Chapter 8: Both A and O are Single

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Translator: Colousplash

As soon as Qin Chu got up from his sleep, it was like his pheromones didn’t know how to restrain themselves for even a bit.
Even though he closed the door, the pheromones couldn’t be shut-in, making it difficult for Lu Tong to stand still.

He took a few steps back and swayed back and forth before the cold scent of roses around him faded a bit.
Luckily, he had sprayed the inhibitor before going out in the morning.
But in the end, he was still an omega, and it was easy for an alpha’s pheromones to affect him.
The other person’s pheromones smelled really good, and Lu Tong could feel these pheromones drilling into his body through his clothes.

Lu Tong was disturbed by this surge, and his already cold aura became even more unapproachable, rapidly freezing the air around him.
Lu Tong was very narrow-minded.
After suffering from this depressing loss, he marked down Qin Chu in his heart, swearing to get him back in the future.

Qin Chu sobered up after a while, and when he opened the door again, he saw Lu Tong wandering back and forth in Lao Zhao’s yard, like a wandering soul.

When Lu Tong heard the voice, he looked up at Qin Chu – his expression was already ugly, becoming even uglier after seeing Qin Chu.

One shouldn’t expect him to give Qin Chu a good face, let alone praise Qin Chu– he wasn’t born to be quick to be cheap.

Originally, the two were tired of seeing each other at school.
Now, as they looked at each other, they found each other to be eyesores.

“Idiot.” Qin Chu thought to himself.

“Son of a bitch.” Lu Tong cursed silently.

Qin Chu didn’t say anything.
The door was kept open, and he swaggered back to the second floor.

Zhao Yan came back at this time with her Xiao Nan in her arms.
She saw Lu Tong from a distance and called out with joy, “Lu Tong, you came so early.
Have you eaten yet?” 

Lu Tong turned his head, “Good morning, Teacher Zhao.” He hesitated for a moment and asked, “Is the student for whom I should take make-up classes with Qin Chu?”

Zhao Yan put down Xiao Nan.
As soon as Xiao Nan mastered walking, she immediately walked to hug Lu Tong’s thigh, her hug making Lu Tong stumble.
Zhao Yan quickly pulled Xiao Nan away, “Don’t bother the elder brother.
Yes, it is for Qin Chu.
Lu Tong, are you not feeling well?”

He shook just by getting hugged by a little girl.

That just didn’t make sense.

When the really attentive Zhao Yan observed this, she just asked about it casually.

Lu Tong was in good health.
He hadn’t gone to the hospital for a year, and the only time he went to the hospital was to accompany his mother.
There was no reason for him to feel ill.

He was really dizzy now, Qin Chu’s pheromone influencing him completely.
But could he tell this to Zhao Yan? 

Of course not.

“It’s all right”, Lu Tong said while thinking about retreating in his mind.
After seeing Qin Chu, he planned to refuse Zhao Yan politely- if he knew it was for Qin Chu, he would’ve directly refused on last night itself!

Who would have expected that Zhao Yan would take him into the house without giving him a chance to express his refusal?

“I originally planned to let you take the classes in the study room.
But the curtains in the study room broke down two days ago, and I didn’t get time to renovate it yet.
As soon as the sun comes out, it will shine into the study room.
It will be very hot, so today, you can go to Qin Chu’s room to take make-up classes.

Lu Tong followed Zhao Yan up to the second floor.
Qin Chu’s room was on the second floor, at the corner of the head of the stairs.
When the door opened, he found a small inner room inside.

On the left was the study room.
A Japanese-style tatami mat was spread out on the floor.
As expected, the curtains were broken.
Sunlight shone through the study room glass door to the corridor on the second floor.
When you entered from the bedroom door, there was a cloakroom on the right.
You ought to find a bathroom if you walked further into the cloakroom.
There was a faint sound of water.
It was most probably Qin Chu bathing inside. 

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The bed was on the left, with a French window against the wall.
A violin hung on the wall, and a desk sat beside it.

There were no books or pens on the desk.
Only a few figures that looked like dinosaurs, a desk lamp, a mobile phone, and a PSP were there.[1].

A school uniform from the Provincial No.
1 Middle School and an empty school bag hung on the stool.
A skateboard more than one meter long leaned against the stool with several footprints on it.
It was damaged and didn’t look new, ought to be used frequently.
A soccer ball rolled all the way inside the compartment under the table.

The smell of cold roses seemed stronger in Qin Chu’s bedroom. 

The TV was on, and a Japanese anime was playing in which a machine-geared dinosaur was breathing fire into the sky.
As soon as Zhao Yan came in, she turned off his TV.

She knocked on the cloakroom door and reminded him that Lu Tong was already waiting for him in the bedroom.
She then told Qin Chu to finish washing quickly.

“Qin Chu, the teacher I found for you is here.
Did you obediently write the test paper?”

Qin Chu didn’t reply.

Zhao Yan reminded: “How old are you to still watch cartoons? Isn’t it embarrassing? You watch this one all day long.
You don’t care that I am bothered by it.
Don’t dawdle around and come to the class after you finish bathing.”

When he went out, he greeted Lu Tong again and said he would bring some fruit to eat when he came.

Lu Tong sat on the stool Zhao Yan had found for him and weighed the status of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Qin Chu in his heart.
Finally, the Tyrannosaurus Rex model figure defeated Qin Chu by an overwhelming margin.
Lu Tong breathed a sigh of relief and said secretly: Putting up with Qin Chu is not that much of a difficult task, as long as he does not come to mess with me.

He pricked his ears when he heard Zhao Yan’s footsteps walking, going farther and farther away.
When she got downstairs, Lu Tong took out the inhibitor from his school bag and quickly sprayed it on himself twice.

There was a “click” of the door behind him, and Lu Tong was so frightened that he almost dropped the inhibitor in his hands.
He tried not to look deliberate and put the inhibitor into his bag. 

Lu Tong hid the physical examination report of his second differentiation in his room.
He didn’t tell his parents he became an omega after the second differentiation.
Out of a self-protection mechanism, he was quite unwilling to be judged by others, so he simply hid the secondary differentiation matter.

Otherwise, he must’ve been controlled more strictly with Lu Zhiyan’s personality.

It wasn’t like secondary differentiation cases hadn’t happened before, although they were uncommon.
It was popular in psychology and didn’t give rise to a huge commotion or anything.
Only, differentiating into an omega gives a very delicate image to a person.
Lu Tong had very strong self-esteem and hated it the most when others treated him as someone weak.
These years of adolescent drama made it even more difficult for him to let others know his second gender.

Besides, he was still in Qin Chu’s room, and the other party was an A.
He needed to man up.
Otherwise, he won’t be able to prevent himself from getting caught.

No matter how quick Lu Tong conceals it, he wouldn’t be able to finish it cleanly.

Qin Chu pushed open the door and saw him stuffing something into his bag.


He raised his eyebrows.


He ridiculed. 

Qin Chu glanced at his TV, turned off by Zhao Hai.

When he came into the room, the cold scent of roses became even stronger.
His oppressive breath made Lu Tong’s breathing unstable.
Fortunately, he had sprayed inhibitors just now, so his legs didn’t go jelly, nor did he fall from his chair. 

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Qin Chu pulled the chair out, and the moisture from his body stained Lu Tong almost immediately.

He didn’t pay attention to Lu Tong.
He picked up his PSP and started playing games.

Should he be glad that he still showed a little bit of respect to Lu Tong? At least he didn’t plug in his headphone cable.

There weren’t any mock test papers or any books.
Lu Tong was not able to see anything on the table.

There was only a figure of a dinosaur with a mecha attire.

Since he agreed to Zhao Yan to give make-up classes for Qin Chu, generous Lu Tong the Great decided to break the deadlock of no one giving a shit.
He recited in his heart, “Amitabha Buddha.
If my Buddha doesn’t tide over foolishness, then I’ll tide over foolishness.” Then he calmly found a topic that was barely a common hobby and opened his mouth to talk about it.

He pointed at the mecha dinosaur on Qin Chu’s table and asked, “Do you like dinosaurs too?”

……Such a childish conversation.

Lu Tong regretted it when he said it.
But once he said it, he couldn’t take it back.

But the demon replied to him about this topic!

The ghost Qin Chu unexpectedly replied, “I don’t like it.” After a pause, Qin Chu corrected, “It’s not a dinosaur, it’s a Greymon. [2].” 

After he finished answering, he didn’t hear another sound in the room.

If these two sentences spread in the campus forum- not to mention that they won’t believe it, even weaving such an outrageous thing was impossible.

Students from colleges and universities in the entire downtown mixed the campus forum in H City, with nearly 70,000 to 80,000 active people.
The forum space often slaughtered Lu Tong and Qin Chu’s names.
Therefore, the campus forum regarded the two as celebrities there.

There were two fan pages inside, one for both of them, which had male and female omegas who liked them and were idle all day to nitpick on each other.
Some looked down upon Qin Chu, while some looked down upon Lu Tong.
They fought in full swing[3]. 

The main heroes of their fight hadn’t even met even though they fought for almost a month.

The forum mentioned Qin Chu and Lu Tong even more frequently after their He Yuanyuan affair.
Two men were fighting for one woman.
The school grass[4] and the school bully had a crush on the same woman at the same time.
Wasn’t this enough for others to eat melons[5] and enjoy?

The forum members imagined many scenes Qin Ch and Lu Tong might meet.
It would normally start by greeting[6] till the 18th generation of each other’s ancestors and would end with the addition of punches and kicks.

In any case, no one would have imagined that it would start with a “do you like dinosaurs too?” and would end with an “I don’t like it.
It is a Greymon.”

Lu Tong’s face paled.

What was this?

He even got checkmated!

Nice, he didn’t even get to ask anything substantial, and he has already lost the first round.
Qin Chu now knew that he liked dinosaurs, something even more shameful. 

Why on earth did he think of adding “too” to that sentence?!

Lu Tong couldn’t continue losing face, and he wanted to get back some face.
So he shifted to the attitude of a tutor and asked, “Where is your book? ”

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Qin Chu glanced at him inexplicably, “Are you sick? Do you really wanna give me make-up lessons? ”

When Lu Tong heard him talking in that sarcastic tone, he couldn’t help but get angry, “I’m here to tutor you.

Qin Chu said, “ You can just sit here for two hours and go back.
Old Zhao will give you the money.

When he said this, he played the game with single-hearted devotion.
With one leg placed over the other, he sat there with the attitude of a hedonistic son of rich parents.

Qin Chu was originally a rich second generation[7], so he unconsciously brought a look of contempt and arrogance when he spoke.
He was too lazy to care about Lu Tong mainly because He Yuanyuan had sandwiched between the two.
It couldn’t get more awkward, and Qin Chu was annoyed seeing him.

Even though he didn’t have feelings for He Yuanyuan – his impression of Lu Tong was even worse.

Lu Tong sneered.
He took out the mock paper from his school bag, patting it onto the table with a “slap”.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and comforted himself: This brat, Qin Chu, was only 16 years old now.
If you made a round-off calculation, you could find that there were still 2 more years left before he could reach adulthood, and he was 3 months behind adulthood.
So if he killed him now, he would have to be legally responsible.
Be calm.
It wasn’t worth it.
Did he need to be angry with him?

Although Lu Tong was not very old, he was very mature in his thoughts.
Since he was almost an adult, everyone looked like a little brat to him, and he was the only one stable.
Now that he became Qin Chu’s teacher, he had a bit of understanding of being a worthy teacher.

Lu Tong felt that he was about to become a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with how many times he swallowed his anger.

Qin Chu raised his head and glanced at him.

Lu Tong was very good-looking, to be honest.
After he grows up in a few years, he could lead the way even if they placed him in the entertainment industry.

It was just a shame that he was an a.

“What are you doing? “Qin Chu glanced at the mock paper.

Lu Tong coldly spat out two words, “Class’s topic.”

Qin Chu glanced at the mock paper and was not interested.

Lu Tong knew that this kind of half-grown brat could not stand provocations the most.
He would not listen to him if he talked to him well.
But if he adopted a confrontational posture, it would save his efforts and give better results.

“You can’t do it? ”

Sure enough, just when Qin Chu heard these words, he was annoyed, “Who can’t do it?”

He was a bit stinky and ruthless when he spoke.
The cold fragrance of roses in the room immediately softened into a sweet, creamy fragrance that resembled flower buds that hadn’t yet bloomed. 

Lu Tong said, “If you were able to do it by yourself, then why did you seek me for the make-up class?”

Qin Chu placed the PSP down and pulled in the mock paper.
He stared at it.

After looking at it for a while, he found that he really couldn’t do it.

He grew up in a foreign country.
He could speak Chinese, but it was a bit difficult for him to recognize word by word.
Qin Chu has always looked at radicals to recognize the words.
He usually didn’t like talking and pretended to be inscrutable to prevent exposing his shortcomings.

Lu Tong was considerate that he had transferred back from a foreign country.
So just now, he deliberately found a junior high school mathematics mock paper pushed into the bottom of his schoolbag.

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There were two types of questions on it.
One was linear equations in one variable, and the other was a quadratic equation in one variable.
The basics could make one’s hair stand up in anger.

Qin Chu stared at the quadratic equation in one variable for a long time while biting the tip of his pen.
Lu Tong regained his dignity with another round.
His mood was pretty good, and he asked with a fake smile, “Why are you not doing it?”

There was only one word, “solve”, in his answer.
After the word “solve” there were no other words.

Lu Tong, “Sixth graders can solve quadratic equations in one variable.
Can’t you do it?”

Qin Chu said, “It’s way too simple.
So I don’t want to bother doing it.
I’ll do this hard one.”

He snorted coldly, and his gaze fell on the linear equation in two variables.
He stared at it for a long time, and his brows were about to wrinkle together. 

Qin Chu gritted his teeth and stared at it for a long time, unwilling to lose his face this disgracefully in front of Lu Tong.

He thought: It is really worthy of being called a linear equation in two variables.
It is harder than two variables[8]. It really is expensive… It really has an expensive basis.

While he was looking down and thinking in an unconstrained manner, a strange fragrance wafted into his nasal cavity.

Qin Chu was taken aback for a moment.
The fragrance was cold and sweet, like an omega’s pheromones.

He turned his head.
Lu Tong intently studied the English vocabulary book in his hand with his head lowered.
The back of his neck, white and tender, was exposed.
It was as smooth as lanolin jade.



↑1 PlayStation Portable= The PlayStation Portable (PSP) is a handheld game console developed and marketed by Sony Computer Entertainment.
It was first released in Japan on December 12, 2004, in North America on March 24, 2005, and in PAL regions on September 1, 2005, and is the first handheld installment in the PlayStation line of consoles.
As a seventh-generation console it competed with the Nintendo DS
↑2 Greymon is the main hero from Digimon Adventure.
He is a Digivolved form of Agumon.
His Attacks are Nova Blast and Great Horns Attack.
He digivolve to MetalGreymon
↑3 in full swing (idiom) / (in a) frenzy/buzzing with activity
↑4 the most handsome boy in the school
↑5 means being the onlooker and doing nothing else but talking about the gossip
↑6 [fig.] [coll.] to make offensive reference to [somebody dear to the person to whom one is speaking]
↑7 children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiaoping’s economic reforms in the 1980s
↑8 It’s a joke on 二元一次方程.
So in 二元一次方程, 二元 refers to two variables, and 一次 refers to the equation being linear (eg ax+b=0, as opposed to ax^2+bx+c=0, which would be a 二次方程).
But the person misunderstood and thought 二元 meant two yuan(the unit of currency in China), and he thought it meant you had to pay two yuan per time to do it

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