front of him and stared at Lu Tong on the basketball court.

Lu Tong seemed to be very popular in the circle of female students.
When he was not there, the female students cheered feebly and absent-mindedly.
As soon as Lu Tong took the stage, all the heroines on the scene changed from Consort Yu to Conqueror of Chu*, shouting fervently, using all their energy.

(* TN: Conqueror of Chu was a famous warlord who rebelled against the Qin dynasty, and Consort Yu was his wife.)

This popular scene was not much different from what Qin Shiwu imagined, but he had completely misunderstood the target.

Lu Tong was obviously more popular with girls than boys.

After one game, Provincial No.
1 High School made a comeback against the odds.
Lu Tong made several dazzling dunks, causing the screams on the scene to overturn the sky, and in the end, the champion was undoubtedly No.
1 High School.

After Qin Shiwu witnessed the whole process, he seemed to have gotten a new understanding of Lu Tong.

The iceberg handsome guy with facial paralysis in front of him was 180,000 miles away from the “gentle and virtuous” Mrs.
Qin in the future!

Qin Shiwu’s head was extremely dizzy: What the hell, is it really my mother? When you were young, you were so wild? He pretended to be an alpha?

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