Chapter 6: Qin Shiwu

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Qin Shiwu was very sensitive to his dad’s initials, and as soon as he saw these two letters he associated them with Qin Chu.

He craned his neck and took a look at the back of the classroom.

Qin Chu was sleeping on his desk.

Qin Shiwu could only see the top of his head.
Seeing his extremely bad and negative attitude, he (QS) even had to go out on his own to ask about his (QC) wife; he was very angry and indignant.

How did he find such a disappointing father? His wife was going to be fished away and he was still sleeping here in broad daylight.

It was often said: more valuable than a mother’s love is a father’s love, father’s love is like a mountain; now it was Qin Shiwu’s turn – this father’s love is like a landslide.
After his father’s failure to meet his expectations, Qin Shiwu hated iron for not becoming steel.
His eyes looked at Qin Chu and became resentful.

The more he thought about it, the more tangled he became.
He picked out Qin Chu’s bad habits and criticized them from beginning to end.
The last thing he did was to blame Qin Chu for causing him to be born without his permission, and Qin Shiwu thought viciously: can’t you keep your pants under control!

Guapitou reminded him, “Qin Shiwu, you are crazy, who are you staring at? Haven’t you been beaten enough.”

He was not afraid of Qin Chu beating Qin Shiwu, but he sat with Qin Shiwu; Guapitou was afraid that Qin Chu would start a chain of events, beating Qin Shiwu, then also beating him as buy one and get one free.

This is really a disaster that must be avoided!

Sixteen years in the future, Qin Shiwu dominated the province and wasn’t afraid of anyone.
Now hearing Guapitou’s remarks, he was very disdainful: “Revolutionary martyrs are not afraid of death even in the face of the reactionary butcher’s knife.
Now you are afraid of a high school student.
Are you not ashamed?”  

Guapitou still thought Qin Shiwu had taken the wrong medicine; he spoke directly into his left ear and out of his right ear.

Moreover, the two sat close to the podium, and under the eyes of Ami, Guapitou dared not speak.

— What’s more, they sat by the window, the most dangerous position.
The school had a patrolling teacher on duty on each floor during evening self-study.
Today the patrolling teacher on the 4th floor of building D was Director He of the Student Affairs Department.
There was an old legend in No.
1 High School, and ordinary students dared not provoke him.

The old man was not very tall.
His head barely appeared on the window when patrolling, accurately watching out for phones, catching them one at a time and never missing.

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The students used to put a small round mirror on the windowsill, its function being the same as the rearview mirror in the car, allowing see the patrol teacher from a distance.
Later this trick was strictly prohibited by the school.
Currently the students of Provincial No.
1 High School had not yet figured out how to deal with this inspection teacher and could only keep their heads down and not speak.

Guapitou by the window was afraid of being caught by the teacher.
It was a small matter to be scolded, and it was a big deal to be deducted points.

If points were deducted from the class, the school would deduct Lao Zhao’s salary.
If Lao Zhao’s salary was deducted, those who caused the point deduction would be unlucky.

There was a special program before the end of the evening self-study in class 12 of senior high school.
Every day, the people who caused point deductions lined up to the podium one by one before the end of the evening class to receive the hand board.

One board per point.

There was little meat on Guapitou’s butt and he was most afraid of being smoked by Lao Zhao with a board, so he was especially well-behaved.

Usually, Qin Shiwu would also follow the rules with him, but today he was so winded that he kept pulling him to talk and ask questions.
He didn’t pay attention to the evening self-study and the teacher at all.
And what was even weirder was that Guapitou felt he was a little like Qin Chu

“Is there only a group for Lu Tong? Not for Qin Chu?” Qin Shiwu grabbed his collar.

Guapitou was bullied by him.
He was unable to fight back and pushed down his glasses: “yes ah, can’t you go to the forum yourself?”

Qin Shiwu was not satisfied and asked, “are their groups separate? are they together?”

Guapitou: “How could they be together ah, their relationship is so bad, and these women are also hostile.
Those who like Lu Tong don’t like Qin Chu’s poor academic performance, those who like Qin Chu don’t like Lu Tong’s pretentiousness, and they don’t know what they don’t like each other.
Does anyone care about them?”

Hearing Guapitou say that their relationship was poor, Qin Shiwu accepted the truth with a heart attack.

In the first two classes, he didn’t write any homework, so he took his mobile phone and ate the melons of the love-hate relationship between his parents in their past and present lives.
As a result, when the class was over in the evening, his face looked so bad that Guapitou thought he was going to die in situ.
In fact, he was not far from death.
According to the relationship between Qin Chu and Lu Tong, his life was estimated to be wiped out by this cold world.

Guapitou copied a few words and whispered, “Besides, who has nothing better to do than to open a group for the two of them?”

Qin Shiwu asked, “Aren’t there any such fans?”

Guapitou looked at him with his head tilted.

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Qin Shiwu said: “The kind who sincerely hope that two people will get together and love each other!”

Qin Shiwu said this, not groundless.

When he was bored, he registered a Weibo, followed Lu Tong’s super topic, ready to know the latest news of his busy mother who did not return home – how ridiculous, he was his son and had to go to the scalpers to buy his own mother’s itinerary!

In short, during the time he spent wandering around Weibo, a new world opened up, mainly by catching his mother’s spiritual “affair”: he discovered many of his mother’s CP* with other male celebrities.

(* TN: lol this refers to couple and not anything else you might be thinking.)

At first, Qin Shiwu was furious, thinking that they were humiliating Lu Tong! His own mother? How could a boy from a decent, good family, who only married his father in his life, have so many men? How could it be what they call pure fishing?

What the hell was this!

So Qin Shiwu personally dealt with it, opened fifteen accounts in other people’s cp’s super topic and yelled at them.
His own mother’s cp were quite a lot, one from acting in a TV series, a movie, even a male who had never collaborated with him.
Just looking at the male star with a long face, Qin Shiwu’s hands cramped from typing.

These girls thought that Lu Tong and the male artist they were talking about were genuinely in love with each other, which almost made Qin Shiwu’s head dizzy.

Of course, the consequence of talking so much nonsense was that all his accounts were blocked by every super topic host.

Qin Shiwu also gradually forgot about this matter because of his studies.

Now, he was self-taught.
Fortunately, he remembered about this matter in his heart.

Guapitou was covered with goosebumps: “You’re sick! They are both alphas!”

After hearing this, Qin Shiwu disdained: what alpha? Stupid groundhog.

Guapitou said, “there can’t be such a discussion group unless you create one yourself.”

This remark opened up a new way of thinking for Qin Shiwu.

He immediately left Guapitou behind and thought about it with his mobile phone.

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How could no one in the world want Qin Chu and Lu Tong together?

They looked so well matched, from head to toe, from hair to eyelashes all match! They should be together in accordance with heaven’s destiny – but, like all true love couples, before they fall in love, they will have to encounter all kinds of ups and downs in the future.

Qin Shiwu’s blood was surging in his brain, and he almost cried out “miserable person” with tears streaming down his face.

Now he could finally understand the feelings of those idol chasing girls he saw back then.
At this moment, how he hoped that Qin Chu and Lu Tong would bravely break through the secular prejudice and fall in love in spite of everything!

——Qin Shiwu couldn’t wait to escort them immediately and send them to bed.

However, it was still imperative to find more friends who hoped Qin Chu and Lu Tong would get together.

Qin Shiwu’s strength alone was certainly not good.
He needed some dog headed military advisor to give him good advice so that they could unite together and defeat those “poisonous solo stan” girls who liked only one person!

As soon as he said it, Qin Shiwu immediately started a group.

Unfortunately, it took two or more people to successfully set up a discussion group.
According to the current situation, Qin Shiwu seemed to be in a rather dangerous situation – searching all over the school, he was afraid there was no second person who thought Qin Chu and Lu Tong could fall in love with each other.

Qin Shiwu was an isolated island.
It was difficult even for a skillful woman to cook without rice.
If he couldn’t establish a discussion group by himself, he was going to fail.

He bit his fingertips and had a bright idea.
He turned to the “Qc” who joined the group with him.

The group had already welcomed one round, so it was clear that these girls were not studying properly in class and were using their phones.

The “Qc” did not say a word in the group, Qin Shiwu stared at his black avatar for a long time, thinking that this person was quite pretentious.

He poked into “Qc’s” avatar again and found that many of his icons on the other side were off, but the icons were of a high level, not as if they were turned off.
Qin Shiwu hadn’t experienced this non-mainstream era, so he did not know: it was popular for junior and high school students to light up all the icons.
After it was popular for a while, people felt that it was not cool enough, so it became popular again to darken these icons.

Qin Chu seemed to be a master of it.

He pretended to be subtle, only those who know how to understand it, such as Qin Shiwu, thought it was very silly.

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Qin Shiwu decided to select this “QC” and him as the second group member of the love group between Lu Tong and Qin Chu.

There were two reasons for this.

The first: this person was a new Lu Tong fan, more easy to deceive and brainwash, perhaps they did not have so much hatred for Qin Chu.

The second: this person’s name was “Qc”, which seemed likely to be the abbreviation of “Qin Chu”.

Qin Shiwu had experience and a discerning eye.

He had seen a lot of these usernames before in the super topics, for example, obviously this fan likes Lu Tong, but her Weibo name has another male star’s name, which means she wants Lu Tong and this male star to fall in love.

By analogy, this “Qc” in front of him is very likely to be a common supporter of Qin Chu and Lu Tong, just like Qin Shiwu.

Without saying a word, Qin Shiwu’s friend request went through.

Qin Chu, who was sleeping on the desk, felt his phone vibrate in the compartment of his table.

He slowly woke up and fished out his mobile phone.
It was a friend request.

“900 million girls’ dream lover requests to add you as a friend.”

Reason for request: Hello, you also like Lu Tong!

Qin Chu stared at that sentence and looked at it for a while.
His thin lips coldly spit out two words*: “Stupid.”

(* TN: it’s two characters in Chinese [傻逼])

“Do you want to reject the friend request and block it?”

Qin Chu expressionlessly rejected the number, blocking it by the way, followed by reporting him.
The reason for reporting: issuing false statements.

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